Our plan for 2022 is to have online pitching events every other week. We are currently organizing these events on Thursday evenings, usually starting at 6 PM PST.

At this event, we had 7 startups that we selected to pitch to our panel of investors.

To select a company to pitch at the event, we look for a few specific things.

First, we want to make sure that the company’s product or service, including the industry they are in, would align with the interests of our investors. The reason for that is obvious – maximize the time for the investors and for the startup founders. We don’t want to have for example very early-stage companies in the aerospace industry if our investors mostly cover e-commerce startups with customer traction and revenue.

Second, we look at the pitch deck and company descriptions. We request these documents from each startup and we notify them when they purchase their tickets.

We usually expect to receive the pitch decks and the descriptions two days before the event, so we can make the selection. Obviously, if the founders don’t submit a pitch deck or a description, they are not taking the pitching seriously enough and we disqualify such startups for the event.

If you are a startup that is looking to pitch at our events, please make sure that in addition to purchasing your ticket to pitch, you also send us your pitch deck and company description to contact@startupbrite.com.

The Pitching Process

We continue to keep our current process, as it seems to fit very well the needs of our startups and our investors.

We offer 5 minutes to the founders to pitch their startups to the investors, followed by a 5 minutes Q & A session. This way we make sure a startup has 10 minutes to present and discuss their startup with the investors.

After the startups are finished with their presentations, we move to the ‘breakout rooms’. Each of the investors is assigned to a breakout room and we assign startup founders to these rooms, based on their asks and on the occupation of these rooms. We make sure for example that investors are not getting overwhelmed.

Startups That Pitched At The January 20th Online Event

Saffron Rose

John Socol presents his startup – Saffron Rose

Saffron Rose is a group that formed about 1 year ago. How we arrived at Saffron was the result of a lot of research, and collaboration.

Peter Thiel’s advice is to “pick a small market and dominate it” to “build a monopoly as the market grows” because “competition is for losers”.

Who will be able to afford hand-picked food after automation?

I myself was a child Computer Wiz, who Came out to Silicon Valley 35 years ago to make my fortune, ended up working at Stanford for 5 1/2 years building hardware for cancer research.

At age 12, 1979 I had written a program for the New Jersey Buick Dealership association used to impress customers with “Computerize Price Quotes” done on a dot matrix printer and Tandy TRS80 Model 3. By 1990 I was streaming audio and video across the Stanford Campus and this led to me getting a contract with Sun MicroSystems in 1992 becoming the inventor of live Streaming Video and the first CDN.

For the last 12 years, I have been involved with the Hacker Dojo mentoring startups, solving technical challenges, and building robots.

In that time I was a founder of, in the founding teams, initial employees or advisor/mentor to literally 1000’s of companies.

Most never went anywhere, a few spotted, some really got traction. Here are the more noteworthy.

  • Livecam VideoTechnology Inc.
  • Anybots – Telepresence robots
  • Telepresence Robotics Corporation
  • RobotTerra $4M in sales in one year before Covod
  • Curiosity AI conferences 3 years in a row.
  • Doxel.ai $40M investment
  • Luminar Technologies, $3.4B IPO
  • www.kura.tech just won Best of CES 2022
  • www.Electricfish.co

Jake Vital worked on a previous startup that made a massive 2500 Square foot 360deg Green Screen Studio space in DownTown San Jose that I was involved with.

The new project Jake is involved with is called the Oasis Livermore. https://www.oasislivermore.com/ Oasis was founded by Chuk who owns 100 acres of farmland and retired after successfully building, running, and eventually selling his software company. Chuk has also been mentoring entrepreneurs and started the incubator.

The 4th member is my son William ( 21 ) who has a passion for game development teaching it for 3 years. I have been teaching him AI and Control systems and see being part of a successful venture as much better use of time than University.

Marpolere Treats

Marie Fryman presents her startup – Marpole Retreats

Marpole Retreats is for motivated individuals who want to have clear stepping stones towards their goals and a healthy body and mind to ensure they get there.

Based in British Columbia, Canada, Marpole is a health and wellness retreat with a twist. Unlike our competitors, we combine a relaxing vacation with an environment for you to grow and work on yourself. We are the only retreat simultaneously focusing on three core pillars of health and wellness; Relaxation, Activities, and Personal Development.

Marpole Retreats workshops and activities are carefully selected to provide guests with a holistic and transformative experience. Each coach is highly trained and experienced in their area, and able to help our guests bring out the best version of themselves whilst providing them with the tools to make lasting change.

Based in the heart of the great Canadian outdoors, guests can experience nature to its fullest. We complement this with activities such as yoga, art, and cooking classes to exercise different areas of the mind and body.

Our goal is that each guest leaves rejuvenated, full of energy and enjoyment, and confident they know what to do to reach their personal goals.

See the change. Feel the change. Be the change.

Learn more and book your stay at MarpoleRetreats.com.

Prothymos Technology

John Matthews presents his startup – Prothymos Technology

ProthymosTechnologies is a tech company that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of immersive entertainment enhancement technologies. The company will penetrate the market in the sales of a patented, ergonomically designed, VR compatible, complete entertainment enhancement platform created to help video gamers “AND” movie watchers get fully immersed in their game or movie. We call it the BARRAGE.

The Prothymos team has more than sufficient capability to take this metaverse changing innovation to market. Across the board, the Prothymos team has +30 years as gamers, +25 years in manufacturing, +20 years in financial management, and +10 years in marketing.

John Matthews, CEO/founder of Prothymos Technology, is the visionary and creator of the BARRAGE. John completed the Conscious Venture Lab’s Business Accelerator in 2021 and is currently finishing up the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps program for business. Prothymos has successfully taken the product to market. In late 2019, John released the E-BLESS APP, a P2P payment App, and successfully raised follow-on capital.

JetVideo Technologies

Henry Kraus presents his startup – JetVideo Technologies

Company Introduction

Founded in 2016 by Brandon Burr and Henry Kraus in Chicago, JetVideo Technologies is focused on the rapidly growing video communications space. Concentrating on video conferencing and webinar technology, JetVideo has put a lot of its past on developing the base technology to empower businesses on monetizing virtual events, virtual conferences, webinars, and online video streaming.

JetVideo technology has had over one million registered users, 260,000 attendees, and 124 million minutes of streamed content over the past five years. Our services have provided over $2 million in revenue generation activities for our clients.

While JetVideo remains focused on product development and operational efficiency to ensure client success, the base product and our operational model are now stable and ready for rapid customer growth.

Market Size and JetVideo’s Unique Position

Grand View Research is expecting an over 23% compound annual growth rate from 2020 to 2027, eventually achieving a market size of over $400 billion. This rapid growth was of course aided by the pandemic but is only expected to continue as companies look to virtualize their experiences for their customers as well as their staff.

JetVideo Technologies focuses on revenue generation for virtual events, which is done through selling access to live or pre-recorded events, ads and sponsorships of events, or hosting meetings and virtual conferences. JetVideo works closely with clients to provide tailored, custom solutions to meet their unique needs, as well as selling a SaaS solution through our brands, JetWebinar (which is more mid-market and enterprise-focused) and Business Hangouts (which is designed as an ‘all in one’ solution for our small business customers).

Virtual Events Market Size, Trans and Analysis Report, Grand View Research. https://www.grandviewresearch.com/ind….

JetVideo’s Target Clients

As JetVideo is focused on monetization, we are uniquely positioned to help Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams with their lead generation, sales, and customer engagement through live and pre-recorded webinars and events. Further, our platform is designed to provide special offers and can have polls, Q&A’s and chat boxes to further engage with the audience.

Engagement Tracking

Because of JetVideo’s positioning, we provide engagement tracking metrics down to the attendee level, along with how the overall engagement is going for the individual webinar. Since we are able to gauge whether an attendee watched the video, how many minutes they watched and when they dropped off, or if they stayed to the end, this provides valuable insight into the efficacy of the video content. The platform also tracks engagement on the platform, furthering the metrics gathered to provide valuable insights into the customer experience.

JetVideo’s Growth Plan

With the core product development complete, JetVideo is on an aggressive path to grow its’ customer base. We have started 2022 with an aggressive marketing plan and plans to increase our sales and operations teams to keep up with this demand. We would be happy to discuss this in detail with you.

What JetVideo needs

JetVideo’s plan for investment is to increase our sales and operations teams to be able to grow exponentially. We have put significant resources into increasing our operational effectiveness over the past year in order to be able to scale and grow as client demand increases.

JetVideo would be looking for a VC with experience in rapidly growing custom SaaS companies, providing strategic insight in order to continue to scale.

We look forward to discussing this further with you and thank you for your time.

Brandon Burr and Henry Kraus. Co-Founders, JetVideo Technologies. brandon@jetwebinar.comhkraus@jetwebinar.com


Dr. Justin Lancaster presents his startup – kwikBio

kwiKBio intends to introduce FastScience! Technology to accelerate systems science research, including biomedical research by more than a factor of 10. Imagine solving diseases, including aging, in 8 years rather than 80 years!

With four US patents protecting the online business method and automated research engine, kwiKBio is combining AI/ML, Web 3.0, n-d dynamic simulation, multiplayer cooperative gaming, and automated hypothesis generation into an e-learning gateway that will empower more than 100 M citizen scientists.

The problem that kwiKBio addresses and intends to solve are that biomedical research is too slow. 8 B human beings want to live longer, healthier lives free of disease and illness. We have put a man on the moon, split the atom to release nuclear power, discovered the Higgs boson, and have found billions of galaxies in the Universe, yet we still have not solved and cured the 10,000 diseases that plague human beings. This is the case despite the fact that humans are almost all the same in our basic functions.

Why is biomedical research so slow?

  • First, it is monopolized by a triad of industry, academia, and government, which limits the effort to only 2 M researchers who do not share the research with the public in any useful way.
  • Second, these researchers do a poor job of sharing their results with each other in a timely fashion, so that 1/3 of all research is redundant.
  • Third, negative results are rarely shared and another 1/3 of research results are erroneous.
  • Fourth, most pharma and biotech companies are chasing lucrative drugs aimed at only a small, profitable subset of the total range of diseases.
  • Fifth, there is a financial disincentive for the industry to actually eliminate a disease, owing to their revenues being derived from ongoing therapies aimed at coping with the disease.
  • Sixth, natural remedies nutritional therapies, and cures are overlooked because these cannot be owned by the industry.
  • Finally, the actual method by which professional researchers conduct their experiments is slow. They proceed slowly because they use slow methods to deduce the next hypothesis to test, slow methods to determine the experiment needed to test the hypothesis, and then follow a slow process of getting the experiment run and processing and sharing the results.

The solution to this problem is FastScience! ™

kwiKBio intends to deliver an innovative, patented method to the research community that can rapidly accelerate the pace of biomedical research, by more than a factor of 10. Image solving a disease in 8 years instead of 80 years!

The solution includes empowering more than 50 M citizen scientists, including students of all ages, to form research teams online and together find solutions using an automated research engine. The automated research engine (US Patent 10,311,442b1) combines the Semantic Web, machine learning, causal-network modeling, and graph-based inference. The engine identifies uncertainty in current knowledge and generates the most valuable hypotheses to test in order to advance knowledge rapidly. The crowd of citizen scientists will have access to more than 4000 contract research organizations worldwide that can test the hypotheses quickly. The growing knowledge assembly is made available instantly to the world in a graph database.

kwiKBio has identified an enormous market opportunity in the world of professional research (government, industry, and university) and in the public world of the citizen scientist and educational institutions broadly.

We have targeted an initial market segment of 27 M potential subscribers in gifted, home-schooled students and passionate citizen scientists. With 1% as paying subscribers at $8/month, our beachhead target is $25 M in recurring revenue (270,000 subscribers).

As the company expands to the full market of videogamers, home-schooled children, schools, and professional researchers, we believe we can attain 10 M subscribers and exceed $1 B in annual revenues, with the content value being built by the customers.

Apache Health

Sean McSweeney presents his startup – Apache Health

Apache Health is a healthcare prescriptive analytics and machine learning startup.

We develop analytics applications and aggregate and use financial (RCM revenue cycle management) data to increase revenue for healthcare providers.

Sean McSweeney is the founder and CEO of Apache Health. Prior to Apache, Sean was co-founder and President of Cobalt Health, a leading national revenue cycle management (RCM) company with over 125 FTEs.

Cobalt Health was acquired in 2015 by a private equity group doing a national roll-up of software and billing companies. Sean has almost two decades of experience in software development and technology enables services.

Prior to Cobalt Health Sean was Director at 4medica, a medical software company developing electronic medical records (EHR) and interoperability software. Sean holds an MBA with honors from the Columbia Graduate School of Business where he was a TA in statistics and decision models, as well as a bachelor’s degree with honors in computer engineering from Dartmouth College. Considered an expert in the industry on RCM analytics, he is a frequent speaker at conferences, webinars, and industry events like G2 Intelligence and the Healthcare Billing Management Association (HBMA) and has been quoted in publications including Modern Healthcare, Beckers, Part B News, Huffington Post, HFMA, and Medical Economics.

Arinder Suri is the acting CTO and lead developer. Arinder has served as CTO and CEO of several large software development firms including Taction Software and ASG Software. He is an expert in EMR/EHR development and implementation, HIE, HL7, and other integrations.


Cedric Hughes and Benjamin Skinner present their startup – GrapeVine

GrapeVine is a platform that allows users to organize and attend social events in a streamlined manner without social anxiety.

People want to spend time with one another but anxiety surrounding the facilitation of social events poses a crippling barrier to many people, especially ages 13-25.

People are stopped from facilitating an event because of fears of being rejected or looking desperate or feeling like they aren’t close enough with another person to initiate, compounded by difficulty in organization. As a result, people give up on organizing an event before they even begin.

At the same time, young people suffer from a fear of missing out on what others are doing and everyone has spent at least one night feeling lonely.

The current world is such that two individuals who would have loved to have spent time with one another spend a given night in and alone when they would have loved to have been with the other.

Our platform serves as a bridge between these individuals and works around the underlying social anxieties. Our platform allows users to create events shown to a specific group of people such as their friends, members of their college, or a hand-selected group of individuals who they want to spend time with. It is not public who was selected to view an event or, if the organizer chooses, who initially started the event. Someone can effectively invite someone to do something without having to invite them. Users can also browse and sign up for events created by friends and anonymously invite others to come to the event. The fear of facilitation and fear of missing out are both massively mitigated.

We want to create a world where nobody has to be scared, anxious, or sad about one of the most important parts of being human.

We are post-launch with over 14,000 users and quickly adding features.


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