Let’s introduce you to Expert Dojo, a remarkable accelerator we are proud to associate with and an influential investor in our ventures. We consider it crucial for our startups to comprehend the mechanism of this esteemed accelerator originating from Santa Monica.

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About Expert Dojo

Expert Dojo, firmly holding its position among California’s most dynamic early-stage accelerators, distinguishes itself through its dedication. It evidences this commitment by funding $100,000 each to all its portfolio firms, thereby, efficiently facilitating their global market penetration.

Ever since its inception in 2018, Expert Dojo has bestowed its confidence in over 100 inventive startups, each exhibiting immense promise to elevate to unicorn status. This forward-focused vision mirrors precisely with the objectives set by the accelerator programs run by Expert Dojo. Predominantly, the institution backs pre-seed startups and seed-stage efforts already furnished with a product, a market-entry strategy, and a demonstrated potential for swift expansion. Numerous ventures from these portfolio companies are tech startups steered by minorities and/or female entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, Expert Dojo adheres to an industry-neutral approach, offering its assistance to business people from all around the globe, irrespective of their varied roots.

Regulating roughly 40% of its investment towards startups directed or founded by women, Expert Dojo stands tall compared to many other leading US accelerators. These accelerators barely average an 18.8% investment in ventures controlled or initiated by women. The figures establish Expert Dojo’s dedication towards fostering inclusive representation within the startup landscape.

Accelerator Program

  • Healthcare Accelerator 2021An international program aimed to accelerate the growth of:
    • Businesses engaged in medical apparatus, life science, and biotechnology that are eyeing FDA clearance, in the pre-Series A stage, holding sturdy core intellectual property, and strategizing to penetrate the market in the near-term 12-24 months. These businesses ordinarily have multiple co-founders, inclusive of a devoted CEO or business head.
    • Startups in digital health and medical technology – These are pre-Series A companies, with a recognized product and a definitive path to market approach. Set for explosive growth, these businesses have a group of co-founders demonstrating traction.
  • Africa Accelerator: September 2021This acceleration scheme is tailor-made for African technology firms:
    • Technology-centric startups in the pre-Series A phase
    • Primary operations positioned in Sub-Saharan Africa
    • Development of a scalable product beyond the prototyping phase
    • Economical utilization of capital with a robust revenue model
    • Market demand substantiated, with a minimum MRR of around $5K
  • International Accelerator – This two-month-long plan accepts international entrepreneurs, engrossing them into the fast-paced startup climate of Silicon Beach. Access to the US venture capital and gaining an advantageous position are hallmarks of this program. In addition to an investment summing to $100,000, firms also attain involvement in this intensive acceleration scheme based in Santa Monica, California.

The Team

Brian Mac Mahon Founder of Expert DOJO, employs his wealth of consultancy and coaching background spanning 35 countries to deliver vital guidance for nurturing small enterprises. He specializes in forging a potent community bond and metamorphosing a “pay it forward” attitude into a profitable framework.

Thomas Richterthe Head of European Investments at Expert DOJO, brings onboard over two decades of experience as a venture capital investor. Thomas is well-versed in technology sectors like AR, autonomous vehicles, IoT, Robotics, B2B, SaaS, B2C etc. His foray into venture capital includes a valuable tenure as an early-stage Investor with OneTraction in Palo Alto, and 13 pivotal years facilitating the development of Skyworks as Senior Director, wielding responsibilities across business & product strategy, operations, customer service, and M&A.

Jonathan WallaceInvestment Director at Expert Dojo, has risen through the ranks since his induction into the firm as an investment analyst. He maintains invaluable connections with key venture capital funds worldwide and has assisted numerous startups in obtaining investments. At present, Jonathan expertly oversees the follow-on investment portfolio.

Sophie Angner Head of Operations, is acclaimed in the business sphere for her capacity to upgrade the marketing strategies of startup founders. As the Operations Leader at Expert Dojo, she brings to the table half a dozen years of being a marketing guru and has guided countless startups to witness robust growth and cement their stand in the industry.

Chris HarveyChief Legal Officer at Expert Dojo, has ten years of legal proficiency to his credit, making him a standout transactional lawyer. His particular strength lies in representing startup accelerators, early-phase venture capital funds, venture studios, startup businesses, and a host of fund-related entities.

Nektar Baziotis Chief Technical Officer at Expert Dojo. a serial entrepreneur with an illustrious career spanning over 20 years. His vast expertise in IT Business Consulting, International Business Growth, IT Project Management, and Digital Learning is noteworthy. Baziotis has a laudable history of introducing and servicing IT products to an extensive range of clients including globally renowned organizations like the United Nations, European Parliament, European Commission, and various private businesses across different nations. He’s a proud alumnus of AUTH (Maths), Penn (International Business), and Sheffield (MBA).


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