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Meet RentPae

RentPae provides financial services with the integration of technology to improve operational efficiency, and personal finances and provide flexible spending power in the pockets of customers and businesses.

The RentPae team’s vision is to provide hassle-free credit, financial improvement, and smart investments with
technological advancement which brings complete financial freedom for individuals.

Problems RentPae Is Solving

The current residential and commercial lease/rental payments are paid monthly on a predecided date by landlords/owners but the income frequency of a low to an average-income population of the tenants are either weekly, or bi-weekly based on their jobs, professions, and businesses. This sort of an arrangement or gap between the payments and income resulted in:
• Lack of payment convenience
• Unbalanced Cashflows and impact on financial stability
• Late fees and other payment obligations
• Increase in tenant’s liability and impact on credit ratings.

Low to average-income households and immigrants are usually impacted with creditability issues because of less to no credit scores in some cases (immigrants) and find difficulty in renting properties. If they can lease/rent a property they required huge deposits. (Month or two-month rent amount.)

Immigrants and migrants usually face a risk of online scams and fraud when renting a new property while on the other hand, landlords and owners face screening processes, liability issues, and lease violations while renting the property which is one of the major concerns in Real Estate rental markets.

Proposed Solution And Product

RentPae is a product that provides a solution for all the above-mentioned problems. The product offers
following services to tenants and landlords:

  1. Provides installment rental payment solution which pays landlord/ owner on behalf of tenants.
    The company provides service to pay tenants at their convenience schedule during the month
    while providing a deferral payment option for up to two-week payments during the financial
    hardship, migration, or a loss of income for a certain period which enhances the creditability,
    improve cashflows, prevent monetary liability, and avoid late payments.
  2. Applicant/tenant can avail of products &services to get partial deposits for renting a new
    property. This will help to shred the burden for deposits and also provide a better reach for
    leasing/rental properties for tenants.
  3. Landlords/owners partner with the company or are in reach because tenant applications can
    take advantage of screening processes, prevent or minimize liability issues and lease violation
    for those tenants who have availed of the RentPae services. The tenants (residents, migrants, and
    immigrants) also avoid the risk of scams and fraud in case of leasing/renting a new property
    within the United States as verified identification processes for both parties are involved in
    processing the payments.

RentPae Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck

Meet The Team Building RentPae

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Abhinav Jain is the founder and CEO of Anant Financial Corp. He is a Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) and has global entrepreneurial experience across multiple industries. He came to the United States in 2017 to pursue his second Master’s and graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Master’s in Financial Risk Management. Abhinav is a business enthusiast and actively participates in philanthropic activities around the globe. He is a visionary individual who wants to solve practical problems.

General Counsel (GC)

Matt Goldberg serves as our General Counsel. Matt has represented high-growth companies for over 20 years, including several years as a public company GC.  Matt’s experience and judgment help the company manage its legal and compliance resources to grow and scale smartly and effectively.  Matt is a graduate of George Washington Law School (JD) and the University of Pennsylvania (BS, Economics). Matt lives in the SF Bay Area and enjoys time outside whenever possible with his family and dogs.

Chief Marketing Officer

Sarvesh Pancholi serves as our Chief Marketing Officer. He is a young entrepreneur who successfully exits from his first company “SCHOOL SECURITY” at the age of 19, which provides ethical hacking and administration. After that, he started “DIGIHAKK” and become a Digital Marketing Guru, keynote speaker at universities in India, and influencer with expertise in marketing and data security. He has over eight years of experience in Audience analysis and Strategy Building for Brands and Startups. In 2020 he was Featured in Deccan Chronicle and Asian Age.

Sarvesh likes to explore and keep updated with new emerging technology and is passionately involved in exploring and creating new products and strategies for the market.

Advisor (Strategy & Risk)

Benjamin M. Saul serves as our Advisor and provides his advisory service as the CEO of Glendale Glroup LLC. He has represented as an attorney for Financial Service companies and Banks for over 20 years and advised companies in the FinTech, consumer finance, specialty finance, payments, and banking sectors on high-stakes regulatory, enforcement, litigation, and transactional matters. He is a Plug & Play mentor since 2017 and a shareholder in GT firm’s Financial Regulatory and Compliance Practice. Ben is a graduate of American University (JD) and the University of Pennsylvania (B.A.)

Ben lives in Washington DC and like to read books and spend time advising startup and founders. He loves to spend whatever time possible with his lovely wife and beautiful kids.


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