PHENIUM Real-Time Monitoring Platform Aims To Increase Food Safety And Eradicate Foodborne Illnesses 


The existing legacy model for restaurant food safety was set before collaboration and ecosystem value chain models were possible at a large scale. Phenium platform disrupts the food safety industry at a systemic level by introducing ecosystem collaboration and turning food safety into an asset for the food service provider. To explain in more detail how Phenium platform works we need to look at it from two different levels:

Food service provider point of view:
Phenium is a cloud-based safety management platform that makes food safety simple. The primary focus is to digitalize restaurant food safety by using AI, IoT, AR, and blockchain technologies. With Phenium, there is no longer a need for onsite safety experts. Phenium allows foodservice providers to remotely monitor site performance in real-time and take immediate corrective actions. It also provides deep insight through analytics, scoring, and historical logs
that help food service providers to uncover inefficiencies. Phenium is a plug-and-play system, which is simple to install and simple to use. The pilot clients report that Phenium reduces safety compliance costs by over 50%, in addition, the Phenium community provides insurance price reductions, pulls information straight from social media on customer complaints, streams food safety scores directly to health officials, and provides data for customer communication.

Food safety ecosystem point of view:
Phenium platform collects and streams food safety data from food service providers, end-customers, and health officials. It creates an ecosystem for restaurants and other food service providers, health officials, end-customer social networks, and insurance companies.

Phenium food safety is co-created with the health authorities, food safety providers, end-customers, and insurance companies by sharing data. Health officials get real-time insight into restaurant safety performance and can save costs, insurance companies can identify high and low-risk customers and be more efficient, food service providers learn to be better at food safety and strengthen their brand, and end-customers become happier and healthier.

PHENIUM pitch deck

This is PHENIUM’s latest pitch deck. We have it here to help investors get to know this startup.

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PHENIUM pitch deck

Meet the team building PHENIUM

Meet the team that is damn stubborn and set to end foodborne illness.

Mårten (CEO, Co-founder) – 25 yrs of global safety performance & operations improvement expertise.
International Association of Food Protection Black Pearl Award winner 2014.

Marten Stenfors

Mårten (CEO, Co-founder) – 25 yrs of global safety performance & operations improvement expertise.
International Association of Food Protection Black Pearl Award winner 2014.


Juho (Head of Integration, Co-founder) – Development Expert. Serial app entrepreneur:25 launches.
Professional integrator and computer evangelist.

Sari Stenfors

Sari (Chairman of the Board, Co-founder) – Ph.D. in Business Technology: Blockchain, AI, and AR/VR.
Serial entrepreneur: Three exits and one IPO. Strategist, futurist. Impact work on disruptive societal
change for good: European Commission blockchain innovation fellow 2018.


Noah (Head of Business Development) –Business Development, Customer Success, and Implementation Expert. Broad US successful sales experience. Lead sales manager for a global pharmaceutical supply company.


Dan – global food safety process expert for Sodexo.

Charles – former head of Center of Disease Control food safety field operation.

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Svetlana Koleva · November 17, 2018 at 7:39 PM

I am sure Marten is aware of Martin Brower- McDonald’s largest distributor worldwide. Would be hard to believe if McDonald’s has not already invested in a similar food safety platform; however, you never know if the whole process has been covered in the same sophisticated way as presented by Marten in this video.

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