AlphaBiz Is A Marketplace For Selling And Buying Businesses Offering Multiple Advantages To Its Customers

Interview with Casper from AlphaBiz

A recent interview with the CEO of AphaBiz, Casio Shyn

Meet AlphaBiz

Alpha Biz Commerce is Software as a Service:

  1. the business is the product;
  2. the buyer chooses services (such as valuation, accounting, insurance, legal, escrow, and construction);
  3. checkout is the completion of the purchase of a small business.

Alpha Biz Commerce is a technology company that combines these elements:

  1. an online marketplace to buy and sell businesses;
  2. data analytics relevant to the transaction of buying and selling businesses;
  3. a built-in referral network of professionals necessary for small business M&A;
  4. project management tools that educate the parties and walks them through every step of the process from start to finish of the transaction.

Currently, these ideas do not exist combined as a single unit and are fragmented in different sites that narrowly define their purpose.

Forbes Magazine, Oct 24, 2016: The Business For Sale Marketplace — Why 90% Of Listings Never Sell

“So you start scouring the online business for sale listings and after endless hours looking you realize four things:

  • You cannot believe how many businesses are listed for sale
  • There is absolutely no rationale to the terminology, asking prices, financial information or details about the businesses in the ads in the online business for sale databases
  • Regardless of how many inquiries you submit, you receive very few answers
  • There has to be a better way to find good businesses because your initial strategy is not working – you are spending a ton of time searching and not making any progress.”

What Problems are solved by Alpha Biz Commerce?

  1. The Location of the business is not disclosed. Listings redirect a buyer to the seller’s agent.
  2. Lack of Data Analytics. Competitors; search results are frozen, static, and linear.  There is no way to compare 2 or more businesses, repopulate the data using dynamic and interactive search results, in terms of relevant data points such as:
  • Commercial Rent
  • Traffic map of shopping centers
  • Return on investment
  • Number of competitors in a given area
  • Parking Info
  • Population Density, Crime Rate, Median Income
  1. Competitors’ pricing model is based on charging a premium for higher placement in search results (thereby eliminating the ability to conduct data analytics that compares 2 or more businesses in terms of site section analysis).
  2. Lack of a National Marketplace, with brand recognition embedded into the psyche of the American Consumer.
  3. Unreliable or missing information. In some cases, listings do not provide basic financial information (such as the cash flow, or revenue); when the lease expires; square footage, etc.
  4. Fraudulent or Fake Listings
  5. Some data analytics companies charge a minimum of $25,000 per year for Site Selection Analysis.  To list empty spaces for commercial leasing, real estate brokers are charged approximately $1,000 a year.

Search Results of the Competition

On the competitor’s site:

  1. the user presses the search button;
  2. information is displayed;
  3. and user interaction stops at a dead end.

The user must go down the list and read one business after the other.  The competitors’ search results are linear with no ability to compare two or more businesses.  The user must read the information in a sequential format that is frozen with no ability to repopulate the data using selection criteria.  The user cannot filter/modify/compare search results.

Alpha Biz Commerce’s 3 Different Types of Searches

Alpha Biz has 3 different search engines:

  1. Street View,
  2. Data Table, and
  3. Map View.

The user of Alpha Biz would:

  1. Press the search button;
  2. the information is displayed, and
  3. user interaction begins.

Conceivably, there may be thousands of different ways to compare two or more businesses in terms of Site Selection Analysis – because the search results repopulate based on search criteria.

  • Commercial Rent. Which business has the highest (or lowest) rent?
  • Cashflow/profit/income. What has the highest (or lowest) cashflow/profit/income?
  • Number of competitors in a given area. How many competitors are in an area?
  • Traffic map of shopping centers. Which business is in a shopping center with the highest (or lowest) traffic? 
  • How many parking spaces are in a given area? 
  • Population Density. What is the population density in the area?
  • Average Income level of population. What is the average income of the population?
  • Which business is in a location with the highest or lowest crime?

Users of Alpha Biz Commerce will be able to touch, re-engineer, and play with data using 3 types of Search Results:

  1. Street View,
  2. Data Table, and
  3. Map View.

Why add a Referral Network?   Commercial real estate brokers vs. The Entire Business Universe

Buyers and Sellers will seek services from Professionals on the Referral Network.  Thus, the Marketplace will drive demand for the Referral Network and the Referral Network will help build the Marketplace.

Currently, commercial real estate brokers dominate the space.  The Alpha Biz Model seeks to be a force multiplier for the Marketplace, as Attorneys, Accountants, Insurance Agents, Contractors – all have a vested interest in building the Marketplace.

Benefits of Alpha Biz Commerce

The Buyer gets the data.

The Seller gets a website with heavy traffic full of Buyers.

The professionals (accountants, lawyers, insurance, and escrow agents) get a communication platform and project management tools that teachers and educates users in the buying/selling process.  The professionals communicate with the parties and assign tasks with the project management software by creating checklists/action items.

Alpha Biz Commerce learns from the transaction, accumulating data and creating a database for industry-specific, location-specific regulatory and compliance laws.  This information is then parlayed into training and teaching a new class of business brokers and attorneys – in the Information Age – which in turn provides higher quality and lower costs for services.

Investors are able to capitalize on M&A on a national scale, profit from volume.

The industry as a whole benefit from automation and information sharing.

How does Alpha Biz Commerce monetize its idea?

Alpha Biz Commerce can monetize from advanced data analytics services.

Alpha Biz Commerce can monetize from the transaction of buying and selling a business.

Alpha Biz Commerce can monetize from the built-in referral network of professionals:

  • Insurance
  • Escrow
  • Valuation
  • Accounting,
  • Legal, and
  • Construction

Alpha Biz Commerce can monetize from products and services after the purchase or sale of the business:

  • Corporate Merchandizing
  • New Uniforms
  • New suppliers and vendors
  • Any type of product business could use

What are the Principles of Alpha Biz?

  1. The Internet likes the free dissemination of information.
  2. Freemium to Premium.
  3. Holistic Approach to Buying, Selling and Operating a Business.
  4. All Business is Local.

AlphaBiz’s Mission

Small businesses are challenged at every stage. They have difficulty starting. They have difficulty finding the first few customers. They have difficulty growing. They struggle every week to make payroll, rent, and incoming invoices.

Search. Compare. Bid. Inspect. Negotiate. Finalize. Hire. Market. Open. Operate. Expand. These are a few steps in purchasing and starting a new business. Alpha Biz Commerce supports the entrepreneur at every stage.

AlphaBiz pitch deck


Meet the team building AlphaBiz

Casio Shyn, Esq., Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Casio Shyn is an attorney and United States Marine. Inspired by Vietnam-era Recon Marines to enlist following 9-11, he prepared and trained for a lateral move into long-range reconnaissance and served in Operation Enduring Freedom. He spent an uneventful military career in the air wing, repeatedly requesting transfers to an Infantry unit. He has been in the Intellectual Property licensing business in China since 2007 and was a Founding Member of Wounded Eagle UAS, a non-profit that trains veterans interested in a career in the UAS industry.

Casio is an accomplished Senior Executive and Consultant with more than 10 years of success across the technology, oil, gas, energy, and nonprofit industries. Leveraging extensive experience streamlining transactions, he is a valuable advisor for an organization requiring development or general counsel. His broad areas of expertise include technology, intellectual property, real estate transactions, and business transactions.

Throughout his executive career, Casio Shyn has held leadership positions with Czarnecki Yester, Sino Forestry Company, and Wounded Eagle. In his free time, he enjoys volunteering to support veterans organizations, including regularly providing services for the Community Veteran Justice Project and American Veterans.

Casio’s leadership, deep knowledge and timely recognition of the existing market conditions are what laid the groundwork for the creation of BizOps AI.


Lance Winslow, Chief Operating Officer

Lance started his first business washing aircraft at age 12, later at 17 he started the first computerized multi-listing service.

Next, he started an aircraft brokerage firm. Mr. Winslow had to leave college having invented the concept of “mobile” car washing. He sold 181 franchises serving 450 cities in 23 states and 4 countries. This company he founded grew to provide on-site cleaning services for 30-different industries over several decades.

After going into semi-retirement at 35, Lance traveled to every city in the continental US (over 10,000 in population) in a luxury motorcoach. During this period, he accidentally became a writer, at first writing travel articles, later he expanded his list of topics to 700 different categories with 31,500 online articles (world record). He’s also authored 188 eBooks on a wide range of topics – everything from business to future technologies, and self-help to science fiction.

In 2001 Mr. Winslow founded the Online Think Tank, a group of networked think tanks in the US. Up until joining our team Lance has stayed active as a start-up business advisor, business plan writer, and franchising consultant. His hobbies include ultra-running and endurance athletics. Lance is also an avid reader and life-time learner with a personal library of over 3,500 books.


Casper Reaves, PhD, Business Advisor

Dr. Casper Reaves has experience disrupting existing industries and fields over the past 25 years.

He currently handles Operations Management and Leadership Development for American Income Life Insurance Company.  Over the past 13 years, Casper has supported the growth from 60 agents to 150 agents in four Southern California offices and the growth from $3 million in premium revenue to $6 million.

Previously, he was co-owner of Help-U-Sell Real Estate in Reseda, CA.  By focusing on marketing, they expanded from start-up to the second largest realty office in the market area within 18 months.

Help-U-Sell’s business model was to disrupt traditional residential real estate by providing flat-fee listings to save money for home sellers.  He was also the Director of Manufacturing for MRV Communications in Chatsworth, California.  Casper played a key role in developing advanced fiber-optic lasers and stabilizing the manufacturing process.

Previously, he was an early employee in Symyx Technologies, a Silicon Valley start-up dedicated to improving the discovery and optimization process of engineering materials.  This work led to several patents in collaboration with Agfa Medical Imaging in Belgium.

Casper earned his Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from UC Santa Barbara and his B.S. in Electrical Engineering/Engineering Physics from Princeton University.

He has a range of non-profit experience.  Currently, he is the Board Chair for My Friends House, a food and wellness non-profit in South Los Angeles.  Casper works with LA Works for Days of Service events with over 1000 volunteers.  Casper is active in the entrepreneurial community in the Ventura County area of California, mentoring business owners.  Before coming to Los Angeles, he wrote several successful grants for the Silicon Valley Habitat for Humanity and was involved with a Teen Crisis Shelter in Santa Barbara.

Learn more about AlphaBiz

AlphaBiz Website

Casio Shyn’s LinkedIn profile

Lance Winslow’s LinkedIn profile

Casper Reaves’s LinkedIn profile



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