RITZI was founded in the middle of the Covid pandemic. The owner and CEO Kai Stubbe had noticed the loss of a lifestyle each of us had known for decades: That shopping is an experience fostering a culture of togetherness. RITZI, as a global live-shopping platform, gives this togetherness a new chance by providing a platform and products where brands/shops/enterprises can go live in a matter of minutes. It’s lightning-fast, it’s easy to use, and it’s as social as a platform can be.

Today, everyone still has childhood memories of wandering through a shopping mall or large department store holding their parent’s hand, immediately surrounded by bags, shoes, and perfume. Everyone knows the feeling of wanting to sprint off just to explore the toy department. The lovely sales assistants were always there, helping the parents, entertaining the siblings, and handing out the voluminous shopping bags at checkout. All that has been successively and irreversibly lost in the last 20 years, especially the previous two: Online shopping has pushed these spheres far into the background of our cultural world. RITZI is the answer.

Live shopping has already become the standard in the Asian market. In China, it was recognized early on that online shopping is convenient but often too impersonal. Of course, there is nothing wrong with practical chatbots, telephone advice hidden in the imprint section, realistic 3D product images, and heated product reviews and ratings, but they are no substitute for face-to-face contact with one-on-one guidance. Live shopping closes this gap. The customer and the brand/shop can connect in real-time via the video stream, humanly close and professionally versed. One seller can target thousands of buyers in one stream and there is two-way communication.

You might wonder why teleshopping blew people out of their chairs decades ago and the triumph of this format is unparalleled. A comparable development awaits us in the area of live shopping. RITZI is preparing for this wave with all available means, cooperating with Chinese retail giant Alibaba and other partners. According to a Forrester study for AliExpress, live-shopping has the highest conversion rate, so we anticipate this revolutionary shopping method will generate a large influx of money. RITZI has been preparing for this new shopping experience from the beginning.

There are a few competitors in the market. Social media platforms encourage their influencers to sell via live formats, while a few technology providers support the integration of corresponding offers in the eCommerce system. A complex integration, no social capability, not mobile-first, not customizable, are common hurdles, just to name a few. On top of that, the specialized providers have lengthy system setups; it can take days to weeks for the sales program to be implemented, slowing traffic on the provider and user sides.

RITZI has prepared for both small and large providers’ needs with its app system and practical widget technology. The app creates a social platform that centers sales interactions, making purchasing as easy as it gets. The widget can be integrated in a modest sixty seconds via HTML sourcecode on any online shopping platform—whether it uses its own content management system (CMS) or Shopify. Providers can effortlessly convert existing website traffic with the new technology on their first attempts. At some point in the future, when the market swings more toward the live shopping revolution, this system will already be routine for early adopters.

The impact of live shopping on the job market is huge as well. How many people have been lost from the job market because of Covid? We all know at least a few people by now who have been kicked out of retail. Managers have great inhibitions about employing permanently in the current uncertain situation. Cities and malls are emptier than ever. RITZI gives these people a perspective. Retail salespeople can integrate into the new system faster than ever with their previous knowledge and experience. From partially empty salerooms, it is suddenly possible to reach not only one’s city but also, potentially, the entire planet. If you brush up on your language skills and purchase a little studio light, you can broadcast to other countries very quickly, no matter where you come from. This is also where the social contribution of live shopping technology becomes apparent: It gives an entirely new perspective to people who, for reasons of age, specialization, or particular circumstance, are no longer in full demand in their domain.

Incidentally, you can also view this topic from the other side. People have become superfluous because direct customer care has faded into the background. Consumers take online shopping for granted, but we are still in a transitional phase. Many customers are still not comfortable with digital shopping and appreciate personal explanations and product knowledge. People prefer live shopping not just for human contact but for making expertly supported purchasing decisions. The extremely high conversion rates in live shopping are due, among other things, to the fact that sales psychology can be played out more directly in person, and it is simply more pleasant to buy from trained and experienced personnel.

RITZI has created a high-end solution for the international live shopping market that will remain unrivaled for quite some time, especially thanks to the strong support of Alibaba and its ambitious team. The next steps are already planned, so now is a good time for motivated financiers to join the project.

RITZI Pitch Deck

RITZI Pitch Deck

Meet The Team Building RITZI

Kai Stubbe
Founder/CEO – MBA, finance background. Serial entrepreneur sold his last venture, which was the global market leader in its field, in 2019. Kai was sitting on the board of tech companies and investing actively.

Dmitrii Tikhonov
CTO – Dmitrii has a master’s degree in information technologies and economics. He has 15 years of experience in creating products and launched dozens of mobile apps in different areas (Europe, USA, Latin America, South Africa, Armenia, Russia). Several apps have over 1 million users; some have taken first positions in local ratings on the App Store. He was CEO of a top 20 mobile agency in Russia, specializing in live streaming, AI, and Web3.

Jane Ilikannu
BizDez – Jane has an M.A. in brand management, business development, and marketing. She is an expert in the advertising and content creation space with a strong network in entertainment and media.

Tech Team:

Alex Baksheev
Backend developer with 4 years of experience with PHP frameworks (Lavarel, Yii2), Node.js, and Ruby, as well as front-end work using Vue.js, Angular, and Ionic. Developed an API used by 150,000 users every moment.

Vlad Krutskih
Android Kotlin is a developer with 3.5 years of experience. He worked on different products with a global audience of 500,000 users.

Alexandra Vorobieva
UI/UX designer with 4 years of experience, specialized in user flow and gamification.

Alexey Voronenko
Architect and full-stack developer of Node.js and PHP with more than 10 years of experience. He has deep knowledge of live streaming and VOD and created services that are used by 300,000 users at a time.

Andrey Pohabov
Conducts tests with mobile and web apps. He is experienced with autotests, load tests, and network monitoring.

Maxim Bachurin
One of the winners of the International Collegiate Programming Contest in the Siberian Federal District. He received a master’s degree in mathematics and has 4 years of experience in iOS development and a strong knowledge of the Swift programming language and AVFoundation video and advanced audio frameworks. He developed many types of applications.

Sergei Kiriakov
Back-end developer of PHP with 6 years of experience. Developed several APIs used by 100,000 users at a time.

Anna Sergeeva
Front-end developer of Vue.js with 3 years of experience. She developed dozens of landing pages for different industries.

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Visit RITZI website.

Kai Stubbe’s Linkedin profile.

Kai Stubbe on Twitter.


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