Evaluation criteria

Angel Investors Startup Evaluation Criteria and Decision Making Process

What is an angel investor? Angel investors are high net worth individuals who invest the capital they have at their disposal into small startups or entrepreneurs in exchange for equity. They are also known as private investors, seed investors, or angel funders.  Angel investors could be found among an entrepreneur’s family, friends, and immediate network. That is why the famous acronym – Friends, Family, and Fools (FFF) was created.  The financial backing that angels provide Read more…

Writing Pitch Deck

Pitch Decks Explained

A pitch presentation can be categorized by several attributes like focus , length, timing etc. There are many categorizations that were born out of the fact that founders often present their idea in front of different audiences and for a different amount of time.

Making Startup Mistakes

11 Startup Mistakes

First-time founders often commit serious errors in their company management efforts blinded by their focus on the product/service itself. Too many times they bury themselves in irrelevant for their stage activities and that often untimely leads to the death of the company. In this post, we will try to give an overview of the most common mistakes that startup founders make.

Liner Accelerator

Expert Dojo Accelerator

Expert Dojo is one of our partners and investors we work with. We think it makes sense to have a quick introduction of Expert Dojo to help our startups with a compiled information about this great accelerator in Santa Monica.