Interview Guidelines

Our interviews are not really following a pre-defined script. Each interview is different and we are trying to cover multiple aspects of the startup or service that the founder pitches during the show.

We find that many founders feel very nervous about the interview and being in front of a camera. To help them we decided to put together a quick description of how the interview might go:

  • You pitch your idea for about (average) 5-6 minutes, uninterrupted. We don’t have a countdown timer running or anything that would limit your time to present your startup. Please prepare a good pitch. We have seen people go for their 5-minute pitches, some go longer, others prefer to be very short. Whatever works for you, we are flexible and our mindset is to provide you with enough time to fully present your idea.
  • We will talk about how you came up with the idea and how long have you been working on it.
  • Then talk about your team and how you met your co-founders.
  • Details about your product or service.
  • Explain how you expect to make money.
  • Your market and your marketing strategy.
  • What do you seek from an investor and what do you offer.
  • What is your exit strategy.
  • Funny stories or something you feel you can brag about, related to your startup.

We want to keep the interviews under 45 minutes. Some founders can talk hours about their ideas and startup, others have the talent to sum it up in just 15 minutes. Either way, we go with what makes the founders comfortable and presents them best.

Cameras tend to have issues with stripes, that is why we usually suggest wearing plain colors. We keep it very casual but keep in mind the video is aiming to impress investors.

Another hint about the interview would be to refrain from moving fast, sometimes cameras have a hard time keeping up everything in focus.

Looking forward to your interview!