We had an online pitching event on July 7th, 2021. Our goal was to create an opportunity for startup founders to meet active investors interested in startup companies, looking for funds.

Our investors actively look for startups that are at different stages – from very early (idea) level startups to companies that have already managed to generate revenue and are looking to expand and getting to the next level.

We created this as a completely virtual event. We aim to have different investors on our panels at different events, to increase the exposure of the startups we present.

Events are currently organized once a month, but we have serious ambitions to organize these events every week.

StartupBrite event is not a competition. This event is strictly down to business, pitching to investors looking for funds for your startup.

The Pitching Process

We recognize that the minimum time needed to be able to reasonably pitch an idea is no less than 5 minutes. We give founders 5 minutes to pitch their idea to our investors and we need to admit that it is a difficult task.

We give the investors the opportunity to ask questions immediately after a founder’s pitch. The Q & Q is also limited to 5 minutes.

Sometimes we allow for a startup to pitch a bit longer borrowing time from the following Q & A session. Of course, we need to be fair to all startups, so we make sure all companies don’t exceed the 10 minutes mark.

After we are done with the pitches from all startups, we assign investors to separate breakout rooms to continue with more personalized conversations with the founders. Founders choose which room they want to join and spend time with the investors in that room.

Startups That Pitched At The July Event


Casio Shyn pitches his startup AlphaBizCommerce


  1. Location of business not disclosed.
  2. Redirect to the Business Broker.
  3. Transaction is done offline.
  4. Lack of information:
    1. Timeframebefore Return on Investment, not disclosed.
    2. Cashflownot always disclosed
    3. Yearsleft on a lease not always disclosed
  5. No ability to compare 2 or more businesses.
  6. Craiglist-style posting.

Perception – Mixed Reality For Everyone

Dr. Sirisilp Kongsilp’s startup offers a mixed reality solution that will democratize the industry.


  1. Mobile AR: flat image and not immersive
  2. VR/AR headsets: expensive and limited usage
  3. Event-based events are no longer feasible

World’s most accessible mixed reality technology Our patent-pending technology brings 3D computer graphics to life in your home, enabling everyone to enjoy a holographic experience without having to spend a lot of money.

  1. New Mixed-Reality Technology (99% Cheaper) Perception’s patent-pending mixed reality system cost $0.5 compared to the $3,500 headset on the market.
  2. Experience hologram on your computer Enjoy virtual objects with realism as they come to life and appear to be floating in front of your screen.
  3. Create your holographic apps in 15 mins! Using Holo-SDK, VR/AR programmers can create a holographic app using existing 3D models.

Geode Group – Preserving Confidence

Florence Cunningham pitching to execute a “buy and build” strategy, focused to open cybersecurity paths between the US and Mexico while offering IT service (MSSP) Managed Security Service Provider offering behavioral monitoring to maintain real-time analysis of a client’s network and logs.

The first phase is to build integral synergy in the US bridging gaps with select acquisitions.

The second phase expands internationally with Mexican acquisitions to open new paths to connect our home network.

Florence plans to have a series of “security hubs” which will provide a safer, cleaner environment offering state-of-the-art equipment and individualized services. Each acquisition acquired in both the US and Mexico will work as a cybersecurity path.

By complementing the Mexican economy through systematic enrichment programs to the employees, we will encourage secure and lawful travel through trusted traveler programs for travelers crossing our shared land border.

Zestefy – Life Planner For Shopping And Goals Using Automated Financial Planning

Ihsan Saleh wants to help people plan and organize their spendings throughout their lives.

Mission: Guide people to financial wellness and success in life.

Zestefy shows…

  • What you can afford.
  • When you can afford it.
  • How you can afford it.

Shopping + finance: Life planner for shopping and goals using automated financial planning.


  • Enter or link finances.
  • Financial growth.
  • Aggregates shopping sites.
  • Click to site, buy.
  • Save time, energy, money.

Technology: Artificial intelligence

  • Mixed integer programming.
  • Approximation algorithms.
  • Econometrics, simulation.
  • Neural networks.

Behavioral science:

  • Implementation intention, execution.
  • Decision making, future self.
  • Opportunity cost & value.
  • Goal balancing.

MOVIKARMA – Transform Entertainment Into Action!

Jared Milrad presents Movikarma.

The multi-billion-dollar video streaming and charitable giving markets are ripe for a distribution platform and impactful tools that engage audiences and drive impact through fundraising and interactive technology.

The solution is an interactive, impact-driven distribution platform that monetizes socially and environmentally conscious content and accelerates charitable giving. Movikarma technology is also available for partners to accelerate charitable giving using their own content.

Please also check out our interview with Jared on StartupBrite.

weThink – Building Better Humans

Kat Salazar and her startup – weThink – is an EdTech company.

weThink software provides essential skills analytics and training through popular esport video games like League of Legends, Minecraft, and more.

The future of education and the workforce is essential skill development that is served best by gaming universes.

The solution: a patentable software that surfaces personal and team analytics around the most impactful skills to predict and build league, team, and player success.

Why esports?

Esports is the earth’s most-watched sport with an audience and market that continues to grow.

  • weThink meets users where they’re at: 73% of consumers play video games
  • weThink brings education to games: revenue for game-based learning and education is projected to reach more than $24 billion by 2024
  • weThink is at the nexus of esports & edtech: tapping into multiple education budgets

Toxicity, diversity, equity, and inclusion are major concerns of key stakeholders in the esports space.

Please also check out our interview with Kat Salazar.

uHoo – Changing The Way The World Communicates — One Café At A Time

Kaziki Fujii pitches uHoo – a new way to meet people.

uHoo grew out of Kazuki Fujii’s desire to meet new people in a new country. Combining her considerable IT talents and a search for connection with interesting people with common interests, Kazuki dedicated herself to a website and mobile app with the power to turn strangers into friends.

Now uHoo is ready to change the way the world communicates — one café at a time. And as customers open the doors to meet new friends in their favorite coffee shops, uHoo supports these local businesses with the power of targeted advertising and user data.

In today’s fast-paced, high-tech world, we have more opportunities to connect than ever before. But real, face-to-face conversation, the kind that turns strangers into friends seems so much more challenging.

  • Founded and started development in 2017
  • The mobile app is free for users, with a subscription charge for businesses
  • Beyond proof of concept and ready to start making connections
  • Initial partnerships in place with Los Angeles coffee shops

Please also check out our interview with Kazuki Fujii.

Calendar REVolution – A Monetization Of Detailed Calendar Info In An Open Source And Open Data World

Kyle Schatzle is pitching “Calendar REVolution”.

Calendar REVolution connects the entertainment and service industry to potential consumers via the event planning and recommendation engine.

  • Calendar REVolution is an organizer of time
  • Calendar REVolution is a search engine of time
  • Calendar REVolution is a social connector where time overlaps
  • Calendar REVolution is a recommendation engine of how to spend your time.


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