AsterionDB Is Solving The Problem Of Storing Unstructured Data In А Modern Way

Meet AsterionDB

AsterionDB is a horizontally aligned platform company with patented, paradigm-changing technology and multi-billion dollar potential.  AsterionDB has invented and patented the technology that does away with the traditional hierarchical file-system – a 50+-year-old technology standard.

Patent #9,740,799 was awarded for the technology that enables the streaming of media and other content types from relational databases.

Patent #10,089,315 has been granted to the technology that enables files based programs to access unstructured data within a database as if it were a file.

AsterionDB has merged the storage, manipulation, and access of both structured and unstructured data with a relational database.  This unification of data brings cost savings to the end-user in the form of increased security and data availability, decreased complexity and simplification of systems.

The security angle is easy to understand.  If all of your PDFs and other documents are stored within a database and there are no more files in your directories – how does a hacker find information to steal?  How does a virus or ransomware find files to infect when there are none in the directories anymore.  AsterionDB has brought about an architectural change to the basic fundamental ways we store user-data in our directories that presents a new and unprecedented challenge to the present cyber-security threat landscape.

There is hardly an application in use today that do not utilize both structured and unstructured data.  This basic fact underpins AsterionDB’s impact as a horizontal platform company.  We have innovative technology that can have an impact across industries and platforms.  Our innovations are driving the creation of additional, unique Intellectual Property; inventions that have only come about as a result of the demands and opportunities presented by the AsterionDB platform.

AsterionDB pitch deck

This is AsterionDB latest pitch deck. It is available for download by investors and other startup founders. Please review and use this information to contact Steve and his team.

AsterionDB Pitch Deck

Meet the team building AsterionDB


Mr. Guilford has over 36 years of experience as a software analyst, engineer, and systems integrator. Steve has over 34 years of experience working with the Oracle Database.

Mr. Guilford invented the technology that enables the streaming of media (HD video, audio, images, PDFs, etc) from SQL enabled relational databases – U.S. Patent # 9,740,779.

Mr. Guilford invented and has applied for patents to cover the technology that essentially turns a relational database into a virtual file system.

Together, these core innovations are being used to enable relational databases to effectively manage, secure, manipulate and serve unstructured data. This removes one of the most vexing shortcomings that SQL databases encounter – a fundamental inability to properly handle unstructured data.

Mr. Guilford works primarily with the following technologies:
Operating Systems – Linux, Windows, Macintosh
Databases – Oracle, Postgres
Programming Languages – C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, PL/SQL, PgPL/SQL, JavaScript

Mr. Guilford has a wealth of prior expertise that has informed and guided him in his present endeavor. With 4 decades of experience, he is extremely qualified with a unique ability to absorb and comprehend a wide range of technologies and disciplines utilized within the software industry.

In the 1990s Mr. Guilford was the Founder and CEO of Minglewood Data Systems (later Database Plugins). Mr. Guilford created SQL*VOX, an IVR/ACD platform. This technology was revamped in 2007 and subsequently lead to the development of the technology currently being deployed by AsterionDB.

Mr. Guilford has held support contracts for SQL*VOX with major customers such as TRW, The Cleveland Clinic, University of Illinois, Wyeth-Ayerst Pharmaceuticals, Hargray Telecommunications among others. Some of these support contracts were in place for over 15 years!

Mr. Lesniewski has over 20 years of experience as software development and system integration consultant. Having worked for companies sized from Fortune 100 to two-person startups, located on most continents, in industries from health care to industrial manufacturing and running systems ranging from highly standardized to extensively customized, Paul is uniquely qualified to build diverse platforms with demanding requirements as well as integrate with legacy environments.
He has participated significantly in the free and open-source community for much of his career, which has provided him with a unique insight about tools and methodologies and a broad-ranging exposure to the security industry.
Paul is an enthusiastic advocate of a clean and concise organization of code, data, and process, where relational databases play an important and powerful role. He is optimistic that forward-thinkers will see the revolutionary proposition that AsterionDB technology represents, both in terms of data management as well as the profound security improvements that are implicit in abandoning the file system.

Learn more about AterianDB

AterianDB website: https://www.asteriondb.com/



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