We all work hard to achieve high goals in our lives and realize our dreams. We dream about many things: some dream to become astronauts, others – soldiers, pilots, or anything related to extreme experiences.

However, there are people who want to do something much greater- they want to change the world. Although there are several ways to do that, one of the most impactful and meaningful of them is to become an entrepreneur.

The path of entrepreneurship is filled with many hardships and challenges and hence the low percentage of success rate, but even so, this could be highly rewarding.

In this post, we try to explain our view on why it is worth following such a risky path – a path that many of us won’t even consider because of the sacrifices required.

Still, there are brave ones among us who are up to the challenges. Let’s try to reveal at least some of the motivations behind founding a startup:

Starting a new business will be a great life experience

The skills you will build and the emotions you will feel will be almost incomparable with anything else. You will cry (for sure) and you will laugh (like crazy). You will hate and you will love. Almost like a soap opera, isn’t it? Well, life can be a movie sometimes and you… you are going to be the main character in yours.

Speaking about experiences – the life of a startup founder is definitely not for everyone. Until the company matures, you won’t have much personal time and you will not have enough quality time when it comes to your private life. If you’re lucky enough to be able to meet your close ones at least one time per week, you may hear from them that you’re absent-minded, or you talk too much about your company so bear this in mind before launching the new venture.

By running a successful company you will be able to add value to  humanity

Succeeding in finishing an interesting project and managing to commercialize it means that people actually find your ideas valuable.

If you are an empathetic type of person just this will be enough to get you excited about your new endeavors on the entrepreneurial path. As an entrepreneur, you will have to learn to get more comfortable with the discomfort, and you will develop the skills and faith to find innovative ways of turning your aspirations into new projects that will have the potential to change the world.

A great organization creates something out of nothing

The sense of creation is almost godlike and has the ability to bring a large amount of mental pleasure to people with creative inclinations.

If you have a scientific, engineering, or artistic background then for sure this will be highly satisfactory to you and might even be addictive. Entrepreneurs have an internal desire to create something unique, to breathe life into an idea and watch it develop. The same way as a small flame can ignite a brilliant all-consuming fire, the initial spark for a certain project can grow to become something really impactful and meaningful.

A prosperous startup offers good flexibility

Flexible working means a different thing for different organizations. For some, it is about the ability to change the physical location, which describes where work is done. Others think of it as a flexible schedule, in other words when work is done. Finally, some think of it as flexible hours, describing the number of hours worked for a period of time, but no matter the exact description everyone is looking for some degree of flexibility in his day-to-day activities.

Once your company is up and running, you can choose which task is a priority and you can adjust your day-to-day schedule around it. This will provide a sense of calmness since you are going to be the person who calls the shots and decides when you should rest and when you should execute. The things we mentioned for sure will give a feeling of power and control over your environment and exactly this power makes running a startup so attractive.

A working business will provide you with more time for yourself

Having more free time is an attractive offer. The problem is that until you set up the work processes, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of work needed.

This means that having more free time won’t be the case (as we mentioned several points above), not at least at the beginning of the enterprise. Even though this could be a relatively medium-term achievement, it is still a good sales point for starting something of your own.

As the boss you will be setting up the deadlines

No more last-minute rush. Your plan – your deadline and rules of execution. However, this can be tricky – if your leadership is not stable enough to get the company through the bumpy ride everything that you have been fighting for will go down the pipes. Not everybody can have the internal motivation and drive to push themselves to reach deadlines, but if you are really ready for the challenge – you may reach great heights.

Inspire others with your entrepreneurial leadership

By overcoming every obstacle along your path, you could become an example that people may want to follow. That alone could be an amazing motivational impetus not only for your team but for yourself too. Destiny awaits you – go and claim it.

How to become inspirational? It is very simple – lead by example. This may sound very obvious, but not many people actually do it. You should always strive to lead by example and put your words into action and application. No great leader is effective or taken seriously if they do not act upon their own beliefs. Those people are called leaders for a reason – they have to lead the way.

Running a startup will require taking up multiple roles

Some of us do not like to be confined to a single streamlined role. Some of us have multiple talents and we want to have the chance to showcase them. Most corporate jobs do not offer that type of flexibility when it comes to duties and people with interests in multiple wildly different topics will have to focus on doing several routine tasks which they will often find boring and tedious.

Startups, on the other hand – offer wider opportunities when it comes to duties. You can be a copywriter, analyst, business development representative, and designer all at the same time. This may seem overwhelming sometimes, but could also be amazingly fun.

A rising business will provide a rising income

That is right – probably everybody has thought about the freedom that high income gives, and perhaps even planned how to achieve it. Running a startup could be very risky, but if successful it can make the founders truly wealthy. Actually, one of the definitions for a startup is an organization that should be able to grow quickly and have much higher returns than businesses from traditional sectors like agriculture and hospitality.

In the past decades, businesses would take an insane amount of time to get to the point of making enough money for day-to-day living. In the past, If a person wanted to become an entrepreneur, he/she had to raise a large amount of capital upfront, usually in the form of loans and savings from his/her job.

Nowadays it’s just totally different. You can start charging for service, increase the number of customers to a certain level of profit, and get to the point where you have just enough to get by. We also live in a world where subscription is something normal, and revenues are recurring and this lowers the entrance barriers by a large margin.

I am not convinced, I will keep my corporаte job

Even though those are not the only reasons to build a new organization, they are definitely some of the main arguments for it. Although one of the biggest differences in owning your own company as opposed to working for somebody else is the sense of pride you establish in building something of your own, many of us cannot cope with the increased level of stress this lifestyle brings.

It requires a special type of person to be able to go through all these things and to keep moving forward. And it is not only about the type of person you are, but also about the people around you. Тhey all are part of your own micro emotional ecosystem and because of that, they are going to help you push through hard times and will share your company’s happy and sad moments (besides your closest ones of course). However, getting all those factors in one place is extremely hard and some of us will prefer the stable and secure 9-5 job.

Being an entrepreneur sounds like my thing, count me in

Starting and running an enterprise can be a great adventure, and it can even give you more security and opportunity than a regular day job.

Being your own boss may sound very promising, but you have to remember that it could also be hard as hell. It’s easy to feel ready much earlier than you actually are, and it’s almost as easy to let fear hold you back long after you should have started so you should definitely be careful with it. If you are inspired enough then follow Nike’s logo: Just do it!

You should always dare to fail in order to rise

In the end we decided to finish with a great quote from Theodore Roosevelt:

“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”


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