Healora Helps You Save Up To 70% On Healthcare Procedures

Meet Healora

Healora helps employers and patients save up to 70% on outpatient healthcare procedure costs by eliminating the administrative middle layers.

Physicians name their DirectPay price so they know exactly what they will be paid. Employers and patients know what they are going to pay.

Healora is a Direct Pay network that lets physicians make a soft transition to cash without violating their other contracts.

Healora’s patented SaaS platform saves employers $1 million per year on outpatient medical procedures.

Physicians are paid their full fees. Employers and patients save 50-70%.  Everyone wins except the insurance, coding and billing companies.

Healora’s transaction-based revenue averages $500 per procedure.

Healora has over 100 doctors registered and a dozen surgery centers. We are raising funds to complete marketing in our LA-based pilot.

Healora pitch deck

Healora Pitch Deck

Meet the team building Healora

Thomas Farmer

• Successfully owned, managed and exited multiple businesses

• Financial sales background








Parshant Jain

• 15 years tech consulting with Fortune 500 firms

• Co-founded and exited telemedicine company

• FoundedA.I. application for email and chatbot

• MBA, MD (India)







Julian Hemley
M.D Co-Founder

• Double board certified surgeon

• Yale, clinical staff

• MIT, engineering

• Harvard, physics/mathematics

• Healthcare startup







Learn more about Healora

Website:  www.healora.com

Twitter:   @Healora

LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/thomasafarmer

HealthTalks Blog:  https://www.healora.com/healthtalks

HealthTalks Podcast:  https://soundcloud.com/health-talks/

Youtube – Q&A w/CEO:  http://bit.ly/Q_and_A_with_CEO

Youtube – What Is Healora?  http://bit.ly/What-Is-Healora

Instagram:  www.instagram/Healora_directpay




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