weThink Inc Assessment Score Is Like FICO Score For 21st Century Skills

Meet weThink Inc

weThink inc is an ed-tech SaaS startup that helps students and schools optimize learning performance by assessing, developing, and tracking critical cognitive and emotional skills.  Their proprietary digital learning solution targets 5th grade through college level and can be used inside and outside the classroom.

weThink’s comprehensive, research-proven assessment of 33 critical skills can be measured and taught via adaptive learning experiences that improve and report scores in real-time.  The assessment score can be thought of as a FICO score for 21st-century skills.

Our current educational model is not producing 21st-century learners. Only 54% of college students graduate in 6 years, 66% of students today will have to be prepared for jobs that don’t yet exist, and a recent McKinsey report indicated that close to 40 percent of employers could not find people with the right skills while 60 percent “complain[ed] of a lack of preparation”, to quote Forbes (2017).

weThink addresses this crisis by validly and reliably testing as well as measurably training critical skills. By reliably training students we can show an increase in learning ability as well as academic performance. weThink will use its research and data to create push-button resources and content that can be shared with educators and parents creating value and support for all stakeholders in a student’s education.

By creating a new metric weThink provides new opportunities for success for all students, especially the underprivileged, thereby transforming education.

weThink Inc pitch deck

Please check out the latest weThink pitch deck. As with any pitch deck, this is a live document, so keep in mind that if you are interested in weThink, the best would be to contact Katrina for an updated version.

All investors and startup founders are welcome to contact us or Katrina for details and suggestions.

weThink Pitch Deck

Meet the team building weThink Inc



Kat has been involved in the educational space for the past 17 years as a tutor, private school teacher, supplemental education consultant and business consultant. Her diverse set of skills and study which include entertainment development and design, game dev and design, classical lit, music, and analytical philosophy, has helped her to innovate in her chosen field of education. In 2015 Kat founded Flourish Academics LLC which develops innovative after-school and summer school programs and curriculum that emphasizes SELs and character development into these subjects. Programs included a test prep program for the SATs, a design and coding program for inner-city girls, and eSports and Leadership. Kat’s technique of blending higher-order cognitive skills and non-cognitive skills has proven effective. After 6 weeks of implementing her SAT program in the inner city, student’s scores rose by 300-600 points on the 1600 scale. Kat went on to create a one on one 21st century skills coaching program for high school and college students as an alternative to traditional tutoring.

Kat has also provided business and organizational consulting for companies such as Spark rise, Congo Room, Custom Tutors, Alumni 360, and Starcoach. Kat realized long ago the detriment of the widespread neglect of non-cognitive and higher-order cognitive skills in our education system and has devoted herself to developing a cutting-edge solution to the issue.

Randall Fujimoto is the executive director and game-based learning designer at GameTrain Learning, Inc., a nonprofit educational organization that promotes game-based learning in education. He has been creating educational programs, including training workshops, game-based curriculum, and online courses, and educational games, for over 10 years. He is currently working on a number of cutting-edge projects, including AR and developing a game-based learning certification course for all UCLA professors. Prior to this, he worked in the video game industry leading the development of video games at various video game developers, including Square Soft. Randall has an M.S. degree in instructional design and technology from California State University, Fullerton, M.B.A. degree from the University of Southern California, and B.S. degree in economics and engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Richard Wycoff, Reverge Studios’ founder has been a video game designer and manager since the mid-1990s and has worked with industry leaders such as Electronic Arts/Pandemic Studios, Vivendi Universal, and Dreamworks Interactive. He has been a guiding force on critically-acclaimed titles such as THQ’s Full Spectrum Warrior and Looking Glass Technologies’ Flight Unlimited, and collaborated with creative luminaries such as Warren Spector and Steven Spielberg. His team of veteran developers has developed more than 50 video games selling tens of millions of copies, has done innovative work in video image recognition, and has expertise in accelerating software using gaming technology.

Mitchell Berman is a 30-year entertainment and technology media veteran, who has participated in the launch of six start-up operations and a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO).  These initiatives span key industries including social enterprise, mobile/PC games, streaming OTT video, e-commerce, education technology, video-on-demand, interactive television, cable and satellite entertainment television channels, as well as digital music, YouTube influencer channels, augmented & visual reality, and subscription-based entertainment products and services.

Currently, Mitch serves as managing partner at Berman Strategic Advisors, focused on mentoring Southern California entrepreneurs and managing investments in early to mid-stage companies that encompass digital entertainment, social enterprise, mobile, games, mobile commerce, augmented & virtual reality via mobile devices, and education technology.

Mitch previously served in various senior management capacities with Home Box Office (HBO/Cinemax), E! Entertainment Television, Sky Network Television New Zealand, Galaxy Media/East Coast Pay TV (FOXTEL Australia), OpenTV, C-COR, Zillion TV Corporation, and Zen Media Entertainment Group.  Mitch is a frequent speaker at domestic and international industry conferences.  He also serves as a member of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences; an advisory board member and judge for the UCLA Social Enterprise Academy; an advisory board member of the UCLA Sociology Board of Visitors; a board member of the Silicon Beach Young Professionals; a strategic advisor to the Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development/Auckland Mayor’s Office; and the New Zealand Consul General in Los Angeles.

Professor Li Cai is a professor in the Advanced Quantitative Methodology program at the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, where he also serves as Co-Director of the National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST). In addition, he is affiliated with the UCLA Department of Psychology in the quantitative area, where he also teaches and trains students.

Professor Cais methodological research agenda involves the development, integration, and evaluation of innovative latent variable models that have wide-ranging applications in educational, psychological, and health-related domains of study.

A key component on this agenda is statistical computing, particularly as related to item response theory (IRT) and multilevel modeling. Close collaborations with David Thissen (UNC) and Stephen du Toit (Scientific Software International, Inc.) in the past several years have led to the development of a completely new multidimensional IRT software program for item analysis and test scoring (IRTPRO). For more information about the multilevel IRT and diagnostic classification IRT software package flexMIRT, please visit www.flexmirt.com.

Professor Cai has also collaborated with substantive researchers at UCLA and elsewhere on projects examining measurement issues in mental health, substance abuse treatment, and patient-reported outcomes research.


Neal Kingston, Ph.D., came to the University of Kansas in 2006 and is a Professor in the Research, Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics Program and Director of the Achievement and Assessment Institute. His research focuses on large-scale assessment, with particular emphasis on how it can better support student learning. He is the principal investigator/director or co-principal investigator of several large research projects, including Design and Development of a Dynamic Learning Maps Alternate Assessment, Kansas Assessment Program, Career Pathways Assessment System, and Development and Validation of Online Adaptive Reading Motivation Measures.

Dr. Kingston started his career as a high school science teacher. After graduate school, Dr. Kingston worked many years at Educational Testing Service as an applied psychometrician, measurement group manager, Director of Research, Test Development, and New Testing Initiatives for the GRE Program, and Executive Director for Workplace Assessment and Training. As the former Kentucky Associate Commissioner for Curriculum and Assessment, Dr. Kingston was responsible for a statewide assessment system that included performance events and mathematics, writing, and alternate assessment portfolios.

He worked on more than a dozen state assessment programs as vice president then a senior vice president at Measured Progress. Prior to coming to the University of Kansas Dr. Kingston was Vice President of Research at CTB McGraw-Hill in which capacity he shared responsibility for ensuring that assessment products met educator needs.

Dr. Kingston specializes in measurement and research methodology.

Neal has performed and managed all aspects of the educational testing process for both general and alternate assessments, including as an executive director at Educational Testing Service, associate commissioner for Curriculum and Assessment at the Kentucky Department of Education, senior vice president at Measured Progress, and vice president and general manager at CTB/McGraw-Hill. He has published and presented more than 160 articles, papers, and book chapters on assessment. Since coming to KU in 2006 he has been the principal investigator or co-principal investigator on 34 grants, including the Dynamic Learning Maps, the largest grant in KU history.

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