Our plan for 2022 is to have online pitching events every other week. We are currently organizing these events on Thursday evenings, usually starting at 6 PM PST.

At this event, we had 7 startups that we selected to pitch to our panel of investors.

To select a company to pitch at the event, we look for a few specific things.

First, we want to make sure that the company’s product or service, including the industry they are in, would align with the interests of our investors. The reason for that is obvious – maximize the time for the investors and for the startup founders. We don’t want to have for example very early-stage companies in the aerospace industry if our investors mostly cover e-commerce startups with customer traction and revenue.

Second, we look at the pitch deck and company descriptions. We request these documents from each startup and we notify them when they purchase their tickets.

We usually expect to receive the pitch decks and the descriptions two days before the event, so we can make the selection. Obviously, if the founders don’t submit a pitch deck or a description, they are not taking the pitching seriously enough and we disqualify such startups for the event.

If you are a startup that is looking to pitch at our events, please make sure that in addition to purchasing your ticket to pitch, you also send us your pitch deck and company description to contact@startupbrite.com.

The Pitching Process

We continue to keep our current process, as it seems to fit very well the needs of our startups and our investors.

We offer 5 minutes to the founders to pitch their startups to the investors, followed by a 5 minutes Q & A session. This way we make sure a startup has 10 minutes to present and discuss their startup with the investors.

After the startups are finished with their presentations, we move to the ‘breakout rooms’. Each of the investors is assigned to a breakout room and we assign startup founders to these rooms, based on their asks and on the occupation of these rooms. We make sure for example that investors are not getting overwhelmed.

Startups That Pitched At The January 20th Online Event

Saffron Rose

John Socol presents his startup – Saffron Rose

The Saffron Rose community is a cutting-edge platform that was launched just about a year ago as a result of numerous study pursuits and cooperative undertakings.
Peter Thiel’s advice is to “pick a small market and dominate it” to “build a monopoly as the market grows” because “competition is a realm for losers.”.

Concerns naturally arise about the cost-effectiveness of carefully curated food amidst the food automation revolution.

My personal saga began as a tech-savvy young whiz who headed to Silicon Valley about 35 years ago with aspirations of amassing a fortune. Instead, I found myself involved in cancer research, piecing together hardware at Stanford for a period exceeding five years.

In the year 1979, at the young age of twelve, I developed a software program for the New Jersey Buick Dealership Association. It was aimed at enticing customers with “Computerized Price Quotes” that were processed on a dot matrix printer and a Tandy TRS80 Model 3. My journey led me to live streaming audio and video across the Stanford Campus, a project that had me contracted with Sun Microsystems by the year 1990. This allowed me to foster the development of live streaming video technology and to inaugurate the first-ever CDN.

Over the last twelve years, I’ve been involved in mentoring startups, tackling technically challenging tasks, and building robots at the Hacker Dojo.

During this period, I have been affiliated with the inception, primary development, or advisory roles for an impressive host of around 1,000 business ventures.

While the majority did not skyrocket, a few gained recognition with select enterprises enjoying significant success. Highlighted below are the most noteworthy:

  • Livecam VideoTechnology Inc.
  • Anybots – experts in Telepresence robots
  • Telepresence Robotics Corporation
  • RobotTerra, recording an incredible $4M in sales within a single year pre-covid
  • Curiosity AI conferences, consistently held for three consecutive years.
  • Doxel.ai $40M investment
  • Luminar Technologies, entering the market with a stunning $3.4B IPO.
  • www.kura.tech just won Best of CES 2022
  • www.Electricfish.co

Jake Vital, formerly a team member of a startup that built a sprawling 2500 square foot 360-degree Green Screen Studio space in downtown San Jose. I had the privilege of contributing to this project.

Presently, Jake is concentrating on a venture named Oasis Livermore. https://www.oasislivermore.com/ Oasis is the creation of Chuk, owner of a 100-acre farm, successful software business owner, and now a retiree. Chuk also regularly offers mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs and initiated a nursery for burgeoning businesses.

Working alongside this team is my son William, a 21-year-old devotee of game development who has been educating others in that domain for the past three years. Of late, I have been directing him in the fields of AI and Control systems in the hopes that engaging in a fruitful venture would be a more valuable use of his time than a conventional university education.

Marpolere Treats

Marie Fryman presents her startup – Marpole Retreats

Welcome to Marpole Retreats, where we aim to provide a safe haven for the ambitious souls who are seeking ways to march towards their dreams with improved health and mental clarity.

Perfectly cradled in the breathtaking vistas of British Columbia, Canada, Marpole Retreats emerges as more than just a health and wellness avenue. We proudly offer an all-inclusive experience that expertly fuses the tranquillity of a vacation and a setting that fosters self-enhancement. Our retreat structure uniquely underscores the three critical pillars of health and wellness – Relaxation, Activities, and Personal Development, setting us apart from the competition.

At Marpole Retreats, we offer a tailored selection of wellness workshops and activities designed to provide a comprehensive and transformational encounter for our guests. Our team of experienced coaches are skilled in their fields and ready to bring out the best in our attendees by arming them with the tools required to manifest enduring improvements.

Immersed in the peaceful grandeur of the Canadian wilderness, Marpole offers the bewitching charm of undiluted nature. Coupled with this is a host of stimulating activities that include yoga, art workshops, and culinary classes, devised to ignite different aspects of the mind and body.

Our ambition is to ensure every individual leaves our retreat feeling revitalized, brimming with zeal and joy, and equipped with a deeper comprehension of the roadmap to their personal dreams.

Witness the transformation. Experience the metamorphosis. Embody the transformation.

For more information and to secure your place, visit MarpoleRetreats.com.

Prothymos Technology

John Matthews presents his startup – Prothymos Technology

John Matthews is at the helm of the tech startup, Prothymos Technology, a company distinct in its sector. Its niche is in the ideation, execution, and offering of advanced technology to enhance interactive entertainment. The firm is on the brink of making waves in the tech industry with its VR co-compatible, innovative technology gadget known as “BARRAGE”. This groundbreaking device is set to redefine gaming “AND” movie-viewing experiences, plunging users into a world of their preferred entertainment.

The Prothymos Technology group possesses more than just substantial industry experience upon which their venture relies. The team’s credentials involve over three decades as committed gamers, more than two and a half decades of commercial production, in excess of two decades in financial management intricacies, and over ten years in marketing.

The driving spirit behind Prothymos Technology is its creator and CEO, John Matthews. He is the ingenious mind guiding BARRAGE, showcasing his entrepreneurial prowess by wrapping up the Conscious Venture Lab’s business accelerator in 2021. Currently, he is on the verge of finalizing the esteemed National Science Foundation’s I-Corps program for businesses. His steadfast commitment towards ushering the company’s product from blueprint to marketplace is commendable. In addition to this, Matthews is notable for successfully introducing the E-BLESS APP, a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment application, in 2019, which managed to garner subsequent funding. His keen yearning for innovation, twinned with his startup stand-out technical offerings, is prompting a metamorphosis for Prothymos Technology in the metaverse. This exciting transformation is a captivating prospect for gaming enthusiasts and movie fans alike.

JetVideo Technologies

Henry Kraus presents his startup – JetVideo Technologies

Company Introduction

Pioneered by visionaries Brandon Burr and Henry Kraus in the bustling city of Chicago in 2016, JetVideo Technologies has consistently polished its line-up in the dynamic field of video communications. Always at the cutting-edge of video conferencing and webinar technological advances, JetVideo has channeled significant resources to solidify the base technology, and their endeavours are positioning them as revolutionaries for businesses aiming to profit from virtual conferences, webinars, online video streaming, and virtual events.

Over the course of the last half-decade, JetVideo’s groundbreaking technology has attracted over one million registered users. With 260,000 participants under its belt and an impressive 124 million minutes of broadcasted content, its services have successfully raked in over $2 million in revenue for clients.

While JetVideo relentlessly pursues operational efficiency and product innovation, their gaze remains firmly set on an emerging wave of customer growth, following validation of their business model and confirmation of their product line’s success and stability.

Market Size and JetVideo’s Unique Position

Research by Grand View anticipates the industry will experience a compound annual growth rate exceeding 23% from 2020 to 2027, ultimately surpassing a market worth of $400 billion. Even though the global pandemic served as an accelerator for this upswing, the outlook continues to be promising as an increasing number of businesses opt to digitize experiences for clients and employees.

JetVideo Technologies is primarily committed to amplifying income generation from virtual events. This goal is realized through selling access to live and pre-recorded broadcasts, capitalizing on ads and event sponsorships, or administering web meetings and virtual conferences. In order to cater to the varied requirements of their clients, JetVideo offers bespoke solutions paired with a Software as a Service (SaaS) option through their associated brands, JetWebinar and Business Hangouts. The latter targets medium to large-scale organizations and small businesses respectively.

Virtual Events Market Size, Trans and Analysis Report, Grand View Research. https://www.grandviewresearch.com/ind….

JetVideo’s Target Clients

JetVideo, leveraging their specialized know-how in monetization, places them in a unique position to assist Sales teams, Marketing teams, Customer Success teams in lead generation, product selling, and improving customer interaction via live and pre-recorded webinars and events. Their platform offers special deals, polls, Q&As, and chat areas to enrich interactive experiences with the audience.

Engagement Tracking

Thanks to their strategic alignment, JetVideo successfully delivers extensive engagement tracking, compiling metrics for individual attendees as well as a collective summary of each event’s involvement rates. Monitoring viewer activity, like video viewing length, viewer departures, and stay until the end, offers crucial readings into the effectiveness of the video content. Extra metrics based on engagement with the platform play a role in refining the customer journey.

JetVideo’s Growth Plan

Upon successfully reaching key product development targets, JetVideo plans to markedly inflate its customer base. The year 2022 has begun with a bold marketing scheme and a mission to strengthen their sales and operations teams to meet the ever-increasing demand.

What JetVideo needs

JetVideo’s expansion strategy centres around scaling up their operations and sales teams to match the predicted rapid growth. In the previous year, they have heavily invested in enhancing operational efficiency to prime themselves for potential escalation and growth as client demand surges.

In their hunt for a venture capitalist, JetVideo is interested in partnering with an investor who brings a rich track record in nurturing high-speed growth in niche SaaS companies and can provide strategic advice to stimulate continuous scaling.

We are eagerly anticipating progressing the conversation with you and deeply value your interest and time.

Brandon Burr and Henry Kraus. Co-Founders, JetVideo Technologies. brandon@jetwebinar.comhkraus@jetwebinar.com


Dr. Justin Lancaster presents his startup – kwikBio

With an ambitious goal to boost systems science research, including biomedical studies, kwikBio is ready to exploit the power of FastScience! Technology. Conceived by Dr. Justin Lancaster, this innovative approach seeks to speed up research efforts by tenfold, targeting diseases, aging inclusive, in a short span of eight years.

A blend of four American patents forms the backbone of kwikBio’s fast-forward approach, ensuring the protection of their online business framework and stand-alone research engine. A combination of AI/ML, Web 3.0, n-d dynamic simulation, multiplayer cooperative gaming, and automated hypothesis creation enables kwikBio to launch an e-learning portal set to engage over 100 million potential citizen scientists.

The pace at which modern-day biomedical research proceeds is glacial, and kwikBio aims to tackle this hurdle in a world where 8 billion people desire to live healthily and disease-free. Astonishingly, even with spectacular feats like space journeys, nuclear energy, the Higgs boson discovery, and the identification of numerous galaxies, humanity is still haunted by over 10,000 diseases, despite our collective similarities.

The main barriers to Biomedical Research:

  • First, the predominant obstacle is an industry monopoly, controlled rigidly by the triumvirate of academia, corporations, and government. This arrangement limits the efforts to only 2 million professional researchers, with their discoveries largely remaining out of public reach.
  • Second, Moreover, the lack of open collaboration and timely sharing of results leads to repetitive research, which represents a third of all investigations.
  • Third, the reluctance to divulge unsuccessful results and the surprising prevalence of deceiving research outcomes exacerbate the issue.
  • Fourth, Pharma and biotech industries’ preoccupation with developing profitable treatments for a small, profit-generating subset of diseases is an additional blockade.
  • Fifth, their financial incentives, derived from ongoing treatments rather than curing diseases, further curtail progress.
  • Sixth, Another hindrance is the industry’s apathy towards investigating natural treatments and dietary therapies, to which they cannot lay any claim.
  • The final constraint lies in the agonizingly slow methods utilized by professional researchers in formulating hypotheses, conducting experiments, and sharing results.

The solution to this problem is FastScience! ™

kwikBio is geared to introduce an innovative, patented mode of operations to the research fraternity. This proposal endeavors to elevate the velocity of biomedical research by over tenfold, aspiring to eradicate diseases in under a decade rather than painfully long 80 years.

Their groundbreaking strategy involves recruiting over 50 million citizen scientists of various ages to create online research cohorts. Utilizing an automatic research engine (US Patent 10,311,442b1), these teams can harness the potential of the Semantic Web, machine learning, causal network modeling, and graph-based conclusions. This engine uncovers existing gaps in knowledge, prompting critical hypotheses for fast-paced scientific progress. The global citizen science community will be at liberty to solicit over 4000 contract research organizations for swift hypothesis confirmation. The continually expanding knowledge base is promptly available via a graph database.

kwikBio identifies a vast market opportunity within both professional research environments (government, industry, and university) and public domains, encompassing citizen scientists and broader educational settings.

KwikBio’s primary market consists of 27 million potential users, comprising prodigious students, homeschooled pupils, and zealous citizen scientists. By successfully securing 1% of these as paying subscribers at $8/month, kwikBio aims for a steady annual revenue of $25 million (270,000 subscribers).

As they broaden their horizon to engage video gamers, traditional education systems, and additional professional researchers, kwikBio forecasts a subscriber pool of 10 million, equating to annual revenues surpassing $1 billion. This remarkable accomplishment is further fortified by contributions from users in the form of content.

Apache Health

Sean McSweeney presents his startup – Apache Health

Apache Health is a progressive forward-thinking startup in the arena of healthcare prescriptive analytics and machine learning.

The primary endeavor of the company is the creation of refined analytics applications, coupled with capitalizing on financial data within the broader context of RCM revenue cycle management. The goal is to foster a substantial revenue increase for healthcare service providers.

Sean McSweeney, recognized for his vast expertise in software development and tech-based services, is the architect and CEO of Apache Health. Prior to birthing Apache, he played a pivotal role in co-founding and serving as President of Cobalt Health, a respected national-level company focusing on revenue cycle management (RCM). The company boasted an impressive team of over 125 dedicated full-time employees.

Cobalt Health, notable for its comprehensive software and billing options, was acquired by a private equity group in 2015 as a part of an overarching consolidation of software and billing-focused businesses. Sean’s vast experience spanning close to two decades in the software and technology services sector is a treasure trove of invaluable knowledge and expertise.

Before ascending to the role of director at Cobalt Health, Sean contributed as a director at 4medica, an establishment committed to electronic health records (EHR) and interoperability software’s progress. His exceptional academic record includes an MBA from the esteemed Columbia Graduate School of Business and a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Dartmouth College, both attained with honors. As a respected expert in RCM analytics, Sean is a sought keynote speaker at numerous conferences, online seminars, and industry events, including G2 Intelligence and the Healthcare Billing Management Association (HBMA). Sean’s articulate thoughts and ideas have found their way into respected publication like Modern Healthcare, Beckers, Part B News, Huffington Post, HFMA, and Medical Economics.

Arinder Suri holds the critical responsibility of the acting CTO and chief developer at Apache Health. Prior to this, he led as a CTO and CEO at several notable software companies, including Taction Software and ASG Software. He carries an in-depth comprehension of EMR/EHR development and execution, HIE, HL7, and various other integrations.


Cedric Hughes and Benjamin Skinner present their startup – GrapeVine

A pioneering platform has been introduced by ‘GrapeVine’, which smoothly facilitates event creation and participation, while concurrently reducing associated social anxieties that could occur.

There exists an escalating need among people for shared enjoyable experiences. Nevertheless, social anxiety has become an immensely disruptive hindrance for many, specifically for those between 13 to 25 years old looking to organize social gatherings.

Common concerns, such as fear of rejection, seeming desperate, or persisting doubts about lack of intimacy with others, coupled with event organizing hassles, often deter people. Hence, many forfeit their plans of putting together an event even before they have made a start.

Simultaneously, the younger generation often confronts the fear of missing out (FOMO) on social happenings, leading to lonely evenings.

The result of these fears is that two individuals who may have significantly enjoyed each other’s company, end up spending their night alone.

GrapeVine, our platform, steps in as a bridge between these individuals, skillfully identifying and navigating through these dormant social anxieties. It enables users to formulate events visible to a particular group – this might be their tight-knit friends, college associations, or even a selectively picked community having shared interests. Our platform’s specialty is that it doesn’t reveal the guest list or even the organizer’s identity, if preferred. It essentially enables users to invite without directly issuing invitations. Additionally, users can scroll through events planned by their friends, commit to joining them, and anonymously invite others, thereby reducing the apprehension of hosting an event or the worry of exclusion.

GrapeVine’s primary goal is to eliminate fear and forge a global environment where no one experiences angst, apprehension, or sorrow concerning social interaction, one of the fundamental aspects of human life.

As a newly launched startup, we are thrilled to share that we have garnered over 14,000 users on our platform and are consistently enhancing its features to improve the user’s experience.


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