Hassan Bash winning strategy is to understand your business and provide a long-term relationship

Who is Hassan

Founder and CEO of BashRevenue

Hassan Bash is a Saudi-American millennial Business Owner, Content Creator and Strategist. Graduating in NLP which stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (the language of your own mind) Hassan has always had an aptitude for grabbing people’s attention through his innovative thinking. Being a millennial growing up in the world of social media, he saw an opportunity to monetize on the current trends. Hassan Bash is a founder and CEO of Bash Revenue – a social media marketing agency helping business owners and entrepreneurs with proven, results-driven online marketing systems. His team focuses on generating leads through the use of Facebook, Instagram, Google and Youtube Advertising. His client “FAM properties” in Dubai is the fastest-growing real estate company in the Middle East and he helped Guardian Angel Locksmith become the numberĀ 1 Locksmith in the United Stated building their online reputation. Outside building his legacy, you can most often see Hassan Bash spending time at the gym pushing the limitations of his own mind by exercising his physical body, 10X his principles as one of his mentors Grant Cordon would say. Hassan believes in the power of mindset, daily education, and masterminds with some of the most disruptive and exciting marketers in the States.

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