Our July pitching event was received very well by our investors and all the startups at the event said it was something they enjoyed a lot and helped them connect with investors.

Our team wanted to provide an opportunity for startup founders to pitch in front of investors in our network to expand their outreach and be introduced to active investors.

The types of companies presenting at our August online event vary from very early-stage startups (idea stage) to startups with established customers looking to boost their growth.

We continue to organize these events once a month while working on the details and improving our process to be able to organize these events every week.

The Pitching Process

We decided to stick to the original pitching process that we used at our July pitching event – founders have 5 minutes to present their startups and then we offer another 5 minutes for the Q & A session with the investors. This seems to be working well and founders really appreciate the immediate feedback they receive from the investors.

Some founders exceed the 5 minutes limit set for their pitching opportunity, but we try to be flexible (but fair) and in such cases, we reduce the Q & A session to make sure we don’t dedicate more than 10 minutes per startup.

Founders seem to like the opportunity to talk to investors one-on-one in the individual break-out rooms that we create for each investor after all startups finish their pitching. This idea seems to be very well accepted and we plan to continue with it.

Startups That Pitched At The August Event


Christopher Jing pitches his startup AeonCharge

AeonCharge is creating a universal payment passport to allow electric vehicle (EV) drivers to locate, activate, and pay for EV charging across different providers.

PROBLEM: EV charging is broken


  • Range and charging anxiety is the #1 largest barrier for new EV purchases
  • 80% of EV drivers are required to use more than 4 apps to fulfill their charging needs from 50+ networks
  • 87% of EV drivers own a second gasoline vehicle for longer range trips
  • 2 out of 10 EV owners abandon their EV because of charging inconveniences


A universal EV charging payment passport

Business Owners: An advertisement platform to drive customer traffic to their businesses.

EV Drivers: A mobile app payment passport for a streamlined charging experience For EV drivers, our mobile app offers an effortless and convenient charging experience.

User Benefits:

  • Access to chargers from various providers, all in a single app
  • Live data of charger information, including occupancy, downtime, and demand peaks
  • One app for the end-to-end charging experience: planning, reservations, payment, local attraction recommendations, charging status, and more

Indu Nair

Indu Nair presents her idea how to cure diabetes


Chronic and alarming rise in diabetes in the United States.

  • 30.3 million people in the US have diabetes.
  • As per the new projection, 200 million more cases by 2045.
  • 7th most common cause of death in the US.
  • Obesity makes up over 85% of T2DM.
  • The total cost of diabetes in 2017 was estimated at $327billion.


  • Bio-artificial Pancreas (BAP)
  • Islet Organoids
  • Bio-printing Pancreas Organ

Initial Work: Proof of concept established by Indu Nair in 2018


  • T1DM patients
  • T2DM patients
  • Pancreatitis Patients

Market Size: 95% of adult diabetic patients have type 2 diabetes. 5% suffer from type 1 diabetes.

The number of diabetes has increased by 10 million since 2014 and is expected to rise up to a total of 39.7 million by 2030.

Personal Investment: A dollar and a dream!

Battle Racing

Joshua Nelson presents his startup Battle Racing by Emotional Ideas

Battle Racing is a multi-sensory Gaming Console and Controller system for electric motor vehicles that will leverage the younger generation’s interest in virtual video gaming with traditional motorsport racing to present the next evolution of combat motorsports called “BATTLE RACING”!

Battle Racing is a Hyper Immersive, Multi-Sensory combat racing experience that combines the speed & thrill of traditional Racing with the skill & strategy of Competitive Gaming as a new way to play combat racing games in the physical world; while simultaneously creating a new motorsport alternative to NASCAR and F1 racing for the younger audience!

The retrofittable hardware kit & components will serve as the interactive gaming controller for the Battle Racing attraction experience.

The hardware components consist of:

  • Game action steering wheel
  • custom body shell (embedded with lights, Selfie & Rear-view cameras)
  • electronic land mines (floor tags).

The Battle Racing software is designed to include multiple novel features to enhance both the driver and spectator’s attraction experience. The operating software allows such features as the live-action Battle Board, Social sharing live streaming to social media platforms, as well as the Mobile Companion App for the phone to go-kart profile synchronization.

Battle Racing has grown global support from Esport Venues, Theme parks, Entertainment centers, and gaming influencers!

Multiple signed LOinterest from Theme Parks, Esports Venues, & Manufacturers expressing the need & interest in a new attraction sport.

Calendar REVolution

Kyle Schatzle pitches his idea of time search engine

Calendar REVolution offers monetization of detailed calendar info in an open-source and open data world.

Calendar REVolution connects the entertainment and service industry to potential consumers via the event planning and recommendation engine.

Calendar REVolution is an organizer of time. Free/busy scheduling for consumers. Availability schedules for producers.

Calendar REVolution is a search engine of the time. What is the availability of consumers throughout the week? What is the capacity for producers throughout the week?

Calendar REVolution is a social connector where time overlaps. Consumer/consumer connections such as friend lists or interest groups. Producer/producer connections for B2B interactions. Producer / consumer connections for day-to-day transactions.

Calendar REVolution is a recommendation engine of how to spend your time. Plan to spend the time the way you want, rather than the way you get hooked in.


Allegra Walls presents Creadeat – Bite into financial success

Credeat Inc. is a SaaS (Software as a Service) fintech startup that is a game-changer for Americans who are spending a substantial portion of their income on food with no financial benefit to their credit score.

We provide positive accounts and credit history based on what a customer spends on food by using our secured debit card. The competitive price and low barriers to entry, make our tradelines attractive to consumers across socioeconomic levels.

One Tradeline can be used per family, or per person within the family, depending on how many secured card tradelines the person wants to purchase, and we can retroactively go back up to two years.

Our target market includes individuals who fall under the ill-fated “credit invisible” or those with a thin credit file that needs help building or rebuilding credit.

Our ideal clients are college students, working and middle-class people with moderate to median socioeconomic status who utilize platforms as Uber eats, Door Dash, and Instacart.


Ryan Murphy pitches Plenitude – a life betterment and management app



  • Time management
  • Distractions / Excessive Apps
  • Healthy Living
  • Ease-of-use Applications
  • Education Development


  • Automation = UBI =Lazy Consumers


Plenitude is designed to be a life betterment and management app. The app provides solutions for:

  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Living Maintenance
  • Mediation
  • Education
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel

Nutrition User

  • Selects Foods the like/don’t
  • App Creates Weekly Grocery List
  • Create meal prep time/day
  • Offer prepared meals/chef service


  • Affiliate relationships with Delivery /Grocery Pickup (easy user 1 click ordering)
  • Personal Chef Service – Add % for service listing/offering

Fitness User

  • App uses body dynamics and metrics
  • User identifies injuries
  • Recommend workout routines from start-progression
  • Establish in-app metrics to keep track of users progress


  • Offer personal trainers/coaches- add %
  • Establish affiliate referral % with the online retailer for easy 1 click ordering

Living Maintenance User

  • Provide multiple levels of living for users to select
    • Roommates
    • Living Alone / With Partner
    • Condo / Home Ownership
    • Multi-Property
  • Develop chore and maintenance lists


  • Offer localized cleaning service
  • Offer localized maintenance services/upgrades

Education & Skill Development User

  • Ask users their interests/what they like
  • Utilize social media interest API to help suggest to user potential learning
  • Recommend related:
    • Podcasts
    • YouTube Learning Videos
    • Online learning platforms


  • Utilize and recommend coaching /mentor programs similar to a fitness program
  • Develop partnerships with learning platforms.

AlphaBiz Commerce

Casio Shyn presents AlphaBiz Commerce – a marketplace for commercial estate



  1. Location of business not disclosed.
  2. Redirect to the Business Broker.
  3. Transaction is done offline.
  4. Lack of information:
    • Timeframebefore Return on Investment, not disclosed.
    • Cashflownot always disclosed
    • Yearsleft on a lease not always disclosed
  5. No ability to compare 2 or more businesses.
  6. Craiglist-style posting.

So you start scouring the online business for sale listings and after endless hours looking you realize four things:

  1. You cannot believe how many businesses are listed for sale
  2. There is absolutely no rationale to the terminology, asking prices, financial information, or details about the businesses in the ads in the online business for sale databases
  3. Regardless of how many inquiries you submit, you receive very few answers
  4. There has to be a better way to find good businesses because your initial strategy is not working – you are spending a ton of time searching and not making any progress

Revenue model

  • Listing of business fee
  • Transaction fee
  • Referral network fee
  • Advanced data analytics fee


Dr. Sirisilp Kongsilp presents Perception – Mixed Reality For Everyone


  1. Mobile AR: flat image and not immersive
  2. VR/AR headsets: expensive and limited usage
  3. Event-based events are no longer feasible

World’s most accessible mixed reality technology

Our patent-pending technology brings 3D computer graphics to life in your home, enabling everyone to enjoy a holographic experience without having to spend a lot of money.

  1. New Mixed-Reality Technology (99% Cheaper) – Our patent-pending mixed reality system cost $0.5 compared to the $3,500 headset on the market.
  2. Experience hologram on your computer – Enjoy virtual objects with realism as they come to life and appear to be floating in front of your screen.
  3. Create your holographic apps in 15 mins! – Using Holo-SDK, VR/AR programmers can create a holographic app using existing 3D models.


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