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Video Interview

We sit together with founders for a 30-45 minutes interview and give them the opportunity to share their BIG IDEA, explain how it works and why they are the next BIG THING!

Post on multiple channels

Next, we publish the video on YouTube. We also create a podcast out of the video interview and post it on all podcast outlets!

Social Media

The interview and the podcast are promoted on social media channles to help investors found your company. It also helps other founders learn from you and approach you as a mentor or a strategic partner.

A great example of how we help startups

I got to know Nick during a pitching event at WeWork in Los Angeles. My startup, Phenium, was selected as the winner of the event, and as part of the honor was an interview with StartupBrite. I, like many others, have never liked hearing or seeing a recording of myself. However, to be successful with a startup you have to stick your jaw out and step out of your comfort zone.

Nick had arranged for us to meet at a coworking space in downtown LA. Clearly, Nick knows what he is doing, because instead of booking a very boring conference room, Nick had arranged for the video interview to take place in a very nice lounge.

Nick’s co-founder Michael Witt (and his wife) also attended. Michael arranged for all the videoing.

Nick was very professional and asked very qualified questions. He had clearly read up on the material I had sent prior to our meeting. I truly enjoyed the entire interview, and highly recommend Nick and team for such interviews.

Once the interview was published on StartupBrite’s webpage, I started to share it with potential investors and clients. We received raving feedback and it helped us collect some funding.
Thanks again, Nick!

Mårten Stenfors
CEO & Co-Founder


Meet Our Team

We are startup enthusiasts and entrepreneurs ourselves

Nick Kolev


Nick is a software developer and manager. He is a startup enthusiast and has been part of the community for the last 5 years. Photography is his hobby.

Michael Witt


Michael is a experienced front-end and mobile developer. He is working on multiple projects and always looking for what's new. He loves spending time behind his camera.

Startup Founders Love Us

Founders share their experience
Tammuz Dubnov

Tammuz Dubnov

Founder, CEO of ZUZOR

"StartupBrite not only gave me a new platform to reach investors, but they also gave me the opportunity to share my story through the video interview. Strongly recommended for entrepreneurs! Also, strongly recommended for investors looking to learn about startups and learn about the founders they're investing in!"

Stacey Grumet

Stacey Grumet

Founder, CEO of PaperPinecone

StartupBrite is a great platform for startups to tell their story. With a video interview we're able to communicate the passion behind our projects, which isn't always evident in a pitch deck. Highly recommend for both founders and investors!

Mårten Stenfors

Mårten Stenfors

CEO & Co-Founder, PHENIUM

Once the interview was published on StartupBrite's webpage, I started to share it with potential investors and clients. We received raving feedback and it helped us collect some funding.
Thanks again Nick!

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