ADVRTAS Technology Delivers 360° Media Without A Headset Allowing Content Creators, Marketers And Advertisers Deliver Better Messages


ADVRTAS is a Los Angeles based First-Mover SaaS platform allowing Content Creators, Marketers, and Advertisers to cost-effectively create distribute & measure 360° media content across existing channels. ADVRTAS features patented “lightweight” web-based delivery technology supporting highly responsive, device-motion activated, 360° media content for mobile and future emerging-media consumers devices (AR, VR, Wearables, Smart Homes, Smart Cars).

Introduced by Virtual Reality (e.g. content that can be created and viewed in full-spherical 360°), 360° media is viewable today, without a headset, and on most any consumer device; including mobile and future emerging platforms (i.e. VR, AR, Wearables, Smart Homes and Cars). Highly engaging, 360° media consistently outperforms video and standard display content for engagement and retention. And, because 360° formats can be images, video, augmented reality, virtual reality or holographic in format, 360°media content represents the future of consumer digital content.

The problem, however, is that there is no scalable way to create and distribute 360° content – that is until now. ADVRTAS is the first 360° media SaaS platform to combine 360° content management with patented web-based delivery technology, allowing companies to cost-effectively create and distribute 360° media content anywhere in the world, using existing assets and existing media channels.

ADVRTAS is market validated and commercially viable focusing on early marketing and advertising adopters; including marketing, creative and media agencies, brands, and publishers. Although there are only two other companies in the world capable of delivering 360° across existing programmatic channels, potential future competitors include traditional-media creative management platforms deciding to move into advanced-media formats and 360° Video, AR and VR solutions deciding to move into content management. But despite these threats, the ADVRTAS advantage includes speed-to-market, market adaptability, and of course our patented web-based cloud technology that doesn’t require installation and works today with almost all existing platforms, marketing, and advertising channels.

The core Advrtas team includes CEO Robert Bruza; a long-time digital innovation executive having experience with multiple technology startups, CTO Sam Vidal; a Nielsen Media senior database and architectural engineer, VP of marketing Laura Barton: longtime industry digital marketing executive, and product director Sean Crouse; ad and marketing product innovation team lead at Yahoo.

Although ADVRTAS has been creating custom 360° projects for global brands and agencies over the last two years, we are currently raising our initial round of funding to support the recent launch and development of our self-service SaaS platform.

ADVRTAS pitch deck

ADVRTAS Pitch Deck

Meet the team building Advrtas

CEO of Advrtas

Robert Bruza: 20 years of interactive-media and digital innovation management and development experience, including Founder & CEO of an Emmy Award-winning emerging-media digital agency and executive with a digital innovation SaaS software startup – later backed by Peter Ueberroth’s Venture Group.






CTO of Advrtas

Sam Vidal: 25 years of experience in Team Building, Full Stack development, and Advanced Analytics with specific expertise in predictive and media analytics. Developed multiple SaaS platforms, ranging in services and applications; from CRMs to ERPs and from Graphics Manipulation to Behavioral Analytics.






CMO of Advrtas

Laura Barton: 15 years of digital marketing experience, including the deployment of one of the first digital content management technology platform used by entertainment and media companies. Experience includes subscription services strategy and marketing, brand management, creative management, product positioning, promotions, and related communications strategy.





Sean Crouse: Digital advertising product development; including 10 years at Yahoo as a team lead for advanced technology ad product development and prototyping team and 15 years marketing and advertising user-experience design and build.

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