As a business owner, you’re busy  — really busy — and sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever have any free time again. Your whole life seems dedicated to your Glendale, CA business, and this isn’t unusual. But you can free up some of your days if you use some apps that are designed to increase your productivity and save you time. Read on to learn about some of them.

Communication Apps

Take a look first at communication apps. These can help you keep in contact with your employees and customers. You might find an app that allows you and your staff to send messages back and forth through “channels” designated for projects or topics, for instance. Many of these also include options for voice and video chat as well as private messaging.

Time Management Apps

Don’t neglect apps dedicated to time management either. You should, at the very least, have a calendar app that allows you to track your appointments and keep on top of your to-do list. You may also want to look for an app that you can use to calculate the number of hours you’re working and look at the way those hours are spread across various tasks and projects. This kind of app would help your employees as well as they work to manage their time.

Financial Apps

Financial apps are critical to running your business. Make sure you have the latest app from your bank that allows you to continually monitor your business accounts. Also, use an app that helps you create a budget and see how that budget is playing out on a daily basis. Accounting apps are necessary as well, as are apps that assist you in calculating tax payments.

Productivity Apps

In terms of productivity, there are plenty of apps for you to choose from, from apps to make business cards to tools that let you design your custom logo using templates and easy drag-and-drop customization. Choose word processing apps, spreadsheet apps, and database apps that permit sharing and collaboration between you and your employees. You might even turn toward apps designed specifically for project management, for these let teams take their collaboration up a notch and keep track of roles and tasks.

Marketing Apps

Don’t neglect apps that help you market your business. Download the latest apps for your business’s social media sites so that you can update them on the go. Also, pay close attention to review sites, such as Yelp, for instance, and keep their apps handy to see what your customers are saying.

Travel Apps

Finally, if you travel a lot for business, you’ll want a few travel apps to help you book flights and hotel rooms. Some of these can point you toward deals and even help you coordinate rental cars, meals, and tours. This can save you plenty of time and make your business travel much more enjoyable.

Free Up Your Time Using Apps

All these apps are designed specifically for convenience. They can help you accomplish your work more quickly and easily so that you can have more free time to spend with family and friends, doing what you love in Glendale, CA. So give some apps a try right away. Visit the Startup Brite website for help and ideas regarding business startups.


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