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Baru is the first company that uses technology to let buyers directly configure products for immediate, on-demand custom manufacturing. Direct modification of the manufacturing instructions speeds time to delivery and reduces costs immensely.

Baru leverages underused manufacturing robotics to bring $35 billion in economic value and jobs back to our communities. Local, on-demand manufacturing avoids wasting on shipping and handling up to $15 billion of the industry’s revenues.

The company’s current focus is to solve these industry problems:

  • Furniture and cabinet customers typically suffer long lead times due to globalized supply chains.
  • Retailers waste 50% of customer revenues on long-distance shipping and overhead costs.

Baru delivers in a few weeks quality, custom furniture, and cabinets at mainstream prices.

Baru‘s sales and manufacturing partner network are already in 29 cities in the US, within 1-hour delivery of over 100 million customers’ homes and businesses.

Sales in June were $125 thousand and Baru is currently growing sales into the 7-figure range.

Baru is a Cleveland-based, Delaware C-corp. Baru has organically grown sales and manufacturing facilities in 29 regions of the United States. Repeat buyers account for 20% of revenues.


Baru’s patented manufacturing technology lets customers control manufacturing introducing a wholly new shopping experience. Baru’s products are made within a 50-mile radius of the delivery location — directly cutting costs and CO2 emissions from the supply chain. Baru avoids the long-distance supply-chain activities that normally waste half of the revenues in wood products. At the same time, Baru supports local businesses, creates hometown jobs, and does so with environmentally sustainable practices.  

Baru customers use augmented reality to change the furniture models before custom manufacturing, or they can buy on the website with a few clicks.


Baru sells finished products direct B2B and to consumers and through revenue-sharing partnerships. Baru can generate revenues over $1 Billion with zero investment in manufacturing or inventory.  Profit rates increase with production volumes.

Baru’s purely digital platform operations are unconstrained by traditional financial or operating limits applicable to most sellers of physical goods. Gross margins increase with production volumes.

Sales growth is driven by Baru’s geographic expansion and consumer recognition. Baru lets customers easily buy furniture and interior renovation products in every metro area in the US (and beyond). Baru’s operating structure permits rapid success even with low regional penetration rates.

Baru Pitch Deck

Meet The Team Creating Baru

Tino Go (Founder & CEO/CFO)

Tino Go has a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan and an MBA in Finance from Indiana University and has an extensive history of entrepreneurship starting his first company in high school. He grew that over 12 years to operate in Europe and the United States. Tino has 21 years in investment banking, turnarounds consulting, and executive financial management. Accomplishments include leading a manufacturing and distribution company from $12 million to $85 million in 5 years and performing as CFO of a $1.2 billion business unit of BASF Chemicals. A first-generation immigrant from Indonesia, Tino speaks French and Italian fluently for Baru’s expansion into Europe.

Heidi Grosowsky (Operations)

Heidi Grosowsky delivers exceptional results. Heidi is helping Baru to build processes that will allow exponential growth. Heidi is a creative, intuitive business advisor for consumer product and service companies. She delights in helping companies run smoothly through the improved development of processes, people, and products. She improves and solves conceptual, manufacturing, and business problems to grow profits. https://www.linkedin.com/in/heidigrosowsky/

Leland Thomasset (VP Engineering & Co-Founder)

Leland Thomasset is a master woodworker and has owned a manufacturer of wood products since 1989.  His company near New York City was Baru’s first manufacturing facility. Also, Leland runs a consulting practice teaching advanced manufacturing methods at industry conferences nationwide. Leland brings a wealth of maker knowledge to Baru as the former president and current board director for the US Cabinet Makers Association. https://www.linkedin.com/in/leland-thomasset-81936a20/ 

Konstantin Tsiryulnikov (Software Engineer)

Konstantin Tsiryulnikov performs as Baru’s UI/UX designer, architect, team leader, and product owner with over 18 years of experience. Konstantin has designed, supervised, and built apps and websites for startups and small businesses. Proficient and highly experienced in all stages of product development, he wears many hats from lead developer to CTO. He is a versatile professional who bridges gaps between Baru’s stakeholders. https://www.linkedin.com/in/konstantin-tsiryulnikov-36314a23/

Asaad Hakeem (Technical Advisor)

Asaad Hakeem is a scientist with years of experience solving problems in computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. He has reviewed and written research proposals, research papers, and peer-reviewed conference and journal papers. His experience allows him to see the potential for machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence to change the way we live and work. https://www.linkedin.com/in/asaadhakeem/

Brian Trotter (Patent Agent)

Brian Trotter provides custom research and analysis to help Baru manage its intellectual property portfolio and protect its ideas and inventions. Brian holds 12 US patents and led integrated circuit design product teams at Maxim Integrated and Cirrus Logic before founding IP management firm, Bishop Rock. https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-trotter-bshprck/

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