Gitential Introduces Analytics For GIT Repositories

Meet Gitential

Gitential is Analytics for Software Development. Software development is hard to measure thus to this day there is no universally accepted KPIs – it is, in fact, the last corporate function without those.

The founders of Gitential are former non-tech and engineering managers and lacked transparency into software development workflows – either because of the high number of organizational levels, too many direct reports, geographically dispersed teams or outsourcing. This is why they created a dashboard for tracking effort, efficiency, utilization, teamwork, and code complexity – similar metrics to those of Google Analytics for tracking visitors and conversions but Gitential takes its data from git repository logs unutilized until now. Gitential’s vision is to create an objective measurement and feedback system that motivates developers to perform better at individual, team, and company levels.

Gitential’s pitch deck

Please review Gitential’s latest pitch deck. We put it here to help investors get more familiar with Gitential. Startup founders may find it interesting and educational to see it too.

Gitential Pitch Deck

Meet the team building Gitential

Zoltan is a tech entrepreneur in Los Angeles originally from Europe, who has established and led a Google country office for 4 years, then founded a horizontal buy & sell marketplace, which became a market leader under his management. Zoltan also has experience in digital transformation: he has been instrumental in making one of the leading global marketplace operators (Schibsted) a Tech and Product focused organization by developing its global Product and Marketing Strategy. Zoltan is currently co-founder and CEO of the B2B SaaS software development platform Gitential aimed at making software development more transparent, measurable, and thus more productive.

Learn more about Gitential

Please visit Gitential’s website. Gitential offers free accounts for all open-source projects! They also offer good starting points for startups. This is a company oriented to help other companies improve their software development process and if you are a tech startup this is a great offer to take advantage of.

Here are some useful links:

Homepage: https://gitential.com/

Blog: http://blog.gitential.com/

GitHub Marketplace: https://github.com/works-with/category/new-noteworthy

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gitential

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gitential


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