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Recruiting is competitive. Think of all the other athletes out there wanting a chance to play their sport at the college level. Recruits need to find ways to stand out. College coaches are going to be more interested in athletes who have been actively reaching out to them and are knowledgeable about their program.

The athletic recruiting process is time-consuming, confusing, and very difficult if one doesn’t know where to start. An online recruiting profile is very important to have college coaches view academic and athletic abilities. UnderRecruited Preps connects student-athletes to college coaches and teaches them about the athletic recruiting process.

So, think LinkedIn for sports. There are coaches and student-athletes looking to get connected online. And UnderRecruited Preps provides the ability to do so under one platform.


The web is transforming our lives. LinkedIn has created a platform for business professionals to get connected. Facebook has allowed you to manage your social life. We see a huge problem and opportunity around athletes being able to manage their sports lives from connecting with college coaches, knowing if they are academically going to quality, and test prep for the ACT/SAT.

Francis is a former college football player. Something that he passionately went through himself. UnderRecruiting Preps is helping THOUSANDS of student-athletes match with college coaches and reach their goals of playing in college.

Solution #1:

Athletes can build their recruiting resumes through our site. They can add athletic information, academic information, stats, offers, recruiting videos and contact information. All the information college coaches want to see.

College Matching Technology

The matching technology has two filters. Filter #1 is the SAT and ACT. A lot of student-athletes don’t know not only do they need to qualify; they have to also be accepted into the institutions. With this technology, athletes are matched with colleges based on their test scores. Filter #2 is school size. Everybody is different. I may like a large college with 15,000 students. While others might want something smaller with smaller class sizes. They are able to match with colleges that fit their criteria’s.

Solution #2 

ACT/SAT LESSONS/QUIZZES: We also provide ACT/SAT test prep for student-athletes

Each lesson is less than 5 minutes long and contains examples. After the lesson, there is a short quiz so students can practice the strategies they have learned. All quizzes contain immediate feedback including a video explanation, audio explanation, and a written explanation.

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