We had 3 companies that were approved to pitch on March 31st to our panel of investors.

When we have less than 5 startups pitching, we tend to relax the 5-minute-limit rule and give the founders a little bit more time to connect with the investors. This is something that investors requested and investors are always right.

Startups Pitching To Investors At The Online Event On March 31st


Gino Herring presents his startup BEST CANDIDATE

People face issues when it comes to selecting a candidate in an election. There is no go-to source to find this information. The same problem exists for candidates who can’t seem to find a practical way to reach prospective voters, in an efficient, successful manner.

Introducing, BEST CANDIDATE. The Ultimate Election Candidate Search Engine, and Campaign Media Management System. Voters can go to one centralized location to find information about candidates, and candidates can push their “election-specific” profiles out to the world by using a wide range of media packages, at a fraction of the cost.

Think Match.com for the elections process! A geofenced list of candidates that match a voter’s profile criteria. A toolbox of voter education tools is also for voters. And for candidates, a small subscription monthly fee that levels the playing field for ALL candidates and gives them exponential reach to their respective communities. Their profiles are stocked richly with media tools to engage with the public.

Our value proposition: Best Candidate will fill the void of communication between voters and candidates! We will level the playing field for Candidates by increasing overall exposure, and providing voter education to all voters, regardless of socioeconomic or geographic status.

Please find attached our pitch deck and video link. We look forward to being a part of the awesome event and opportunity.

Pitch Video: https://youtu.be/JEBK69ALPXc

Speedy Franchise

Scott Clymo presents his startup Speedy Franchise

  • The company is bundling together multiple companies and exclusive technologies all in one package for an unheard-of opportunity for investors looking for the next big thing.
  • The revolutionary Free franchise model consists of 8 companies all in the financial services industries. With a soft launch/pilot that led to crushing all franchise records, it out-performed the largest and most successful franchise in history. It did this by boarding 73 franchises in 3 weeks that were all producing revenue; all the revenue became Speedy’s and half the profit with none of the expenses (largest franchise in the world, last year added 17 franchises in 52 weeks in 2021 while Speedy added 73 in 3 weeks in 2021 and during Covid and had over 1,000 respond that were interested and waiting for their free franchise with only $1,000 in advertising). Gearing up now to re-launch with proper funding in 3-4 months.
  • The company has what many are saying are the strongest products and services in the financial services industry. The company has multiple patents filed for what has the potential to be a multi-billion dollar financial process that solves a huge problem in the multi-trillion dollar electronics payment industry. Another is a special funding technology that can approve and fund a merchant within 15 minutes ending up with a video funding call and paperwork notarization.
  • The face of all the Speedy brand companies is none other than Mr. Kevin Harrington one of the original sharks on the hit tv show Shark Tank. Kevin has over 20 companies that exceeded $100 million and over $5 billion in lifetime sales. Kevin is an advisor to the board and part owner. This company may very well exceed all of Kevin’s others put together and in record time. The company also has solid proof of concept from the 2021 test it’s now gearing up for with a company called Speedy Barracuda Tank and is being labeled as “Shark Tank on Steroids” where anyone with an idea, invention or need for funding can pitch real accredited investors and be set up with up to 100 video funding calls and have an opportunity to pitch up to 100 investors and get up to 100 checks.

Don’t miss your chance to get in on this huge opportunity!


Ivo Georgiev presents his startup VIX

Vehicle Infotainment eXperience – Dashboard Software for Anyone
For drivers with dynamic lifestyles, who need to stay active, connected, and in control while on the road, VIX is an infotainment system that:
• brings communications, trip management, and entertainment under a consistent fluid interface experience, safe and legal to operate
• keeps track of your most important contacts, and suggests when and how to best reach out to them
• assists you in choosing the most convenient places to refresh, rest and refill while on the road
• plays music, audiobooks, radio, and major music streaming providers
• blends technology with a luxury feel for any car and for everyone
Unlike most competitors, our product is not built for any specific mobile platform, and
delivers a uniform experience as you move between different cars and mobile devices.

About Us
We are ambitious and passionate technical people, who have a goal to blend technology with simplicity, for the purpose to help people to focus and stay safe while driving on the road. We develop a software product that will be intuitive and easy to use, and will not require any training or getting used to time to learn. We are always questioning. We do things with the goal to be perfect. We are small and agile, as we adjust through our hard work.

We challenge all features and all products that our competitors have developed to find out if there is a better and more efficient way to just do that single function. We also have great ideas that our competitors have not seen or thought possible … and we are going to introduce these ideas in our product to give it a cutting-edge advantage against other products in the market today.

Our Approach
Universal eXperience Ventures LLC is targeting to develop the best infotainment system in your car. It will be a piece of technology built simple, yet powerful, and the one you will use all the time safely as you drive or commute in any car.

We believe that we can do this better than our competitors and that we have a greater vision of how our solution can mature over the years. The idea for our solution and the company behind it was born out of pain from using traditional applications and infotainment systems currently on the market today, and a strong need for a great infotainment experience that is safe, user-friendly, and accessible to everyone.

Universal eXperience Ventures LLC
pr@uxvinc.com | +1 (818) 445-6965 | www.uxvinc.com


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