We had an online pitching event on July 7th, 2021. Our goal was to create an opportunity for startup founders to meet active investors interested in startup companies, looking for funds.

Our investors actively look for startups that are at different stages – from very early (idea) level startups to companies that have already managed to generate revenue and are looking to expand and getting to the next level.

We created this as a completely virtual event. We aim to have different investors on our panels at different events, to increase the exposure of the startups we present.

Events are currently organized once a month, but we have serious ambitions to organize these events every week.

StartupBrite event is not a competition. This event is strictly down to business, pitching to investors looking for funds for your startup.

The Pitching Process

We recognize that the minimum time needed to be able to reasonably pitch an idea is no less than 5 minutes. We give founders 5 minutes to pitch their idea to our investors and we need to admit that it is a difficult task.

We give the investors the opportunity to ask questions immediately after a founder’s pitch. The Q & Q is also limited to 5 minutes.

Sometimes we allow for a startup to pitch a bit longer borrowing time from the following Q & A session. Of course, we need to be fair to all startups, so we make sure all companies don’t exceed the 10 minutes mark.

After we are done with the pitches from all startups, we assign investors to separate breakout rooms to continue with more personalized conversations with the founders. Founders choose which room they want to join and spend time with the investors in that room.

Startups That Pitched At The July Event


Casio Shyn pitches his startup AlphaBizCommerce


  1. The business location is unmentioned.
  2. Referral towards Business Broker as an intermediary.
  3. Business dealings conducted offline.
  4. Limited information:
    1. Timeframe for return on investment is uncertain.
    2. Details of cashflow are usually not shared.
    3. Remaining lease period is usually not revealed.
  5. Constraints on comparing different businesses.
  6. Traditional ‘Craigslist-like’ advertisement method.

Perception – Mixed Reality For Everyone

The innovative business by Dr. Sirisilp Kongsilp introduces a mixed reality solution within reach, aiming to make the industry accessible to all.


  1. Mobile AR: As of now, projects flat images lacking immersive features.
  2. VR/AR headsets: Expensive and restricted usage.
  3. Event-centric activities lose practicality

Our patent-pending innovation offers the most universally accepted mixed reality technology presently available. The technology brings 3D computer graphics alive in your environment, enabling each participant to enjoy a holographic experience without heavy investment.

  1. Revolutionary Mixed-Reality Technology (99% cost effective) The mixed reality system we developed, known as Perception, is priced merely at $0.5, unlike the average market priced headsets of approximately $3500.
  2. Experience lifelike holograms on your computer – Witness virtual objects become reality, appearing as if suspended in front of your screen.
  3. Create your own holographic apps in just 15 minutes! By utilizing our Holo-SDK, VR/AR developers can effortlessly transform current 3D models into holographic applications.

Geode Group – Preserving Confidence

Florence Cunningham, the helmsman of an ambitious venture focused on cybersecurity, has drawn up a master plan to implement the “buy and build” approach. The plan aims to establish a robust cybersecurity bridge between the United States and Mexico. The agenda includes the unwrapping of an exquisite IT service encapsulated under a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). The essence of this service is a behavioral monitoring module meant to support immediate network diagnostics and log scrupulousness.

During this initial unveiling phase, the strategy will cultivate a comprehensive synergy across the US, propelled by strategic purchases.

In its next stage, the plot will incorporate the extension to Mexican regions and further acquisitions designed to reinforce the connectivity.

Cunningham’s blueprint comprises the construction of copious ‘security hubs,’ substantially improving the protective settings with superior-grade infrastructure and bespoke services. Any entities brought onboard, within the US or Mexico, will boost the cybersecurity framework.

By injecting the Mexican economy with systematic enhancement activities built around the workforce, it’s expected to foster secure and compliant travel practices. The ultimate aim is promoting seamless cross-border mobility via reliable commuter programs.

Zestefy – Life Planner For Shopping And Goals Using Automated Financial Planning

Ihsan Saleh is on a quest to guide individuals in sincerely mapping out and managing their financial expenses throughout their lifetime.

Mission: Navigating individuals towards financial prosperity and life triumphs.

Zestefy helps illustrate…

  • Your affordable bracket.
  • The opportune moment to afford it.
  • The sustainable strategy.

Integration of commerce and personal finance: Zestefy stands as a powerful life organizer for shopping and reaching financial objectives, driven by automated financial sorting and planning.


  • Integrate or link your monetary sources.
  • Financial enhancement.
  • Collates shopping portals.
  • Get direct purchasing access on the site.
  • Save time, energy, and money.

Technology: Artificial intelligence

  • Mixed integer programming.
  • Approximation algorithms.
  • Econometrics simulation.
  • Neural networks.

Contribution from behavioral science:

  • Deliberate implementation and accomplishment.
  • Future-focused decision making.
  • Understanding the evaluation of opportunity cost & value.
  • Balancing objectives.

MOVIKARMA – Transform Entertainment Into Action!

Jared Milrad presents Movikarma.

With the immense worth of the video streaming and philanthropic sectors, the potential is high for a distribution platform that draws on innovative tech to spur audiences into action, and catalyze influential fundraising initiatives.

The custom-tailored remedy is an inventive, cause-specific distribution platform that harnesses the power of green and socially mindful content to accelerate philanthropic efforts. As a standout in the technology field, Movikarma empowers partners to augment their charitable giving through distinctive content.

Don’t miss our thought-provoking conversation with interview with Jared on StartupBrite.

weThink – Building Better Humans

Showcasing Kat Salazar and her revolutionary startup – weThink, a trailblazer in the world of EdTech.

weThink’s software stands out as an ingenious solution, offering extensive skill assessment and training through widely appreciated esports games like League of Legends, Minecraft, and more.

The imminent revolution in education and workplace requirements calls for vital skill growth, best undertaken in the flexible environment of gaming universes.

The solution presented: groundbreaking software that yields tailor-made team and individual analytics, focused on guiding skills that are crucial in forecasting and molding the success trajectory of leagues, teams, and gaming personalities.

Why the emphasis on esports?

Esports is the earth’s most-watched sport with an audience and market that continues to grow.

  • Esports is arguably the world’s most popular sport, boasting of an ever-increasing audience and market presence.
  • weThink expertise is user-centric: Statistics show that a whopping 73% of consumers are gaming enthusiasts
  • weThink incorporates learning in gaming: Forecasts suggest that by 2024, game-based learning and education could potentially generate revenues exceeding $24 billion
  • weThink embraces the intersection of esports and edtech: Harnessing multiple educational budgets

Crucial matters of diversity, equity, inclusion, and toxicity are of utmost importance to primary stakeholders in the esports arena.

Please also check out our interview with Kat Salazar.

uHoo – Changing The Way The World Communicates — One Café At A Time

Kaziki Fujii pitches uHoo – a new way to meet people.

Brought to life by Kazuki Fujii’s desire to encounter new individuals in foreign territories, uHoo was born. Capitalising on her formidable IT skills and a yearning to connect with engaging characters with common interests, Kazuki funnelled her energy into devising both a website and mobile app, each blessed with the special power to transmute strangers into friends.

uHoo is poised to redefine global communication – one coffee shop at a time. As customers rendezvous in their favourite coffee haunts for the purpose of kindling fresh bonds, uHoo strengthens these local enterprises via focused marketing strategies and insightful use of user information.

In this age where technology propels societies at breakneck speed, offering countless means of interaction, intimate face-to-face discussions, the heart of transforming strangers into friends, appear more scarce than ever.

  • Launched and set in motion in 2017
  • The mobile app is free for the end users, hoisting an affordable subscription fee for businesses
  • Proof of concept is in the bag, and it is now ready to begin forging connections
  • Preliminary partnerships with coffee shops in Los Angeles have been established

Don’t miss our riveting interview with Kazuki Fujii.

Calendar REVolution – A Monetization Of Detailed Calendar Info In An Open Source And Open Data World

The creative force behind the revolutionary “Calendar REVolution” is Kyle Schatzle.

Calendar REVolution efficiently coordinates the entertainment and service industry with potential consumers via its powerful event planning and suggestion engine.

  • Calendar REVolution acts as a chronology manager
  • Calendar REVolution operates as a search tool attuned with time
  • Calendar REVolution functions as a social liaison when time aligns
  • Calendar REVolution guides you as a recommendation engine on optimal ways to use your time.


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