On March 3rd we had 5 startups that joined us and pitched to our panel of investors.

As always, we kept the startups list open to companies from different industries and stages. Our goal is to keep the evening interesting and engaging for our investors, pitching founders, and guests.

The Pitching Process

The format we have used so far seems to be working fine and we don’t have any plans to change it anytime soon.

We offer 5 minutes to our founders who joined us for this event to pitch to the panel of investors. They have after an additional 5 minutes for a Q&A session with the investors, which proves to be extremely useful to both – investors and founders. We also see that this is very well accepted by our guests too because they keep being engaged in the chat room.

After the founders present their companies, we move to the ZOOM ‘breakout rooms’ where founders and investors meet for more private conversations.

Startups Pitching At The March 3rd Online Event


Colte Koen presents his startup CELLULOGIX

Developer Bridge

Syed Hasan presents his startup – Developer Bridge

The Platform

In the seeking supplementary community platforms market, there’s a conspicuous absence of competitors. We propose to bridge this gap by introducing an all-encompassing platform specifically tailored for both Microsoft Office 365 developers and end-users. This will serve as a presentation stage for an array of Microsoft 365 products worldwide.

Here, we present the five distinct Microsoft 365 products our platform will launch –
(i) Community Bridge – A Microsoft 365-associated community platform created for developers and large-scale enterprises
(ii) Developer Chat Bridge – An engaging portal for interacting and recruiting Microsoft 365 developers
(iii) Trainer Chat Bridge – An exclusive Microsoft 365 trainer chat and recruitment portal.
(iv) Apps Bridge – The ultimate hub for Microsoft 365/SharePoint Apps
(v) Jobs Bridge – An extensive job posting portal uniquely for Microsoft 365

Market Opportunities

• With over 260 million Microsoft Office 365 users and 2.5 million organizations, the marketplace is extremely lucrative
• Opening avenues for other Microsoft products in the future
• Responding to industry trends and lifestyle modifications in line with our services
• Forming strategic alliances and incorporating agencies
• Provision of a recruitment platform for enterprises and developers


Our initial total addressable market includes 260,000,000 Microsoft 365 users and a conglomerate of 250 corporations. We intend to engage 1% of this populace, honing primarily on 2.5 million Microsoft 365 users and their corresponding corporations. With a vision for future expansion, we plan to escalate our target audience to 20 million Microsoft 365 users and affiliated corporations, therefore capturing 8% of the total addressable market share.

Business Model

At its foundation, our business model is elegantly straightforward. We recognize the unexplored potential of the overseas IT talent pool, especially in the Microsoft 265 realm. Our strategy is concentrated on this reservoir of ingenious, resourceful, and solution-oriented talent. Critical to our plan is the collaboration between our insourcing management team and an external developer team. While our competitors dedicate an annual budget of $125,000 to a specific developer, we envisage the engagement of 10 developers within an equivalent financial plan.

How It Works

  • Community Bridge – Our shared platform is simple, user-oriented, and easy to use, providing the following advantages to our community members:
  • Questions – We provide comprehensive support to both individual Microsoft 365 users and organizations, answering all your questions within 59 minutes. Our professional developer team is committed to leaving no question unanswered.
  • Problems – Microsoft 365 users and businesses can relay their specific issues for our Database Developers who ensure provision of practical solutions, along with thorough documentation.
  • Projects – Microsoft 365 users and businesses have the liberty to post projects demanding resolution.
  • Teams – Microsoft 365 users have the freedom to form and manage a suitable team to complete the project. The Developer Bridge assists Microsoft 365 users and organizations in constituting teams with skilled Developers.
  • Groups & Communities – Microsoft 365 users and businesses can collectively build specialized groups or communities on themes like Power BI, SharePoint, and Yammer.
  • Developer Chat Bridge – Microsoft 365 users and businesses can directly engage with developers providing swift solutions via chat.
  • Trainer Chat Bridge – Microsoft 365 users and businesses can interact with trainers to schedule both short-term and long-term training plans.
  • Apps Bridge- Microsoft 365 users and businesses can access a vast collection of over 100 Microsoft 365 applications designed to enhance Microsoft 365’s productivity.
  • Jobs Bridge – Microsoft 365 users and businesses can explore and obtain exclusive Microsoft 365 job opportunities. Additionally, businesses can advertise Microsoft 365 job vacancies and recruit top-notch talent.

Financial Summary

• The platform aims to attract 5 million unique users in the coming 5 years.
• By the conclusion of the fifth year, it is projected that the revenue will reach approximately US$24 million.
• The cost of developers is predicted to be economical over the duration.
• A stable overhead structure implies the continuity of overhead costs.
• By the fifth year, it’s expected the Return on Sales (Net Profit After Tax) will rise up to 66.9%.
• The Return on Assets is projected to increase to 38.8% within the fifth year.
• An impressive Return on Investment of 45.9% is estimated for the fifth year.


Joe DiRossa presents his startup – Seedlings

Seedlings🌱 is pioneering a groundbreaking strategy in the Co-Living sector. Our principal drive is to buy properties that promise lucrative returns on investment (ROI). We spot worth in single-family homes and amplify their profitability by transforming them into rewarding co-living rentals.

As an accredited property management organization, we’re armed with the capability to shake things up in the realm through the deployment of a range of trailblazing techniques. Seedlings🌱 aims to better and evolve along with our clientele, going beyond mere provision of a co-living experience.


Tanya Isayeva presents her startup – KitSF

In a nutshell, KitSF aims to function like a Lambda school for aspiring software engineers, chiefly focused on streamlining the process of obtaining American employment permits.

A vital aspect of their operative strategy involves bridging the existing divide between tech companies in the Bay Area (denoting demand) and seasoned software engineers located in the thriving Indian digital marketplace (valued at an astounding $50 billion!). KitSF’s mission extends beyond just linking these two entities; it includes aiding these proficient professionals to relocate and serve onsite at these corporations.

A standout facet of KitSF’s modus operandi involves the use of an AI-driven toolkit. This groundbreaking technology is engineered to seamlessly maneuver the otherwise complex work permit procedure. The numerous advantages it offers not only cater to filling company employment gaps but also pave the way for proficient software engineers seeking tech-oriented roles in the U.S. Furthermore, it establishes a secure and stable pathway for engineers to sustain their positions within their present company, hence reducing recruitment expenses and boosting worker retention.

With an eye on both consumer and business markets, KitSF has developed varied strategies. For individual clients, they promote an income share agreement model wherein 17% of an employee’s income over four years is agreed to be shared

For businesses, KitSF levies a flat rate of $999 per month, providing hands-on help to their staff in securing work permits

Traditionally, KitSF has maintained a robust footing in the European market, forging connections through executing 2000 interviews with software engineers, signing 100 income share agreements, and even effectively facilitating the relocation of 10 software engineers to the United States. These successful moves have led to striking software engineer salaries, tallying up to $500k, $380k, and $200k respectively.

Salve Therapeutics

Stefan Lukianov presents his startup – Salve Therapeutics

Salve Therapeutics

VirCAD© Abstract

Currently, gene therapies largely depend on plasmid-based techniques and Adeno-Associated Virus strains, which exhibit restricted efficacy and applicability. The rise of advanced viral delivery mechanisms can contribute to the expansion of gene therapy methods, thereby promoting the generation of precision medicines geared towards curing stubborn and incurable diseases. In line with this, we are developing VirCAD©, a bioCAD platform powered by high-performance computing (HPC), facilitated through cloud technology, and empowered with artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) capabilities. This groundbreaking platform aims to study, generate, simulate, and mimic novel viral medications to enhance the effectiveness of cell and gene therapies, vaccination solutions, oncolytic tactics, and antibiotics. These treatment modes could potentially address and potentially eliminate a broad spectrum of genetic disorders, both inherited and acquired, that afflict patients. The power of these treatments is rooted in their specific therapeutic impact, efficiency, and the permanent nature of their results.


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