We had 3 companies that were approved to pitch on March 31st to our panel of investors.

When we have less than 5 startups pitching, we tend to relax the 5-minute-limit rule and give the founders a little bit more time to connect with the investors. This is something that investors requested and investors are always right.

Startups Pitching To Investors At The Online Event On March 31st


Gino Herring presents his startup BEST CANDIDATE

Election cycles often suffer from notable challenges, including an absence of a trustworthy information hub to steer voters toward their ideal candidates. Likewise, candidates encounter struggle while attempting to reach out to potential voters.

Gino Herring introduces BEST CANDIDATE – a top-tier Election Candidate Discovery Engine fused with an avant-garde Campaign Media Management facility. It is a comprehensive solution for voters hunting for candidate information and allows election runners to globally propagate their location-specific profiles through an array of affordable media solutions.

Consider this as your very own Match.com designed for electoral scenarios! It presents users with a geographically specific list of prospective candidates matching a voter’s designated criteria. As a boost to voter-awareness practices, it offers a bouquet of user-friendly instruments. Moreover, candidates can maximize their community exposure by purchasing a modest monthly package. This move not only levels the playing field for candidates but also provides an array of media tools to enrich their profiles and engage effectively with the public.

Our value proposition: We present BEST CANDIDATE to span the communication gap between candidates and the voting population. We promise equal visibility chances for runners and enhanced electoral education for all, regardless of social-economic and geographical backgrounds.

Attached are our meticulously designed pitch deck and an enlightening video link. We are excited about the possibility of contributing to this exceptional event.

Pitch Video: https://youtu.be/JEBK69ALPXc

Speedy Franchise


Scott Clymo presents his startup Speedy Franchise

  • The chance to make a sound investment does not often present itself with as much promise as Rapid Enterprise, a startup envisaged by Scott Clymo. This unique venture amalgamates multiple diverse firms and proprietary technologies into one attractive package. It’s a golden ticket for investors striving to find an investment opportunity that could potentially shake up the industry.
  • At the heart of Speedy Franchise lies an innovative “no-cost franchise operation.” This amalgamation of 8 firms thrives in the financial services arena. Its impressive soft-launch pilot trailblazed franchise benchmarks, eclipsing even the world’s leading franchises. It accomplished this feat by acquiring 73 revenue-yielding franchises in a mere span of three weeks, adding a hefty revenue and profit to the Speedy vault without incurring proportional expenses. An attention-grabbing aspect of these finance services is how Speedy’s trial run shattered records even amid the Covid-19 crisis. Comparing franchise data, while the top global franchise added only 17 franchises during 2021, Speedy managed to acquire 73 in just three weeks. Moreover, it attracted over 1,000 entities eager for a no-cost franchise opportunity, realizing this with minimal advertising investment. Now, the stage is primed for an aggressive relaunch within the next 3-4 months.
  • Adding to its considerable portfolio, the startup boasts the most powerful products in the financial services industry. Besides, it has submitted numerous patent applications for a possible multi-billion dollar procedure, expected to resolve a major roadblock in the extensive electronics payment industry. A standout financial product is an innovative merchant funding technology that approves and finances a merchant in a breathtakingly brief 15 minutes. This accelerated process concludes with a video funding call and the finalization of paperwork certification.
  • Business icon Kevin Harrington, celebrated for his appearance on the popular TV series Shark Tank, serves as the brand champion for all Speedy brand companies. Having over 20 companies raking in $100 million in profits and exceeding $5 billion in lifetime sales, Kevin’s advisory position and part ownership in Speedy is significant. Given this high-profile backing, it’s predicted that Speedy’s accomplishments could readily top Kevin’s already impressive records. Moreover, Speedy’s proof of concept, borne from its successful 2021 trial, strengthens its vast potential. The company is now gearing up to roll out “Speedy Barracuda Tank.” Hailed as the “Shark Tank on Steroids,” this platform empowers anyone with a novel idea or a funding necessity to pitch to legitimate investors. It organizes up to 100 video funding calls, offering the chance to pitch to an equal number of investors.

Don’t let this unmatched investment prospect pass you by! Explore Speedy Franchise – an enterprise teetering on the brink of extraordinary growth and profitability.


Ivo Georgiev presents his startup VIX

Vehicle Infotainment eXperience – Dashboard Software for Anyone
VIX serves as an essential portal for dynamic individuals who live their lives with enthusiasm and zest. Primarily, it acts as the perfect infotainment system for those who wish to stay proactive, connected, and in control, even on the move. VIX offers a fresh take on the car infotainment system by:
• integrating communication, trip planning, and entertainment features into a streamlined, straightforward interface that’s not only safe but also lawfully compliant
• streamlining your primary contacts efficiently, and suggesting optimal communication tactics as and when required
• assisting in the selection of the most suitable locations for breaks, relaxation, and refueling during your travels
• delivering entertainment options such as music, audiobooks, radio, and access to renowned music streaming portals
• combining cutting-edge technology in a luxurious interface, ensuring it’s easily accessible and enjoyable for everyone
Unlike most competitors, our product is not built for any specific mobile platform, and
delivers a uniform experience as you move between different cars and mobile devices.

About Us
We are a team of energetic tech aficionados, committed to our mission of merging technology with ease, to facilitate safer and more focused driving experiences. We create intuitive software that eliminates the need for training or acclimation periods. We adhere to an exacting standard, continuously pushing the boundaries with our relentless efforts.

We confront the product feature challenge head-on, meticulously evaluating competitor’s offerings in pursuit of innovative methods to improve user experiences. Our team encourages inventive thinking and groundbreaking ideas, regardless of their perceived feasibility, ready to be incorporated into our product to gain a competitive edge.

Our Approach
Universal eXperience Ventures LLC strives to design the finest car infotainment system. Our ambition is to develop simple yet sophisticated technology that becomes an integral part of your daily travel.

We believe in our capability to surpass our competition with an evolving technology mix that continues to mature and advance with time. The genesis of our solution and its parent company originates from the conventional struggle encountered with existing applications and infotainment systems. We aspire to deliver an infotainment experience that is accessible, user-friendly, and most importantly, safe for all.

Universal eXperience Ventures LLC
pr@uxvinc.com | +1 (818) 445-6965 | www.uxvinc.com


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