uHoo Application Makes It Possible For Complete Strangers To Become Friends In Just 10 Seconds

Meet uHoo

uHoo is changing the way the world communicates – one café at a time. The app turns complete strangers into friends by making face-to-face conversation the easiest it’s ever been. Choose what you like to talk about, walk into your favorite café, open uHoo, and get a warm introduction to everyone. Enter as strangers and leave as friends. With uHoo, it takes 10 seconds to meet someone cool. Don’t wait days or weeks to meet someone with your interests. It basically gives you superpowers, providing you with an awkward-free way to approach new interesting people so that it won’t be just another missed opportunity. Everything is happening in real-time and in places you can simply just walk into. It’s pretty damn exciting. uHoo is not the next micro-blog or social media hype – it’s something entirely different. The relationships uHoo create can be seen and felt, wherever you are, instantly.

uHoo is a mobile app that connects people to people at coffee shops.

The user can pre-register their preferred topics in advance in the app to find other available uHoo users in coffee shops near you. uHoo allows people to meet and discuss these predetermined topics that range from shared hobbies they have in common all the way to political affiliations and beliefs. uHoo can be a substitute for Meetups. It enables you to meet new people near your location(s) at your preferred time! Also, the user can meet new people at coffee shops with no rejection which is also an extreme benefit for introverts. In addition, uHoo has B2B function. Local businesses can post their ads, coupons, and event info on uHoo.

uHoo is planning to collect all data: such as who clicked, which ads, what time, etc. while also providing a detailed report to local business owners.

uHoo pitch deck

uHoo Pitch Deck

Meet the team building uHoo

Kazuki is a tech entrepreneur living in Los Angeles and originally from Japan. She has worked as a management consultant for Fortune 500  companies and an IT project manager/scrum master for many years.  While working as a management consultant she was assigned to create a startup up within the management consulting firm(Nomura Research Institute) that eventually made a couple billion in revenue later on. Also, during that time was implored to propose new out-of-box business models to clients.  She has managed multiple IT projects from Salesforce and ERP packages doing implementations for big data management companies that included managing FCRA requirements and protection plans for customers to personally identifiable information(PII).

She moved to Los Angeles in 2004 and entered Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California (USC).

uHoo was founded and began development in 2017.  The initial concept of this new app was out of wanting to solve her own issue which was to meet new people with shared common interests.  Having moved from a different country it was not especially easy to find and meet new friends. Due to her intensive IT experiences, an overwhelming sense of purpose began, and was pursued to develop a mobile app and a website.

Noticing that there are not many local businesses that are making efforts to implement campaigns and advertisements. Also, while thinking about how to solve this problem of meeting like-minded people she developed an idea to support local businesses.

Her dream is to launch uHoo not only in US metropolitan cities, such as LA, San Francisco, Boston, NY, but also launch it in different countries and major cities, such as Tokyo, London, others.

Learn more about uHoo

uHoo website: https://www.uhoo.tech/


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