We had to skip one planned event to take a break. Most of our investors were on vacation, so we decided that it makes sense to focus on the event on April 28th.

As we expected, skipping an event actually made this event very busy. We had 7 pitching startups.

The process was still giving founders 5 minutes to present their pitch, followed by another 5 minutes for a Q&A session with the investors. We still managed to have time for our breakout rooms, which is one of the most liked parts of our events, since the founders and investors can continue their conversation in a more casual manner.

Startups Pithing To Investors At The Online Event On April 28th

Scent Lab

Ariana Silvestro presents her startup Scent Lab


Ariana Silvestro’s newest entrepreneurial venture, Scent Lab, stands out as a game-changer in offering custom-made candle brands. The enterprise seeks to transform the way consumers shop for candles via the internet by delivering an ultra-tailored, digital buying experience with a fascinating quiz-based methodology. With this innovative approach, every client gets to enjoy an entirely customized candle, put together according to their specific choices, from the container to the aromatic concoction. The motivation behind it is quite straightforward – aroma carries an intensely personal allure, and buying fragrance-rich products online is often not easy.


Candles have a universal appeal, and online shopping has become increasingly popular in today’s digital age. However, picking fragrances over the internet is not a straightforward task and can turn confusing. The ‘one size fits all’ tactic adopted by many brands doesn’t address the need for personalized scents, given how personal of a choice fragrances are. In addition, the lack of adequate regulation and transparency concerning ingredients in the fragrance and candle industry often leads to subpar, toxic candles that negatively affect health and the environment.


At The Fragrance Workshop, we vouch for not just customization, but also a safe, affordable alternative to conventional candles. A quick 30-second quiz transforms into an intimate, highly personalized journey, guiding you towards your perfect candle, from the vessel to the scent blend, influenced by your unique preferences, mood of the moment, and personal style.

Progress to date:

  • Launched in September 2021
  • ver 500 satisfied clients with a return rate of 20%
  • Average Order Value (AOV) stands at $62 with a 20% monthly revenue growth percentage
  • A robust 16.5K-strong Instagram followers community
  • Fruitful collaborations with Disney & Depop
  • In talks with NYC’s The Moore hotel for an upcoming partnership
  • In discussion with Urbanstems for a potential new source of income

Why we’re raising now:

We are planning to raise $500K through a SAFE agreement with a $2 million cap valuation to:

  • Design a coherent manufacturing and fulfillment strategy, improving scalability and aiming to raise our profit margin to 60%
  • Drive business expansion by enhancing marketing strategies and forging alliances
  • Revamp our website entirely to include an advanced proprietary quiz and a quiz-first approach to improve scalability


Ibrahim Alback presents his startup Xten

Xten is a unique, standalone AI SaaS platform, specifically engineered for Retailers and Point Of Sales catering to diverse industries such as Grocery, Fashion, and Pharmacy. The platform is changing the face of urban delivery, functioning somewhat similarly to requirements of Uber’s services.


  1. Xten operates on a cutting-edge AI platform, and provides scaled-up, independent, end-to-end delivery solutions not only for physical Point Of Sales but also for Online Grocery sectors.
  2. Quick Delivery in a matter of minutes at reasonable delivery charges.
  3. Upholds eco-friendly delivery operations, primarily for the Downtown region.
  4. Inaugurates a ‘Pay As You Use’ strategy, ensuring there are no charges when no deliveries are made.

Problem Statement

  1. Lack of immediate conveyance solution from Point Of Sale to the end consumer
  2. Premium pricing for same-day delivery
  3. Merchants bearing a decline in market share
  4. Increased pollution and CO2 levels in urban areas

Vision & Mission
Vision: Enhancing lives through our top-notch urban delivery solution
Mission: To facilitate an unparalleled experience for retailers, drivers, and end consumers by offering quick, reasonably priced and streamlined delivery management services.

• Accelerated profits are anticipated in Q2-2022/Q3-2022: the introduction of a shipping fee (3€ per delivery) could play a pivotal role, given sufficient capital investment.
• Prime patrons: Bolstering our trust factor is a non-negotiable priority for Xten. To carve out a strong presence in the market, having a small yet strong customer foundation showcasing our success stories is a requisite. Additional capital also needs to be allocated for:
a. Orchestrating a sales drive via LinkedIn aimed towards the Online Grocery & POS locales like ALDI/ REWE/ H&M/ MediaMarkt, among others.
b. Direct Sales: It’s crucial to employ Business Developers proficient in various fields such as food, fashion, and more, as well as those capable of covering diverse regions.
c. Marketing & promotional strategies to augment brand exposure and familiarity.
• Generating quick profits should be no uphill battle considering our modest client base. However, remaining with a thinly spread customer base will eventually prove not to be economically viable! Therefore, an investment is warranted to cover operational expenses.
• It’s crucial to manage a harmonious business relationship with both small-scale and major clients (assuming +100 deliveries daily).

Core Team

  1. CEO & Co-founder, Abraham Albach
    • Highly competent in Last-Mile Delivery and Micro mobility, has collaborated closely with major stakeholders such as Amazon Logistics and Lime FAQ.
    • Holds invaluable expertise in essential areas like Key Account Management (KAM) and strategic business expansion.
    • Flaunts a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering & Industrial Automation.
  2. Co-Founder, Robert Dib: An Expert in B2C E-commerce, Recognized Connoisseur in the Online Shop Industry.
  3. Alan Maghribi, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
    • Pioneering advancements in AI development, and digital transformation, also doubles as a certified Scrum Master and Cloud Architect.
    • Possesses an extensive understanding of software development and modeling.
    • He is a Master’s degree holder, certified in PMP and PSM, and has also shared his insights through various IEEE publications.

Modicus Prime

Tylor Chartier presents her startup Modicus Prime

The company, Modicus Prime

Modicus Prime is setting new benchmarks by pioneering a distinct Self-Service AI software, which offers robust AI capabilities to professionals in the Life Sciences field. It enables instantaneous AI processing of diverse data types, ranging from analysis of biological forms to spotting commercial contaminations, without the need for data science expertise. Get to know mpVision, our proprietary computer vision tool, which facilitates intelligent image analysis for biologics monitoring at any conceivable scale. It has gained recognition and received commendations from scientists at a renowned Top 10 Pharma firm. Our core mission is to eradicate contamination in the pharmaceutical sector. As shown by the recent incident affecting the Covid vaccine 60 M from J&J/AstraZeneca/Emergent, such contaminations can lead to significant financial losses—in the range of hundreds of millions per occurrence. However, Modicus Prime is rising to address the unfulfilled necessities of the Life Sciences industry. Our Self-Service AI services provide real-time product quality verification, complete regulatory adherence, and faster product rollouts, while simultaneously minimizing operational expenses.

Target customers

The threat to public health due to tainted medicinal products potentially leads to lethal repercussions. Ensuring protection against such perils forms a major part of our mission at mpVision. 

In 2021, numerous high-profile corporations, like Teva Pharmaceuticals, Hospira (a Pfizer branch), and Sun Pharmaceuticals, ran afoul of FDA regulations. These companies were accused of a range of violations, from microbial contamination, glass and silicone particles, crystallization, to cotton fibers residing in vials, coupled with a widespread deficit of sterility assurance. With the fast detection feature of mpVision, these impurities can be ascertained and documented rapidly, hinder the spread of tainted products.

Our primary customer base in the pharmaceutical sector is pledged to comply with stringent pharma regulations, necessary for ensuring the safety, reliability, power, purity, and quality of their products. The main clients mentioned earlier are primarily researchers burdened with proving a comprehensive understanding of their product ingredients during FDA evaluations. To aid these clients in fulfilling these regulatory commitments, mpVision proves to be an efficacious instrument by offering a comprehensive solution for quality control. In reality, the multi-purpose quality control system offered by mpVision, which can be tailored to meet specific needs, yields notable benefits to the pharmaceutical sector, making it an eagerly awaited solution for pioneers. The advantages encompass continuous product insight, live product quality assessment, accelerated product introduction schedules, and full compliance with regulatory standards, contributing to both product safety and integrity.

Product Pricing

Our mpVision service comes in a Software as a Service (SaaS product) model. We use a multi-level pricing structure for our licensing, which is calculated based on the volume of image processing and can range between 115K and 350K USD. Additionally, customers have the flexibility to enhance their package by including supplemental features, each carrying a separate price.

Included within the License – which accounts for a 15% Maintenance Fee – are the following services:

–       Tech Assistance: Coverage for this encompasses resolving software bugs, ongoing surveillance, unbroken assimilation, and providing the first set of training sessions (permits a maximum of eight learners)

There is a selection of supplemental features available:

–       On-site Serving Installation: Should you require localized serving provisions, we offer this for an extra 50K USD for each installation. This service includes conducting the setup, training for development operations, and support in optimization, which traverses architecture, efficiency design, along with testing and implementation.

–        Training Modules: We have an array of preliminary and expert level training courses designed to cater to eight individuals each at a time. The cost for these varies from 2K to 3K USD per course.

–        Personalized Solutions: We can accommodate unique requirements on either a per-hour or project-based fee of $350 USD per hour. This can be delivered as a time and material or a project-concentrated plan.


Oliver Siegel presents his startup Enolve

As a unique problem-solution directory, Enolve is designed to aid knowledge workers in elevating their productivity by connecting problems and goals to feasible solutions.

We are proud to present a patent-pending SaaS product devoted to facilitating collaborative problem-solving.

Whether used by teams or individuals, Enolve is capable of uncovering existing solutions to any scenarios of difficulty, while also paving the way to devise new resolutions, even for previously unknown predicaments.

Our user-friendly UI creates a seamless bridge between the vast stretches of big data and human comprehension – eliminating the need for brain implants. Our product has garnered immense interest, finding instant real-world applications in sectors such as management consulting, marketing, self-help, and academia.

ARIZ Precision Medicine

Brad Niles presents his startup ARIZ Precision Medicine

Overview:  With a steadfast commitment to transforming cancer treatment, ARIZ Precision Medicine is breaking new ground by creating meticulously formulated anti-cancer remedies that prioritize the safety of the patient. Their strategy zeroes in on generating treatments aimed at the epigenetic causes behind cancer growth. The PRDM family – known for its aberrant genes and proteins, is commonly seen as a prime driver of oncogenesis. For a long time, PRDM was dubbed “undruggable” due to potential dangers it poses to healthy cells. Nevertheless, ARIZ Precision Medicine is refuting this, showcasing the potential of beautiful genetic advancements, nanotechnology-fueled pharmaceutical delivery mechanisms, and acclaimed gene and protein modification protocols. These cutting-edge approaches singularly aim at eradicating cancer cells, leaving healthy cells unharmed.

Our Lead Candidate for Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC):  The life-saving formulations we conceive are crafted to deal squarely with the epigenetic irregularities that catalyze the transformation of a normal cell into a cancerous cell. In lung cancer instances, this epigenetic misstep is primarily tied to the dysregulation of a gene called PRDM2 or Positive Regulatory Domain-containing Methyltransferase 2. Findings show that symptoms of PRDM2 malformation appear in around 75% of the procured non-small cell lung cancer patient specimens.

Pipeline: The ARIZ’s scientific progression repository contains siRNA-based drug contenders, intended to combat Lung Cancer. These healthcare methodologies have shown effectiveness in in vivo rat cancer models and present potential answers for Ovarian Cancer, Breast Cancer, and Multiple Myeloma, a category of blood malignancy.

Partnerships: ARIZ is strengthened by a robust alliance with Sphaera Pharma, fortified with a $1M service agreement, catering the in vivo evaluation of ARIZ’s pharmaceutical candidates. Moreover, our teamwork with Keystone Nano holds crucial importance, providing support in combining the ARIZ anti-PRDM siRNAs with Keystone Nano’s exclusive NanoJacket calcium-phosphosilicate medication delivery method.

Market opportunity:  By focusing on advancing our medical innovations until they reach the pre-clinical stage, ARIZ Precision Medicine employs a strategy that minimizes the money-related risks often connected with drug evolution. Our approach is not to catapult our cure into an already burgeoning market for medications, but rather, to sell our potentially dominant cure to a reputed pharmaceutical enterprise.

Intellectual Property:  ARIZ Precision Medicine owns a vast array of intellectual holdings that comprise three acknowledged patents. Besides these, we have lodged two PCT patent applications that cover an array of PRDM siRNAs, cancer cell targeting ligands, and sturdy drug delivery mechanisms. We even have an exclusive license for employing Keystone’s NanoJackets drug delivery system in alliance with our PRDM siRNAs.

Fundraising:  ARIZ is presently involved in generating funds with the main aim of speeding up the progression of ARIZ-047 and additional PRDM platform drug aspirants that focus on multiple signs in the field of oncology. 


Said Shefayee presents his startup UDRONE

UDIONE offers adept drone aficionados a safe yet stimulating platform that encourages knowledge acquisition and competition. We are reputable for our excellently designed drone cages, customized airspaces created for drone hobbyists, tailored to their requirements in terms of dimensions, functionality and location. We offer expert flying lessons and provide drones for users, thereby cultivating a vibrant community that emphasizes both social growth and intellectual development.

UDRONE events

Attendees of UDIONE functions are given the opportunity to navigate drones within our unique mobile drone cages. This maze-like setup nurtures the participants’ mental acuity whilst providing a challenging but rewarding experience for our drone operators.

UDRONE aviation camp

Our highly-regarded aviation camps are meticulously coordinated and carried out by certified unmanned aircraft systems pilots. These lessons are endorsed by the federal aviation administration, ensuring unbiased quality. The camp programs are designed to provide a wealth of knowledge through training sessions on drone safety, operating instructions for various drone types, and an in-depth exploration of the principles of flight.

Educational & recreational facilities

UDIONE’s comprehensive clientele list includes, but is not restricted to, school divisions, community colleges, universities, aviation schools, aviation departments, and both public and private recreational facilities. We work closely with educators and aviation programs directors to develop an extensive and unique syllabus that fulfils academic objectives and drone flying performance criteria.

Business use & partnerships

We invite businesses to collaborate and leverage innovative drone services. Spanning areas such as marketing, fundraising, gaming, and health facility-based services, our mission is to accelerate business expansion. We provide a path for gaining new customers, enhancing customer loyalty, and discovering untapped revenue opportunities. We foster collaboration through licensing agreements, equipping your team with specialized drone cages and drones to enhance your business processes. At UDIONE, our unwavering aim is to continuously evolve our client’s visions into tangible outcomes, offering unmatched unmanned aerial vehicle experiences, all while embedding safety, learning, competitive spirit, and enjoyment.


James Hokins presents PennyFly

As a 21st century contemporary entertainment and record label company, PennyFly is focused on Web3 projects. We have built a strong reputation in various sectors of entertainment, particularly within the music industry, delivering valuable outcomes in enterprises where blockchain and NFTs are fundamental. As an autonomous platform for artists, we personalize our service offerings to align with their needs and aspirations. Our model is simplified with an equal 50/50 profit-sharing arrangement for artists, adaptable contract terms, and exposing artists to essential music industry opportunities usually controlled by large record labels. This method enables us to replicate the perks of a major label contract while granting artists significantly more revenue benefit and authority over their careers.


Mainstream labels frequently deduct between 75-85% of an artist’s earnings, whilst claiming authority over the artist’s personal brand and reputation. They monopolise distribution networks to reap larger shares of the artists’ financial income, which stifles artistic creativity and power over their own music. Artists often find themselves obligated to an endless cycle of touring, recording, interviews, and more, all dictated by the label’s control. Furthermore, artist partnerships may become tangled due to convoluted licensing discussions and interference from label management. With crafty contracts, payment guarantees are often uncertain, leading artists into a debt trap while labels accumulate wealth. Such exploitative practices over years have eroded trust in the industry.

One common example of how record labels control artists’ careers is evident in the music streaming landscape. Despite generating around 62.1% of the industry’s profit, about 30% of this revenue is retained by platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music – platforms which usually don’t compensate the artists directly. The remaining 70% goes to the Rights Holder, a role often filled by the Record Label, Distributor, Aggregator, or Collecting Society. These entities ultimately govern the allocation of their respective shares.

What does Web3 have to do with music?
Fundamentally, there exists a compelling association between both. The person who founded our company shared insights on this correlation in an article they composed for Rolling Stone. Visit this link to access the complete article – https://www.rollingstone.com/culture-council/articles/nfts-redefining-cultural-value-1173699/

PennyFly’s mission is centered on recognizing traditional and exceptional opportunities for artists that can be transformed into concrete returns and boosted brand recognition. An integral part of this mission is enabling artists with unconventional revenue streams through NFTs and the metaverse. So far, PennyFly’s most comprehensive venture in the Web3 realm involved providing promotional services for the NFT game, DashLeague.io, right from its initial phases. The presale garnered significant success with 200/200 Ethereum (worth more than $500,000) in minted items completely sold out, a fact verifiable on OpenSea. The entire game is expected to debut later this year.

Milestones, Business Contracts, and Accomplishments:
– A collaboration agreement has been finalized with OneFluent, a leading social media influencer agency. A joint NFT series is slated for later this year.
– The founder, who also contributes to Rolling Stone, shares critical perspectives on the fusion of entertainment and technology.
– Recognized as a Semi-Finalist for the “Pepperdine’s Most Fundable Companies” competition, which received extensive media attention in Entrepreneur Magazine and Business Insider.
– Signed business agreements with prominent corporations like Sony Orchard, Rock Against Trafficking, and StarCrowd (a venture by multi-Grammy winner and frequent collaborator with Justin Bieber, Poo Bear).
– Delivered marketing services to the NFT game DashLeague.io from its inception, with 200 / 200 Ethereum (estimated $500,000+) in minted items sold out during the presale. This can be confirmed on OpenSea.
For more details, kindly access the following links:



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