On March 3rd we had 5 startups that joined us and pitched to our panel of investors.

As always, we kept the startups list open to companies from different industries and stages. Our goal is to keep the evening interesting and engaging for our investors, pitching founders, and guests.

The Pitching Process

The format we have used so far seems to be working fine and we don’t have any plans to change it anytime soon.

We offer 5 minutes to our founders who joined us for this event to pitch to the panel of investors. They have after an additional 5 minutes for a Q&A session with the investors, which proves to be extremely useful to both – investors and founders. We also see that this is very well accepted by our guests too because they keep being engaged in the chat room.

After the founders present their companies, we move to the ZOOM ‘breakout rooms’ where founders and investors meet for more private conversations.

Startups Pitching At The March 3rd Online Event


Colte Koen presents his startup CELLULOGIX

Developer Bridge

Syed Hasan presents his startup – Developer Bridge

The Platform

There is a gap in the market for more community platforms and there are very few competitors in this specialized market. We will provide a platform solution for global Microsoft Office 365 developers and users of Microsoft 365 products.

The platform will offer the following five Microsoft 365 products –
(i) Community Bridge – Microsoft 365 community platform for Developers & corporations
(ii) Developer Chat Bridge – Chat and hire the Microsoft 365 Developer portal
(iii) Trainer Chat Bridge – Chat and hire the Microsoft 365 trainer portal
(iv) Apps Bridge – Microsoft 365 /SharePoint Apps portal
(v) Jobs Bridge – Microsoft 365 Job Posting portal

Market Opportunities

• There is a large market that is available with more than 260 million users of Microsoft Office 365 and 2.5 million organizations
• Serving other Microsoft products in the future
• Changes in industry and lifestyle trends for our products
• Partnerships and agencies
• Job board for corporations and developers


The total addressable market is 260,000,000 Microsoft 365 users and 2,50corporations. We are attempting to reach 1% of the total addressable market initially with 2.5 million Microsoft 365 users and corporations targeted. We expect to grow our market target to 20 million Microsoft 365 users and corporations thus representing 8% of the total addressable market.

Business Model

The business model is very simple. Overseas talent in Information Technology especially in Microsoft 265 is a gold mine. We are utilizing this highly professional, creative, and solution-oriented talent. The combination of the insourcing management team and outsourcing developer team is the key idea. Our competitors are paying approximately $125,000 yearly to a developer whereas we can hire 10 developers within the same budget of $125,000 per year.

How It Works

  • Community Bridge – Our community platform is simple and easy to use. Our members will be able to:
  • Questions – Microsoft 365 users/corporations can post questions and our developers will respond with an answer within 59 minutes. There will be no unanswered questions.
  • Problems – Microsoft 365 users/corporations can post their specific problems and our DB Developers will provide the solution and documentation.
  • Projects – Microsoft 365 users/corporations can post projects to be resolved.
  • Teams – Microsoft 365 Users can create and hire a team to complete the project. Developer Bridge will help Microsoft 365 users /corporations to create a team of Developers.
  • Groups & Communities – Microsoft 365 users /corporations can create groups/communities of interest such as Power BI, SharePoint, and Yammer group/community.
  • Developer Chat Bridge – Microsoft 365 users/corporations can chat with developers directly for quick quires
  • Trainer Chat Bridge – Microsoft 365 users/corporations can chat with the trainer to schedule short-term or long-term training courses
  • Apps Bridge- Microsoft 365 users/corporations can download more than 100 apps to enhance the productivity of Microsoft 365
  • Jobs Bridge – Microsoft 365 users/corporations can search and apply for only Microsoft 365 jobs. Corporations can post Microsoft 365 jobs and find the best talent

Financial Summary

• Platform to attract 5 million users projected within 5 years.
• Revenue projected to be US$24 million by the fifth year.
• Low developer costs throughout the period.
• Flat overhead structure means stability in overhead costs.
• Return on Sales (NPAT) is projected to reach 66.9% in the fifth year.
• Return on Assets projected to reach 38.8% in the fifth year.
• Return on Investment is projected to reach 45.9% in the fifth year.


Joe DiRossa presents his startup – Seedlings

Seedlings 🌱  is a new take on the Co-Living model. We focus on acquiring properties and producing a high ROI. We maximize our potential by investing in single-family homes and maximizing their revenue by turning them into co-living rentals.  

As a properly licensed property management company we have the option of becoming a disruptor in our sector through a number of innovative strategies. Seedlings 🌱 is looking to grow with our customers beyond their co-living experience. 


Tanya Isayeva presents her startup – KitSF

KitSF is a Lambda school for software engineers that helps obtain US work permits.

We help Bay Area companies (demand) find and relocate senior software engineers (from India, $50B supply market #1), and hire them onsite.

An AI-powered toolset streamlines a difficult work permit process benefiting companies’ hiring shortages and talented software engineers who want high-tech jobs. AND a safe and predictable way to keep software engineers employed in the current company. So we minimize costs on recruiting and maximize retention of the employees.

For B2C we apply an Income share agreement (17% from employee income during 4 years)

For B2B we charge companies $999 per month and help their employees obtain work permits

We used to work with the European market (we had 2000 interviews with software engineers, we signed 100 Income share agreements and we have successfully relocated 10 software engineers to the U.S. with salaries of $500k, $380k, and $200).

Salve Therapeutics

Stefan Lukianov presents his startup – Salve Therapeutics

Salve Therapeutics

VirCAD© Abstract

Current gene therapies are mostly limited to plasmid-based and Adeno-associated virus variants with inefficient response rates and limited use.  Better viral delivery methods would expand the available gene therapy tool kit to produce precision medicines for intractable and incurable diseases. We are building VirCAD© (Virus Computer-Aided Design), an HPC-powered, cloud-accessible, AI/ML-capable bioCAD platform to mine, design, model, and simulate new viral drugs for better cell and gene therapies, vaccines, oncolytic and antibiotics.  These modalities would be useful for treating and potentially curing the many inherited and acquired genetic disorders afflicting patients due to their therapeutic specificity, efficiency, and irreversibility.


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