Mon Chien Offers The Petite Pup – The First Doggy Smart Crate

Meet Mon Chien

Mon Chien is a pre-revenue pet tech company based in Los Angeles, California. Our revolutionary product, The Petite Pup, is the first doggy smart crate, boasting plenty of innovative features that benefit both owners, and their pups.

The Idea

This journey began in 2016 at the start of my 4th year of Architecture school. The idea was sparked by a simple observation; since the birth of Architecture as a discipline, it has always catered to one species out of the millions on our planet. As an aspiring architect myself, I wondered what the implications of designing shelter would be for a client with whom we share neither a common language nor biological needs. What would this mean for the program, circulation, mechanical systems, and all the other design aspects that an Architect wrestles with? That’s when I looked over and saw my dog Chance curled up in the corner of my couch.

So, I immediately began researching for precedents and examples of well-designed dog shelters, when I accidentally stumbled upon this huge gap in the pet market. It seemed that dog houses, crates and beds had seen little to no technological and design innovation in the last few years. The products I was seeing were stale, uninteresting, unimaginative, and failed to tackle a number of problems effectively. And when I found out that like me, over half of Americans don’t let their dog sleep in their beds, and about 80% crate their dogs while they’re at work, I found a reason to take this design challenge seriously. So, I spent two years designing, testing, and iterating to eventually make what is now the ultimate dog shelter, The Petite Pup. It is a game changer in smart IoT pet products and is set to make people, and their pets’ cohabitation experience more efficient, safe and comfortable than it has ever been.

The Product

The Petite Pup is the most feature-packed dog crate to hit the market and can be controlled through our app, or through the onboard touchscreen. It has two stories with beds and padding, built-in storage areas, climate sensors, heating and cooling mechanisms, lighting, a motorized curtain to enclose one’s pup if needed, and a security camera with a microphone and speaker. There are also various app-based services such as scheduling, a health center, shop access for easy orders of food and accessories, and the ability to connect activity monitors and location trackers to the system. The Petite Pup effectively functions like a house, crate, and bed, while consolidating a wide array of useful features in a beautiful package. A look at the currently available products in its category will show that The Petite Pup is far ahead of even its closest competitor.

The Traction

We have produced an Alpha prototype that was displayed at the World Dog Day Festival in West Hollywood. At the event, we collected around 50 e-mails from excited future customers and we continue to grow our mailing list every day through our social media presence. We are now in the process of preparing for our Kickstarter campaign which is set to launch on September 1st, 2019. To prepare for the campaign we are currently producing our Beta prototype and are raising funds to create a high-quality marketing campaign for the Kickstarter launch. As of June 6th, 2019, we have 30% of the current pre-seed round committed.

The Future

During and immediately after the crowdfunding campaign we will begin prepping the product for manufacturing and prepping the supply chain. Based on our consultations with manufacturing firms, and as is the case with all hardware products, the road to delivery will take between 6 – 10 months, at which point we will sell directly to the consumer through our website.

That being said, Mon Chien aims to be more than just a dog crate designer, manufacturer, and retailer; we are innovators and designers in a field that lacks it. Our first of many products, The Petite Pup, is uniquely positioned to allow us to take the market by storm and set the stage for a company with our ethos and brand. We aim to be a world-leading brand in high-quality dog products and services, opening storefronts on high streets around the world, from Los Angeles to Paris to Tokyo, spreading our philosophy that they deserve the best.

Mon Chien pitch deck

MonChien Pitch deck

Meet the team building Mon Chien

Souheil Bou Melhem is a passionate entrepreneur and designer with a bachelor’s degree in Architecture. His professional experience consists of working at two Architecture firms as a junior designer/draftsperson and managing a bakery in his hometown.

He graduated from Woodbury University with honors (BArch degree) and has won 1st place in several student architecture and business plan competitions at his university. He has also taught himself how to code and build electronics in pursuit of developing The Petite Pup.

Learn more about Mon Chien

Mon Chien website

Souheil Bou Melhem’s Linkedin profile


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