Movikarma is the first-ever streaming platform for impact

Meet Movikarma

Have you ever watched a movie and been inspired – but not known how to make a difference in the real world?

That’s where Movikarma comes in. A Show For A Change, are building a like-minded community and enabling our audience to support the causes and creators connected to the content they care about most. Movikarma is a streaming platform for an impact that transforms entertainment into action.

The multi-billion-dollar entertainment and charity industries are ripe for a distribution platform that engages audiences and drives social and environmental impact. Fragmentation in media and entertainment limits connectivity between socially / environmentally conscious consumers and filmmakers, while brands, influencers, and charities seek to connect with those very same consumers. Moreover, recent changes in federal law policy have reduced charitable giving and shrunk the number of households claiming a charitable gift by more than half.

Movikarma was created by A Show For A Change, a socially conscious entertainment company. After launching their monthly film festival featuring impact films, Movikarma began cultivating a global community of socially conscious filmmakers who change the world through the power of story. They then realized that they could do more to connect filmmakers with changemakers and an engaged audience – a concept that they call Movikarma, the first-ever streaming platform for impact.

Movikarma’s vision is simple:  deliver inspiring films and with a call to action, empower you to make an impact.

Donate to a charity, support a socially / environmentally conscious filmmaker, or take other actions to support your favored cause – it’s all part of the Movikarma experience.

Movikarma is a powerful mobile and web distribution platform with numerous revenue streams, including subscriptions, advertising, in-platform donations, and purchases/sales of sustainable products. 

Movikarma’s content is curated by cause and genre, making it easy to search and find what you want – and take action immediately.

Movikarma has acquired award-winning content – like our exclusive Oscar-nominated film, ASAD – that will move and inspire you to act, while also supporting the independent filmmakers who are changing the world.

Movikarma aims to create meaningful value as a distribution platform. Additionally, filmmakers can earn revenue in different models. As Movikarma grows,  filmmakers and brand partners will have access to be able to reach to a global audience community and help their audience make an impact through inspiring content.

Movikarma already has traction, including relationships with Hollywood influencers, global charities, and mission inclined leading brands with a mission. While most of our platform and IP was built in-house, Movikarma is proud to partner with TopFan, a leading tech partner that built fan engagement platforms for Lionsgate, Fox, Maroon 5, Zac Brown Band, Carrie Underwood, and many others. This partnership makes Movikarma even stronger.

Movikarma’s built a diverse leadership team with top-notch backgrounds at Fortune 500 companies including Sony, Paramount, Warner Bros, Disney, AT&T, NBC Universal, Endeavor, MGM, SAP, Westfield, and T-Mobile.

The company is proud to have such a passionate team, a compelling product, and the traction that prepares us to bring the future of entertainment to life. Movikarma’s hope is you’ll become a part of A Show For A Change today – and join them on their journey to transform entertainment into action on Movikarma.

Product Overview 

Created by A Show For A Change, Movikarma is a powerful, first-of-its-kind distribution platform targeted primarily at Gen Z and Millennials, that monetizes impact-driven narrative content and accelerates charitable giving.

  • Creates and curates engaging narrative content about compelling social causes.
  • Partners with mission-aligned brands, influencers, and charities, on each project.
  • Provides a video streaming platform for a growing number of consumers that are interested in socially and environmentally conscious content and want to make a tangible impact on the world.
  • Drives charitable impact and monetization through donation integration and a revenue-sharing model with content creators.

Through a scalable, impact-driven ecosystem, Movikarma:

  • Generates revenue and impact via Movikarma subscribers, advertisers, in-platform donations and purchases.
  • Delivers an interactive impact-driven distribution platform.
  • Provides a distribution + impact platform for original, high quality, socially conscious Impact impact content.
  • Provides a micro-fundraising and data-driven platform for charities to promote their cause, raise funds, collect valuable data on donors, and increase their audience.
  • Provides a marketing/outreach platform for influencers to promote their cause and increase brand awareness.
  • Provides a marketing/impact platform for socially conscious and responsible brands to increase targeted brand awareness and revenue.
  • In future iterations, uses proprietary technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality (VR / AR), to customize each user’s experience to maximize engagement and impact, thereby unlocking more benefits for influencers, nonprofits, and brands.

Product Features

  • Tiered and affordable subscription model starting at $1.99/month and $2.99/month, with a 7-day free trial. [Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD)]
  • Advertising model offers users free access and generates revenue from socially conscious ads. [Advertising Video On Demand (AVOD)]
  • Content curated by cause includes fiction and non-fiction films, as well as episodic and personality-driven projects.
  • Nonprofits, brands, and influencers promote the platform and drive a targeted and engaged global audience to our content. In return, partners receive targeted access to micro-donors, fundraising, merchandising, and data-driven analytics.
  • Drives impact with a call to action inspiring consumers to contribute to filmmakers and cause-aligned charities.
  • Filmmakers submit narrative content for distribution on Movikarma and support a charity of their choice.
  • Brands, influencers, and nonprofits sponsor aligned content to increase exposure, awareness, and impact while generating revenue.
  • Detailed analytics about donors, contributions and engagement.
  • Sample estimated ROI in 12 months: 100K views = $40K raised for charity (assumes 5% of audience donates on average $8 per person).

Business Model

Revenue on Movikarma will be generated by subscriptions​, advertising​, and administrative fees on in-platform donations, contributions to filmmakers, and purchases of sustainable products.

Competitive Edge

  • First to Market
    • Innovative impact-driven distribution platform, premium subscription service, and fundraising for charities.
  • Fresh Approach
    • A user-friendly product and an inventive, highly scalable business model.
  • Premium Content
    • Focused on compelling narratives that inspire and engage audiences.
  • Tangible Impact
    • Through partnerships with leading influencers, nonprofits, and brands
  • In-Platform Activation
    • Tech integrations and gamification drive immediate action and impact.
  • Experienced Leadership
    • With extensive experience at Fortune 500 companies, including Sony, Disney, Paramount, NBC Universal, Endeavor, Warner Bros, MGM, SAP, Hallmark, and T-Mobile.
  • Unique Purpose
    • An integrated approach to content creation + curation, monetization, and social impact.

You’ll soon be able to download Movikarma on your phone and laptop. Ready to get started? Sign up for a free trial at movikarma.com – and be the first to experience Movikarma!

Movikarma pitch deck

Movikarma Investor Deck

Meet the team building Movikarma

Jared Milrad Founder and President

Jared Milrad is a seasoned entrepreneurial leader adept at launching innovative projects and achieving tangible results. An accomplished filmmaker, advocate, and entrepreneur with more than 10 million views worldwide, Jared worked for President Barack Obama and served in The White House. To help families afford legal services, Jared founded a nationally recognized non-profit organization supported by Warren Buffett’s family foundation, Peter Buffett, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (Ret.), and Harvard Law School Dean Martha Minow. He appeared in Hillary Clinton’s historic presidential campaign commercials (“Getting Started,” “Equal”), and has been profiled by dozens of media outlets around the world, including The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, BBC News, The Guardian, The Times of London, TIME, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, and ABC News.

Jared holds a law degree from Northeastern University School of Law, a graduate degree from Tufts University, and an undergraduate degree with highest honors from North Carolina State University. He received performance training at the prestigious The Second City Chicago and the Howard Fine Acting Studio in Hollywood. Jared is a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA (SAG-AFTRA) and Summit Series, a curated community of creative entrepreneurs and innovators.

An advocate for social change since the age of 14 who has helped lead service projects on four continents, Jared lives in Long Beach, CA, where he was a first-time candidate for City Council endorsed by actor Kal Penn. Jared and his husband, Nate, are proud parents of their adopted dog, Oliver.


Molly Kronberg Executive Vice President, Partnerships & Strategy | Board Advisor

Molly Kronberg is a senior-level strategy, partnership, and business development leader who brings people and companies together to realize opportunities at the intersection of media, entertainment, and technology.

As a principal at Group 5 Consulting, Ms. Kronberg advises start-up and mid-sized companies on go-to-market strategy, partnership development, and employee talent management. She emphasizes outside-the-box thinking and customer/client-centric innovation.

For over twenty years, Ms. Kronberg has cultivated alliances to build and launch solution-based programs, products, and services. Her work on media and technology integrations has included projects at Disney, Time Warner, NBC Universal, and 20th Century Fox. She has broad cross-cultural expertise and has leveraged it to build high-functioning business development teams across the US, Europe, and Asia.

Prior to Group 5 Consulting, Ms. Kronberg was the Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Standards and Business Development and Vice President World Wide Strategic Business Development at DTS. Earlier in her career, she served as Vice President, Sales at MGM, and Executive Director at Warner Bros where she managed award-winning sales and marketing teams that helped revolutionized home entertainment as a category with global customers including Wal-Mart, Costco, and Target.

Ms. Kronberg earned a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Organizational Studies & Psychology and a minor in Marketing from Pitzer College in Claremont, California.


Aline Grunwald, Esq. Senior Vice President, Legal and Business Affairs

Aline Grunwald is a transactional attorney with expertise in entertainment and media matters ranging from development, production, and acquisition of diverse content. Aline grew up in Paris, France and moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA Law School. She started her legal and business affairs career at Metro Goldwyn Mayer and continued on to Sony Pictures and Paramount Studios.

After taking a leave to work on her own feature and series development/production projects as well as to run a music business, she recently re-entered the legal workforce doing talent-related transactions, development and other production agreements for the boutique talent law firm of Sloane, Offer, Weber & Dern LLP, as well as for Stroock, Stroock and Lavan LLP.

Aline’s unique perspective on the legal, business and creative needs stems from her years of experience in the production and acquisition side of films and television, ranging from big-budget motion pictures to television programs and series. She also brings a global vision of the business with her unique European background.


Rebecca Pollock Director of Partnerships

Rebecca Pollock is a marketing and brand innovator focused on bringing brands to life through effective partnership development, storytelling, and creative marketing strategy. She’s passionate about building and growing purpose-driven partnerships with brands and organizations at the convergence of entertainment and technology.

Rebecca was at SAP for 13+ years in global strategic marketing functions. In Competitive & Market Intelligence, she developed and managed relationships with analyst firms, including Gartner, IDC, and Forrester. In Global Sponsorships, she directed and expanded partnerships with sports and entertainment organizations, such as Madison Square Garden and McLaren Technology Group (McLaren Formula One Racing), to showcase how SAP technology helps its partners grow and succeed.

Rebecca loves contributing to making the world a better place. She spent 2+ years as a Small Business Development Advisor in the Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa, working with women’s groups by empowering them to increase financial independence via microfinance loans and build business skills. She has also volunteered as a dental assistant at Mildmay Uganda Hospital in Kampala assisting dentists during visits with children living with HIV and worked with street kids in Delhi, India on basic reading and writing skills. An avid marathon runner, Rebecca has raised thousands of dollars for Fred’s Team, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in the fight against cancer.

Originally from Newtown, Connecticut, and New York City, Rebecca is enjoying her new life in the City of Angels and is excited to be a part of changing the world through the power of story. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in French from Franklin & Marshall College and a Certificate in Negotiation and Decision-Making Strategy from Columbia University.


David Malonson Director of Finance

David Malonson is a Finance Executive with a demonstrated history in Entertainment, Commercial Real Estate, and Retail. David was recently responsible for the financial planning and analysis of a $1.2 billion dollar portfolio and has a keen understanding of the forecast and budget process. He also understands how to read and interpret Balance Sheets, P&Ls, and Cash Flow Statements. Having previously served in executive finance roles for Westfield and Lucky Strike Entertainment, David has the innate ability to communicate complicated financial analysis in a digestible manner.

David is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where he studied economics.





Dennis Baliton Director of Technology

Dennis Balaton is a Director of Technology with substantial experience as a software architect, applications developer and strategic product planner. His varied experience has helped him bridge the gap between idea and delivery. Dennis has been a hands-on web and mobile applications developer and successfully delivered an Over-The-Top (OTT) Streaming video platform.

Dennis’ eclectic background gives him a fresh point of view that is holistic and pragmatic. He studied Computer Science at California State University – Dominguez Hills.



Susan Brooker Director of Content Management and Distribution

Susan Brooker is experienced in designing, developing and implementing technical solutions for media and entertainment companies. During her career, she has delivered enterprise solutions using innovative technologies for companies such as Warner Bros, Universal Music, NBC Universal, and start-ups.  As the Director of Systems Operations at Warner Bros, her team won a Technical Emmy for the Digital End to End (DETE), a digital distribution software solution.

A University of California, Santa Barbara alumni with a double major in Business Economics and Environmental Studies. Susan has assisted organizations in decreasing their environmental impact through the usage of cutting-edge technologies.

As an advocate for STEAM programs, Susan volunteers her time working with youth groups such as Girl Who Code and Girls on the Run. While originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, she has acclimated to the California lifestyle. Her hobbies include paddle boarding, snowboarding, running, and yoga.


Tashion Macon, MBA, PhD Board Advisor

Tashion Macon has emerged as a modern-day marketing guru. Her visionary strategies have catapulted sales and brand awareness for iconic brands such as T-Mobile, Burger King, and MTV, NFL, NASCAR, and Microsoft/XBOX. As the Senior Manager of Partnerships and Promotions for T-Mobile, Macon successfully managed the NBA Entertainment partnership and spearheaded successful lifestyle and partnership programs for “The Academy Awards,” “Grammy Awards,” “Oprah,” “NBA,” “NFL,” “Sundance Film Festival,” MTV/Viacom, and all other network and cable media investments as well as evaluated the ROI/ROO of each.

Tashion actively participated in creating T-Mobile’s first-ever, multi-year Hispanic sport promotional partnership, exploding market share through sponsorship of the World Cup and an on-going $30MM+ program. Tashion launched her career in the music business of Antonio ‘LA’ Reid and Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds’ LaFace Records executing dynamic marketing campaigns for multi-platinum recording artists TLC, Toni Broxton, Usher, Outkast, and Pink. At Warner Strategic Marketing, Macon amplified partner product sales by more than l2O%. Macon went on to identify an underserved, burgeoning market for niche compilations and music anthologies targeting Christian/Faith-focused and affluent African American markets, exploding first-run sales by generating $10MM, and causing 2001 to be the most successful year in category history. Macon’s unique ability to identify talent and influence the music market turned artists such as Travis Barker, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, and The Black Eyed Peas into influential brands.

Tashion has successfully driven the ideation process, developed integrated and re-branding strategies, and negotiated partnerships for Fortune 100 companies as well as emerging brands across a myriad of highly competitive consumer categories, such as the Beverage category (PepsiCo Brands), Telecommunications (AT&T, T-Mobile USA), Financial (American Express), Apparel and Footwear (Timberland, Reebok, Victoria Secret PINK!, Lucky Brand), and Sports (U.S. Olympics, FIFA/World Cup, NFL, NBA, NASCAR). In addition, her commitment to social impact and social innovation via the partnership of celebrity culture and corporate social responsibility have given voice to the voiceless, placed megaphones in the hands of the masses, and leveraged celebrity social media platforms to inspire the citizen journalist for causes and missions that would otherwise be pressured into silence.


Kiana Madani Board Advisor

Iranian-American actress Kiana Madani has been acting, modeling and performing for nearly ten years. Born and raised in San Jose, California, Kiana partook in theatre productions locally and participated in acting classes in San Francisco. She has been in Los Angeles for five years and has worked on multiple TV pilots, national commercials and feature films amongst seasoned actors. Currently, you can watch her in the political drama THE PIRATES OF SOMALIA opposite Al Pacino, Evan Peters, Barkhad Abdi, and Melanie Griffith on Netflix.





Matthew Schuster, MBA Board Advisor

Matthew Schuster is a corporate strategy executive and venture investor, primarily focused on the Sports, Media and Entertainment industries. He is currently an Investor and Advisor in the Global Sports & Entertainment Business Academy, a start-up that provides programs for high school students to learn about careers in the sports and entertainment industries.

He is also a Virtual Mentor for Capital Factory, a venture accelerator and investment Fund for entrepreneurs in Texas. Previously, Matt was the Vice President of Corporate Strategy and M&A for Endeavor (formerly WME | IMG). In his role, Schuster identified and evaluated potential investment opportunities and worked across all divisions of the company to strategically optimize their businesses and develop new commercial venture opportunities.

Prior to joining Endeavor in 2013, Schuster worked at The Walt Disney Company, focusing on strategy, investments and business development in the sports, media, entertainment and consumer products sectors. He also has experience working in various positions in corporate strategy, business development and mergers & acquisitions at the National Football League, General Electric Company and Goldman, Sachs & Co.

A graduate of Indiana University, Schuster also earned an MBA from Columbia Business School. Originally from Fort Worth, TX, he currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Tara, son Grayson and dog Lucy.

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Movikarma website

A Show For A Change website


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