ur recent collaboration with Tech Coast Angels sprung from our respect for their impactful contribution in the startup sphere in Southern California. We made the decision to acquaint the StartupBrite audience with this organization. We teamed up with delegates from Tech Coast Angels’ LA division, and are anticipating their attendance at our upcoming digital startup pitch meet scheduled for September, 23th.

Tech Coast Angels

Tech Coast Angels (TCA) are among the most respected angel investor groups in the country, having backed innovating businesses since 1997. They primarily focus on identifying and backing game-changing startups at an early stage, assisting their concept-driven solutions in reaching a wider market. TCA provides not just fiscal support but also advice and connections to a vast partnership network.

In the year 2021, Tech Coast Angels had more than 450 members, comprising experienced top-tier executives, creators and owners of successful startups, highly placed managerial personnel, active and retired business pioneers, investors, academic intellectuals, among many other professionals. Although rooted in Southern California, the group invests in promising ventures across the nation, focusing on sectors such as:

  • Medtech
  • Consumer software
  • Pharma/Biotechnology
  • Internet of Things 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Fintech
  • EdTech 
  • other similar markets

From its inception, the Tech Coast Angels have funneled above $230 million towards nearly 500 corporations and have played a part in procuring above $2.1 billion in additional funding/follow-up investment rounds, primarily from VC firms.

  • In 2019, the angel investor group pushed more than $19.1 million into 52 entities.
  • In 2020, the investments surpassed $19.5 million, disbursed among 64 initiatives.

In the latest iteration of the Halo Report, Tech Coast Angels (TCA) was acknowledged as a national frontrunner, securing a prestigious second place based on the volume of sponsored ventures. This rank is a testament to TCA’s successful track record drawn from both individual investments made by its members and capital allocation through its three concurrently operating regional funds.

TCA operates through a network of four closely-integrated regional subgroups located within the southern precincts of California, namely Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and the Inland Empire. Every one of these regional networks conducts bimonthly evaluation forums where entrepreneurs present their ground-breaking propositions to TCA members assembled for the session.

Staking its claim as an active player in the startup ecosystem, TCA makes regular appearances at related engagements, ranging from conferences and networking mixers, to entrepreneurship competitions and various venture capital gatherings. TCA often steps up as a sponsor for numerous such events. Through their strategic ties with leading educational institutions in Southern California, startup incubators, business accelerators, as well as being a part of the Angel Syndication Network, TCA can tap into potential commercialization opportunities. Moreover, this gives them access to a fundamental analytical toolkit that helps in spotting viable investment paths. Further, TCA enjoys a mutually beneficial connection with most of the key economic development organizations in Southern California, often supplying invaluable assistance to their portfolio enterprises.


Website: https://www.techcoastangels.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/techcoastangels/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/techcoastangels


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