Our July pitching event was received very well by our investors and all the startups at the event said it was something they enjoyed a lot and helped them connect with investors.

Our team wanted to provide an opportunity for startup founders to pitch in front of investors in our network to expand their outreach and be introduced to active investors.

The types of companies presenting at our August online event vary from very early-stage startups (idea stage) to startups with established customers looking to boost their growth.

We continue to organize these events once a month while working on the details and improving our process to be able to organize these events every week.

The Pitching Process

We decided to stick to the original pitching process that we used at our July pitching event – founders have 5 minutes to present their startups and then we offer another 5 minutes for the Q & A session with the investors. This seems to be working well and founders really appreciate the immediate feedback they receive from the investors.

Some founders exceed the 5 minutes limit set for their pitching opportunity, but we try to be flexible (but fair) and in such cases, we reduce the Q & A session to make sure we don’t dedicate more than 10 minutes per startup.

Founders seem to like the opportunity to talk to investors one-on-one in the individual break-out rooms that we create for each investor after all startups finish their pitching. This idea seems to be very well accepted and we plan to continue with it.

Startups That Pitched At The August Event


Christopher Jing pitches his startup AeonCharge

AeonCharge is pioneering a significant shift in the EV charging space with its innovative universal payment passport, granting electric vehicle (EV) drivers the power to detect, launch, and pay for EV charging through a diverse array of providers.

PROBLEM: EV charging is broken


  • Range-related charging anxiety is a prime resistance to new EV investments.
  • A staggering 80% of EV drivers are forced to resort to more than 4 different apps to manage their charging needs over more than 50 networks.
  • Surprisingly, 87% of EV motorists maintain a backup petrol-engine automobile for long-distance journeys.
  • 2 out of 10 EV users give up their electric vehicle due to charging annoyances.


Introducing the universal payment passport for EV charging.

For Business Owners: A powerful platform for drawing a surge of consumers to their ventures.

For EV Drivers: Our mobile app is your go-to payment passport for a smooth and straightforward process.

User Benefits:

  • Access to chargers from a variety of providers through a singular application
  • Real-time information about charger stats, including essential data like occupancy, unavailability, and peak usage periods.
  • One inclusive app delivering an integrated charging experience – from strategic scheduling, locking in reservations, handling payments, recommending local points of interest, supervising charging status, and so much more.

Indu Nair

Indu Nair presents her idea how to cure diabetes


The relentless escalation of diabetes in the United States is a pressing issue of public health.

  • In the U.S. populace, 30.3 million people are grappling with diabetes.
  • Current projections warn of an additional 200 million individuals poised to receive a diagnosis by 2045.
  • Diabetes holds seventh place in the leaderboard of killers in the US.
  • Obesity shoulders the blame for more than 85% of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus cases.
  • Resources needed to manage diabetes amounted to a staggering $327 billion in 2017.


  • Harnessing the power of Bio-artificial Pancreas (BAP)
  • Reaping benefits from Islet Organoids
  • Venturing into the realm of Bio-printing Pancreas Organ

Initial Work: Indu Nair left her mark with a proof of concept in 2018.


  • Persons coping with Type 1 Diabetes (T1DM patients)
  • Patients battling against Type 2 Diabetes (T2DM patients)
  • People struggling with Pancreatitis

Market Dynamics: Type 2 diabetes dominates among adult diabetes cases, accounting for 95%. A minuscule 5% make up patients diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

The diabetes population has witnessed a rise by 10 million from 2014, with projections heralding a further spike to nearly 39.7 million by 2030.

Personal Investment: Keenly investing in a journey bound by a dollar and a dream!

Battle Racing

Joshua Nelson presents his startup Battle Racing by Emotional Ideas

Introducing Battle Racing, an innovative amalgamation of classic motorsport racing and contemporary video gaming. This incredibly immersive console and steering controller for electric motor vehicles exhibits the capacity to revolutionize the combat motorsport scene. Battle Racing might just not only trigger a new age for competitive gaming but also lure the attention and fervor of the millennial generation.

Innovate the motorsport world with the dynamic and electrifying Battle Racing experience. This unique blend of conventional racing and competitive gaming replicates the adrenaline rush of NASCAR and F1 while incorporating an evocative alternative in motorsport racing that connects with a younger audience.

The Battle Racing set, an easy-to-implement modification solution, turns into an interactive gaming controller. This device becomes a gateway to an enchanting combat-racing adventure.

The hardware components of Battle Drive encompass:

  • Game action steering wheel
  • a distinct body shell integrated with lights, selfie & rear-view cameras
  • electronic land mines to improve the gameplay experience.

To enhance the gameplay experience for both the drivers and spectators, the Combat Drive software includes a plethora of modern features. They comprise of our interactive Battle Board, go-kart profile synchronization via the Mobile Companion App, and an option for real-time streaming of your gaming exploit on various social media platforms.

The pioneering approach and thrilling gaming concept of Combat Drive caught global attention from various Esports Venues, Theme parks, and Entertainment centers.

We also have received considerable support from gaming influencers, and significant interest from Esports Venues, Theme parks, and Manufacturers for this ground-breaking attraction. Get ready to dive into this Exceptional Immersive, Multi-Sensory Battle racing experience. Join the Battle Drive revolution today!

Calendar REVolution

Kyle Schatzle brought to life his idea of a time search engine.

Calendar REVolution advocates for the profitable utilization of complex calendar data in an era dominated by open data and open-source.

Calendar REVolution is proficient at connecting the service and entertainment sector with potential consumers via event organization and a recommendation system.

Playing the role of an availability organizer, Calendar REVolution manages free/busy time arrangements for consumers and ensures production schedules are accessible for producers.

The key differentiator for Calendar REVolution is its functionality as a time search engine. Always wondered about a customer’s availability during the week? Interested in producer capacity within that same window? Calendar REVolution has got you covered.

Calendar REVolution serves as a social junction where schedules align. It encourages consumer-to-consumer interactions akin to those in friend circles or interest clubs, on top of producer-to-producer communication for B2B engagements. Beyond this, Calendar REVolution is a medium for producer/consumer interaction for everyday transactions.

Significantly, Calendar REVolution also works as a time management consultancy. It empowers you to design your schedule as per your preference, rather than being unwillingly swept up.


Allegra Walls presents Creadeat – Bite into financial success

Credeat Inc. utilizes a SaaS model in the fintech startup domain to bring a fresh outlook on financial benefits to Americans who apportion a significant portion of their income to food spending, without observing an increase in their credit score.

Our unique strategy employs a secured debit card that converts food expenses into positive accounts, thus attributing to good credit history. The competitive pricing and low barriers of entry position our tradelines as a viable choice for consumers hailing from diverse socioeconomic levels.

Every family or individual family member may benefit from a single tradeline. This depends on the number of secured card tradelines a user wishes to avail. Additionally, it also provides opportunity to retroactively reflect up to two years of history.

Our target audience includes individuals identified as “credit invisible” or those having thin credit files, who are in search of reliable support for building or rebuilding their credit.

Particularly, our service is tailored for college students, working-class and middle-class households with moderate to median socioeconomic status. This segment frequently harnesses food delivery services like Uber eats, Door Dash, and Instacart.


Ryan Murphy Unveils Plenitude: An All-Encompassing Lifestyle Enhancement and Management Tool



  • Insufficient Time Allocation
  • Battling with Diversions
  • Excessive Use of Multiple Applications
  • Obstacles to Healthy Living
  • Difficulty in Acquiring User-friendly Applications
  • Desire for Enhanced Educational Growth


  • Automation = UBI = Unproductive Consumers


Plenitude has been initiated as a holistic lifestyle optimization and management tool. It caters to the following needs:

  • Nutrition
  • Workout routines
  • Management of daily living
  • Mindfulness
  • Education
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel

Nutrition User

  • Allows users to determine food preferences
  • Formulates personalized weekly grocery shopping lists
  • Meal preparation plans according to user availability
  • Ready-made meals/personal chef services options

Monetization Tactics

  • Collaboration with Food Delivery and Grocery Pickup providers, streamlining user experience with a one-click purchase
  • Price addition on listings and offerings of personal chef services

Fitness User

  • Accumulates data on body kinetics and user pieced-injury details
  • Recommended workout schedules, ranging from beginner to experienced levels
  • In-app feature to track progress

Monetization Tactics

  • Offering personal trainers/coaches at an increased price
  • Affiliate marketing relationships with e-commerce outlets, granting users a hassle-free one-click purchase experience

Daily Living Maintenance Features

  • Various living conditions settings for users such as living with
    • Roommates
    • Living Alone / With Partner
    • Condo / Home Ownership
    • Multi-Property
  • Formation of errands lists and maintenance reminders

Monetization Tactics

  • Localized cleaning and upkeep services
  • Exclusive services for property enhancements

Education & Skill Development User

  • Inquires about users’ interests to assist with educational development
  • Utilizes social media interest API to suggest potential educational topics to users
  • Suggested resources comprise:
    • Podcasts
    • Educational YouTube Videos
    • E-learning platforms

Monetization Tactics

  • Arrangement of mentoring or coaching programs related to fitness routines
  • Creation of educational collaborations with e-learning platforms.

AlphaBiz Commerce

Meet the Future of Commercial Real Estate – Alphabiz Commerce Unveiled by Casio Shyn



  1. The Hurdle of Confidentiality in Business Site
  2. Business agent – The Diversion Obstacle
  3. The Pitfall: In-person Trading
  4. The Knowledge Gap:
    • Uncertain ROI Timeline
    • Unstable Cashflow Mystery
    • The Vagueness of Lease Term
  5. Incapacity to Undertake Business Comparison
  6. It’s practically a virtual notice board for classifieds.

When your business hunt strategy plunges you into the deep web of online enterprises up for grabs, you spot recurring trends:

  1. It becomes difficult to ignore the astronomical quantity of business ads
  2. When it comes to business details provided such as the asking prices, fiscal bits and bobs, and the general dearth of details about the businesses on offer, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.
  3. In spite of the multitude of business inquiries you dispatch, the feedback you get is lackluster
  4. You can’t shake off the feeling that there has to be a more proficient way to spot fitting businesses as your current tactic is not producing results – the toil and time you’re investing don’t compare to the progress you’re making.

Revenue Earning

  • Listing Business Cost
  • Charge Imposed on Transactions
  • Referral Network Cost
  • Advanced Data Analysis Charge
  • General Public Opinion


Dr. Sirisilp Kongsilp presents Perception – Mixed Reality For Everyone

Navigating the Contemporary VR/AR Challenges

  1. Mobile AR: Often a simplistic 2D display, lacks immersion element
  2. VR/AR helmets: Expensive with limited functionality
  3. Digital experiences contingent on physical events are not feasible choices currently

Showcasing user-centric mixed reality technology

Using our exceptional, pending-patented technology, we introduce 3D computer graphics into your living space, granting everyone a taste of the holographic journey without spending extravagantly.

  1. Evolutionary Mixed Reality Technology: A More Cost-Effective Option (99% Cheaper) – Our exclusive mixed-reality system comes at a mere cost of $0.5, contrasting strikingly with the exorbitant $3,500 tag of headsets available in the market.
  2. Experience holograms on your personal computer – Engage with virtual objects poised with lifelike realism, as if levitating right in front of your screen.
  3. Create your holographic applications in a brief 15-minute span! – The Holo-SDK permits VR/AR developers to build a holographic application using pre-existing 3D models.


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