We all get nervous at the prospect of starting out on a new endeavor. But, when it comes to beginning your own business, you can’t let your fears dictate your direction. If you listen to all the little voices that say you shouldn’t and couldn’t, you won’t. And you will miss out on many wonderful adventures. Here we’ll touch on a few quick tips on how to push your nerves aside and let your entrepreneurial best self shine.

Know how to promote

Even if you’re a little bit shy, you have to promote your business. StartupBrite can help with a comprehensive promotional package that includes boosted social media posts and messages about your business to a private network of investors. You’ll also get a video interview, which will help you answer important questions that potential customers or investors may have.

Understand the cost

You know what they say about taking money to make money. Utilize a startup cost calculator to get a grip on your actual expenses. By itemizing what you think you’ll spend, you’ll be able to weed out what’s necessary and what’s not. Make sure to input everything from domain registration to marketing and payroll.

Learn how to manage money

It is not enough to just know what you can expect to spend; you also have to manage your money throughout your tenure as a business owner. But, if math or organization are not your strongest skills, find an accounting system that will help you stay organized and compliant within your industry. The right processing software can also give you greater insight into where your money comes from, where it goes, and where it’s best spent. Another crucial step is to ensure that your website or mobile applications are compatible with a variety of payment options. There are many different systems available, so look for one that reduces or eliminates credit card fees and is convenient for your customers. Remember, knowing where your money comes from and how to best spend it is the best way to prepare for growth.

Write a business plan

A business plan is your personalized roadmap to success. This is an opportunity for you to write down how you structure your business, when and how you will hire employees, and even your marketing strategies. Further, your business plan is another tool that will help keep you organized.

Practice public speaking

Anytime you own a business, you automatically become a public figure in some ways. And, you may even become known as an expert in your industry. Get yourself ready for this early by squashing your fear of public speaking. The 98th Percentile blog explains that this will help you improve your leadership skills and become a better team manager. Be fearless when speaking to a crowd, and you may not be anywhere near as intimidating when you present to potential partners or investors.

Reframe failure

Perhaps the best thing you can do to help quash fears is to redefine failure. Although a missed deadline or even a failed business venture can be disheartening, take them as learning opportunities. Think of failures as simply an opportunity to grow. The same goes for when you receive less-than-glowing feedback. Fusion One Marketing smartly suggests that reaching out to someone who’s had a poor experience is a great chance to create a positive experience. There’s nothing wrong with being fearful when you’re getting ready to make a major life change, such as starting a business. But, don’t let your fears and doubts dictate your actions now. Otherwise, you may never move forward, and lack of growth should be what you really fear.


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