Our Second Interview With Hassan

This is our second interview with Hassan Bash. We met Hassan about a year ago. You should review his previous interview and read more about Hassan on his profile description in our previous post.

In this current interview, we found many common interests and goals that can be applied to and help startups. Hassan has slightly pivoted his set of services since our conversation last year and he is introducing a new concept in this interview.

In addition to his digital presence and SEO services, Hassan now offers coaching to business owners. He is aiming to close the gap he found between the marketing process and system workflows efficiencies. In other words, he is helping people get to the point they are ready to utilize and benefit from a marketing company and marketing campaigns.

Hassan discovered that a lot of the businesses he was hired to do marketing for, were lacking processes and workflows to support the marketing campaign. As a result, many business owners were spending money inefficiently and weren’t seeing the result they should have.

Any well-designed and executed marketing campaign needs to be supported by underlying workflows and if they are not there, as a business owner you end up wasting time and money. In many cases, the result is frustrated customers and an overall long-term negative impact on the business.

Hassan relied on data to help business owners and to improve business processes and productivity. He works with the team to create “the mindset of flow” – clarity and health flow, which affects your productivity flow.

Productivity represents systems and your day-to-day life – everything you do has an effect on your journey. That includes the fact that for example making money influences back your flow.

Please make sure you listen to the whole interview so you have a better understanding of the explanation of “the mindset of flow” – a very powerful concept and incredible tool to help any business owner review his/her current position and expectations.

Hassan is currently focusing on consulting and coaching and can offer startups expertise on building their immediate 90-day plan to achieve clarity and build on their goals.

How To Connect With Hassan And Take Advantage Of His System

Find out more on BashRevenue website.

Connect with Hassan on LinkedIn.


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