Meet Jasmine And Pitch Genius

Jasmine Foroutan is the Founder & CEO of Pitch Genius.

She has specialized in preparing early-stage startups for fundraising for the past six years. At Pitch Genius, they are on a mission to get you funded, which is why 42% of their clients have successfully raised.

Her career in Tech began by working directly with Angel Investors and self-educating on how to invest in early-stage startups. Her passion quickly evolved as she decided to transition to the founder-side of this equation and support them through a very challenging journey: fundraising.

The Right Story Will Open Doors

Jasmine will help clean your story and tailor it to the way investors want to hear it and understand it. This needs to be done before you start your fundraising campaign before you start meeting with investors.

Pitch Genius will help you with anything from creating and review your financial model, the pitch deck, to market sizing, etc. In other words, Jasmine will mentor you and prepare you for your meetings with future investors.

You need a pitch deck that tells the right story, or it will not do the right thing for you – in fact, if your pitch deck is not created properly it will close doors for you instead of opening them.

Tap Into Pitch Genius’s Network Of Investors

Pitch Genius’s help is much larger than only creating and reviewing your pitch deck.

When you work with Jasmine and her team, you will be utilizing her big network of professionals, advisors, lawyers – whatever your startup needs. Jasmine is there for you to help you navigate through your journey and see you funded.

The right pitch deck will open doors for you, but then you will need to be ready to work with the investors and close the deal. jasmine and her team will watch closely how the pitch deck converts to meetings with investors and help you customize and refine your story.

42% Success Rate!

The strategy, mentoring, and help that Pitch Genius offers to startups and startup founders obviously work incredibly well.

Their track record is amazing – 42% percent of Jasmine’s clients have successfully raised funds!

Not many companies, incubators, or accelerators that work with startups can claim such a high level of success. In the end, all it matters after all hard work is to receive the capital you need to build, sustain and expand your business.

Connect With Jasmine And Work With Pitch Genius

Website: https://www.pitchgenius.co/

Jasmine’s LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jasmine-foroutan/

Services by Pitch Genius: https://www.pitchgenius.co/?section=pricing-section

To book a call with Jasmine: https://www.pitchgenius.co/get-started

Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/pitchgenius_co?lang=en


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