We had to skip one planned event to take a break. Most of our investors were on vacation, so we decided that it makes sense to focus on the event on April 28th.

As we expected, skipping an event actually made this event very busy. We had 7 pitching startups.

The process was still giving founders 5 minutes to present their pitch, followed by another 5 minutes for a Q&A session with the investors. We still managed to have time for our breakout rooms, which is one of the most liked parts of our events, since the founders and investors can continue their conversation in a more casual manner.

Startups Pithing To Investors At The Online Event On April 28th

Scent Lab

Ariana Silvestro presents her startup Scent Lab


Scent Lab is the 1st personalized candle brand. We’re reimagining how customers shop for candles online with a hyper-personalized, digital experience & a quiz-first approach. The result is a totally custom candle made just for you from vessel to fragrance blend. Because fragrance is just so personal & it isn’t easy to shop for fragrances online.


Everyone loves candles & online shopping is preferred but shopping for fragrances online isn’t easy & it can get really overwhelming. Personalization doesn’t exist & other brands have a ‘one-size fits all’ approach which just doesn’t work because the fragrance is very personal. On top of that, there is little ingredient transparency & regulation in the candle/fragrance industry which often leads to low-quality candles that are bad for you & the environment. ‘


Our candles are non-toxic, affordable & personalized just for you. Our 30-second scent quiz provides a hyper-personalized experience that helps unlock your perfect candle from vessel to fragrance blend by identifying your preferences, mood & style.

Progress to date:

  • Launched in September 2021
  • Over 500 customers & a 20% return rate
  • AOV of $62 & 20% revenue growth MoM
  • 16.5K instagram followers
  • Partnerships with Disney & Depop
  • Partnership with NYC hotel, The Moore in the works
  • In talks with Urbanstems which will provide a new rev channel

Why we’re raising now:

We’re raising 500K with a SAFE & a 2 mill value cap which will go towards:

  • A manufacturing/fulfillment strategy that will help us scale & increase our margins to 60%
  • Accelerate growth via marketing efforts & partnerships
  • Revamp our website to have a proprietary, advanced quiz & a quiz-first approach to allow for scalability.


Ibrahim Alback presents his startup Xten

Xten is an independent AI SaaS platform that enables Retailers/ Point Of Sales (Grocery/Fashion/Pharmacy/etc.) to deliver their goods to consumers in minutes; sustainably and at a reasonable cost. Xten is the Uberization of urban delivery.


  1. AI Platform, Scale Up and Independent Last-Mile Delivery Solution for all POS & Online Grocery
  2. Delivery in Minutes at Low Delivery Cost
  3. Green Delivery for Downtown
  4. Pay As You Go, no delivery no cost

Problem Statement

  1. No existing direct Delivery solution from POS to consumer
  2. Expensive same-day Delivery
  3. POS losing market share
  4. CO2 and pollution in urban areas

Vision & Mission
Vision: Empowered life via an ultimate urban delivery solution
Mission: Delight retailers, drivers, and consumers with ultra-speed, reasonable cost, and
optimum delivery management solutions.

• In Q2-2022 / Q3-2022 can generate quick revenue: charge per delivery (3€ for each
drop), to do it we need an investment.
• Small customer base (10-30 orders/day): onboarding small Point Of Sales (Pharmacy/
Grocery) is an easy approach / no big investment, already with +20 in contact.
• Big customers: more credibility to Xten needed, some success & proven experience
with small customers needed/ investment needed for:
a. Sales Campaign (LinkedIn) for Online Grocery & POS like ALDI/ REWE/ H&M/
MediaMarkt etc.
b. Direct Sales: Business Developers for different industries food/fashion/etc.
or areas needed
c. Marketing & Advertising to get Brand Awareness
• Generating quick revenue is not challenging with the small customer base. But small
number of customers are not profitable / no density! For that, we need investment to cover the
operation cost.
• Mix of small & big customers (+100 delivery/day) is needed

Core Team

  1. Ibrahim Albach, CEO & Co-Founder
    • Expertise in Last-Mile Delivery & Micro mobility, Partner of Amazon Logistic / Lime
    • KAM & business development specialist
    • M.Sc. in Electrical Engineer & Industrial Automation
  2. Ribal Dib, Co-Founder: B2C Ecommerce Expert, Online-Shop Expert
  3. Alaa Maghribi, CTO
    • Lead Development AI, Digital Transformation, Scrum Master, Cloud Architect,
    • Software Engineering & Modelling
    • M.Sc., PMP, PSM, IEEE Author

Modicus Prime

Tylor Chartier presents her startup Modicus Prime

The company, Modicus Prime

Modicus Prime’s Self-Service AI software places cutting-edge AI where it belongs: in the hands of Life Sciences domain experts. The result is real-time AI processing of any data – from biologic morphology analysis to commercial contamination detection – without data scientists.  Our computer vision solution, mpVision, provides intelligent image analysis to monitor biologics at any scale.  mpVision has been tested by scientists in a Top 10 Pharma company and supports our mission to eliminate contamination from the pharmaceutical industry.  These contaminations cost 100’s millions of dollars per incident as illustrated by the recent Covid vaccine 60 M incident experienced by J&J/AstraZeneca/Emergent.   Such unmet needs of the Life Sciences industry, including real-time product quality assurance, full agency compliance, faster go-to-market, and reduced operating costs, are being met with Modicus Prime’s Self-Service AI solutions.

Target customers

Contaminations of drug products result in fatalities, and protecting the general public from such health hazards underlines our mission with mpVision.  

In fact, during 2021, FDA deviations spanned across companies such as Teva Pharmaceuticals, Hospira (a Pfizer company), and Sun Pharmaceutical Industries.  Examples of such contaminations reported include microbial contamination; glass particles, silicone particles, crystallization, and cotton fibers observed in vials; and general lack of sterility assurance.  Any contaminations can immediately be detected by mpVision and reported to prevent the distribution of the altered products.

Indeed, our first users in pharma have specific regulatory requirements to adhere to in order to ensure the safety, integrity, strength, purity, and quality of their products.  These end users include scientists who must provide evidence of their comprehensive understanding of product content during audits by the FDA.  mpVision directly addresses these regulatory requirements, providing an end-to-end quality control solution.  Overall, its customized multi-functional quality control system delivers the following high-level benefits to the pharmaceutical industry as eager early adopters: continuous product understanding, real-time product quality, faster go-to-market, and full regulatory compliance. 

Product Pricing

We offer mpVision as a SaaS product.  Our license is granted in a multi-tier pricing model based on image processing volume, which ranges from 115K to 350K USD.  In addition, optional add-ons are provided to customers a la carte.

License with 15% Maintenance Fee includes the following:

–       Tech Support: Bug fixes, ongoing monitoring, continuous integration, and initial Training sessions (8-person max)

Optional add-ons include the following:

–       50K USD per installation for local serving: installation, training of dev ops, and optimization support (e.g. architecture, performance design, testing and deployment)

–        Training: Training sessions (8-person maximum) with a fee of 2 to 3K USD per session. Basic and Advanced session offerings.

–        Customizations: Time and material or project-based at an hourly rate of $350 USD/hr.


Oliver Siegel presents his startup Enolve

Enolve is the world’s only problem-solution directory. We help knowledge workers become more productive by connecting problems & goals to solutions.

We offer a patent-pending SaaS product specialized in collaborative problem-solving.

Enolve can be used by teams & individuals to find existing solutions to any problem, but it can also be used to create new solutions, even for unknown problems.

Our user-friendly UI bridges the gap between big data and human understanding – no brain implants are required. Interest in our product is broad, but finding immediate application in management consulting, marketing, self-help, and academia. 

ARIZ Precision Medicine

Brad Niles presents his startup ARIZ Precision Medicine

Overview:  ARIZ Precision Medicine is working to create safer and more effective anti-cancer therapeutics by developing drugs that target the epigenetic drivers of cancer.  The deregulated PRDM family of genes and proteins are known drivers of cancer.  PRDMs were previously thought to be “undruggable” because of the high risk of damaging normal cells. ARIZ set out to prove that by using new genetic information, nano-technology-based drug delivery systems, and Nobel prize-winning gene and protein-altering methodologies, cancer cells could be individually targeted and destroyed, without harming normal cells.

Our Lead Candidate for Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC):  Our products target an epigenetic de-regulation that occurs early in the progression of a normal cell into a cancerous cell. For lung cancer, this epigenetic defect is in the regulation of a gene known as PRDM2 (Positive Regulatory Domain-containing Methyltransferase 2).  PRDM2 has been shown to be dysregulated in about 75% of non-small cell lung cancer patient samples. 

Pipeline: ARIZ has siRNA-based drug candidates for Lung Cancer, which have been shown to be effective in vivo mouse models of cancer, as well as drug candidates for Ovarian Cancer, Breast Cancer, and the blood cancer Multiple Myeloma.

Partnerships: ARIZ has a co-development partner in Sphaera Pharma, with a $1M services deal for the in vivo testing of the ARIZ drug candidates.  We are also working closely with Keystone Nano, who is assisting in combining the ARIZ anti-PRDM siRNAs with their NanoJacket calcium-phosphosilicate drug delivery system. 

Market opportunity:  At ARIZ Precision Medicine, our business plan is designed to de-risk drug development, as we will be developing these products only through the pre-clinical stage.  Therefore, rather than selling our therapeutic into a growing market for therapeutics, we will instead be selling a potential market-leading therapeutic to a large pharmaceutical company. 

Intellectual Property:  ARIZ has 3 issued patents, and 2 PCT patent applications covering various PRDM siRNAs, cancer cell targeting ligands, and drug delivery systems.  We also have an exclusive license for the use of Keystone’s NanoJackets drug delivery system with our PRDM siRNAs.

Fundraising:  ARIZ is currently raising funds to develop ARIZ-047, as well as additional PRDM platform drug candidates for multiple indications in oncology. 


Said Shefayee presents his startup UDRONE

At UDIONE we provide safe environments in which anyone can operate unmanned ariel vehicles (drones). We create portable drone enclosures called drone cages. We equip our pilots with drones and assist them with flight instructions as we engage in activities that promote learning and competition in a fun and healthy team environment. We push for social development by way of direct involvement in the local community. We work with our clients to improve cognitive skills, the core skills your brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention.

UDRONE events

Drone pilots engage in flight with provided drones which are operated in a fully enclosed – portable obstacle course drone cage. Drone cages are made specifically to the client’s size, activity, and location preferences

UDRONE aviation camp

Aviation camps are instructed by unmanned aircraft systems pilots licensed by the federal aviation administration. Participants will receive instruction in drone flight and safety information on operating multiple drone types with an emphasis being placed on exploring the science of flight.

Educational & recreational facilities

We cater to school districts (multiple grade levels), universities, community colleges, aviation departments, pilot schools, and public and private recreational facilities. We work with educators/aviation program directors to establish a rich and unique curriculum that meets academic and drone flight performance standards.

Business use & partnerships

Team up with us to bring new and innovative drone services to your client base. Use us for marketing, fundraising, gaming, and medical facility-applied services. Let us help you see our vision to grow your business. Get more exposure to new clients and help retain existing customers. Whatever your industry and area of interest we will help you uncover new revenue streams. Partner with us through licensing. We will create custom drone cages and provide drones for your business while your staff handles operations.


James Hokins presents PennyFly

PennyFly is a 21st-century record label and entertainment company, with an emphasis on Web3 projects. We have demonstrated expertise in multiple entertainment sectors, particularly in the music industry and with blockchain/NFT-driven initiatives. As an independent by-artists-for-artists platform, our simple 50/50 artist profit splits, flexible deal terms, and access to critical music industry channels that are typically exclusive to major labels allow us to offer services that an artist typically expects from a major label deal, but with significantly greater profit opportunity and control over their career.


Major labels can take upwards of 75-85% of artist profits, owning the artist’s brand & likeness. Major labels monopolize distribution networks to further capitalize on additional artist revenue streams. Artists have limited creative control and ownership over their music. Artists may be contractually bound to on-demand and constant touring, recording appearances, interviews, and dictation of day-to-day life at the will of the label. Collaboration amongst artists is difficult due to licensing negotiations and politics from label management. Receiving payout is hardly guaranteed due to clever contracts – many have been left in debt while the label collects money; trust is gone after decades of mistreatment.
Streaming provides a good example of how the fate of most artists is left at the mercy of the record label. While streaming makes up 62.1% of industry revenues, typically 30% of these revenues are kept by the hosting platform (Ex: Spotify, Apple Music), which typically does NOT pay the artist directly. The remaining 70% goes to the Rights Holder, i.e. typically a Record Label, Distributor, Aggregator, or Collecting Society. They determine how they want to distribute their 70%.

What does Web3 have to do with music?
A lot. Our founder wrote an article for Rolling Stone that explains – https://www.rollingstone.com/culture-council/articles/nfts-redefining-cultural-value-1173699/

PennyFly’s goal is to find artists’ traditional and unconventional opportunities that translate into real revenue and brand awareness. This includes empowering artists with new revenue streams utilizing NFTs and the metaverse. So far, PennyFly’s largest project in the web3 space was providing marketing services for the NFT game DashLeague.io, since its inception. The presale sold out at 200 / 200 Ethereum (worth ($500,000+) in minted items, verifiable on OpenSea. The full game is set to release later this year.

Traction, Signed Deals, Recognition:
– Signed deal with OneFluent (one of the largest social media influencer agencies). Partnered NFT series set to be released later this year.
– The founder is Rolling Stone Contributor, contributing expertise on the intersection of technology and entertainment.
– Pepperdine’s “Most Fundable Companies” Semi-Finalist. This competition has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine & Business Insider
– Signed deals with Sony Orchard, Rock Against Trafficking, & StarCrowd (Project of multiple Grammy winner & main Justin Bieber collaborator Poo Bear)
– Provided marketing services for the NFT game DashLeague.io, since its inception. The presale sold out at 200 / 200 Ethereum (worth ($500,000+) in minted items, verifiable on OpenSea.



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